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Top 8 Container Softwares That The IT Fraternity Should Know About

Top 8 Container Softwares That The IT Fraternity Should Know About

Disha Misal

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Container technologies help software engineers build flexible and easily deployable models, compared to the technologies that are hosted on traditional servers. It makes the software run reliably when moved from one computing environment to another. Here are top container management software, listed in alphabetical order.

1. AWS Fargate

AWS Fargate is a compute engine for Amazon EC2 Container Service or Amazon ECS. It lets the user run containers without having to manage servers or clusters. With AWS Fargate, the user no longer has to provision, configure and scale clusters of virtual machines to run containers. This removes the need to choose server types and decide when to scale the clusters or optimize cluster packing. AWS Fargate removes the need to interact with or think about servers or clusters.

2. Cisco Container Platform (CCP)

Cisco Container Platform (CCP) is based on open source components and automates the repetitive things and simplifies the complex ones. Because it is based on open source components, there’s no lock-in. It provides consistent deployment across hyperconverged infrastructure, VMs, bare metal, public and private cloud.

3. Docker

Docker container platform provides container software that is ideal for developers and teams looking to get started and experimenting with container-based applications. Docker Desktop provides an integrated container-native development experience. It can launch as an application from a Mac or Windows toolbar and provide access to the library of community and certified Linux and Windows Server content from Docker Hub.

4. Docker Swarm

Swarm is the product of the same group that brought Docker. It is used to manage Docker containers on a cluster of machines. It is Docker’s native support for orchestrating clusters of Docker engines. Docker Swarm makes it easy to deploy, manage, and scale the containers.

5. Draft

Microsoft Draft is an open-source tool that helps developers streamline the processes of developing container-based applications running on Kubernetes clusters. Using two simple commands, developers can begin hacking on container-based applications without requiring Docker or even installing Kubernetes themselves. Its goal is to empower teams to be able to develop on top of Kubernetes, without adding complexity to their workflow.

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6. Kubernetes (K8s)

Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. It groups containers that make up an application into logical units for easy management and discovery. Kubernetes builds upon 15 years of experience of running production workloads at Google, combined with best-of-breed ideas and practices from the community.

7. Rancher

Rancher is used to not only deploy Kubernetes clusters anywhere, on any provider, but it also unites them under centralized authentication and access control. Because it’s agnostic about where the resources run, clusters can easily be brought in a different provider and applications can be deployed to all of them. Instead of having several independent Kubernetes deployments, Rancher unifies them as a single, managed Kubernetes Cloud.


Spoon enables the packaging of an application into a container. The application can be run from any Windows machine without installation. It can be deployed on-premise for enterprises and extended to provide other features. It provides developers with the Spoon Plugin on Windows to easily package or containerize the applications that they are working on.

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