Top 8 Data Science Institutes In India For Corporate Training

corporate training institute for data science

Corporate training has been playing an essential role in India for training professionals and allowing companies to provide superior IT services. This has helped the country become one of the leading countries in the world that offer IT services. However, with the changing demand for IT skills due to the rise of data science, corporate training has further gained prominence among various companies. 

Today, data-driven companies are struggling to find the right talent who can assist them in driving business growth by moulding information and delivering insights into data. Consequently, various institutions in India are offering corporate learning in data science-related fields to help businesses bridge the talent gap in the market.

Please note that this list is not a ranking and the institutes are listed in alphabetical order.

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AnalytixLabs empowers organisations’ managers to make business decisions based on data-driven insights. Its corporate training courses are devised based on your organisations’ requirements. AnalytixLabs provides various training programs such as building blocks, tools and techniques. Through building blocks, it offers training for non-analytics executives to increase their awareness of the potential of data among decision-makers. 

Besides, AnalytixLabs has tools and techniques program where the company focuses on teaching about popular tools such as SAS, R, Big Data Platforms, and MS Excel along with statistical concepts and predictive analytics. It ensures that employees not only get the training on tools and techniques but also are capable of applying the learning in real world situations.

Great Learning

Great Learning’s corporate training nurtures your employees with the latest technology that is taking the central stage in your organisations. Depending on the requirements, Great Learning offers customised training in data science, machine learning, cloud computing, big data, AI, and business management. It provides flexibility for your employees by offering the training in multiple formats such as online, classroom, and blended learning.

IMS Proschool

IMS Proschool provides corporate training for finance, analytics, digital marketing and vocational training. Unlike others, IMS Proschool extensively focuses on financial modelling to help professionals make informed monetary decisions. It offers training right from the basics such as Excel with VBA and Macros to advanced business analytics with Python or R. With its training, IMS Proschool has catered to companies like IDBI, SBI, LIC, UTI, Kotak, Tata Capital, ICICI, among others. 

Jigsaw Academy

Jigsaw Academy believes that analytics is for everyone in organisations to make quick decisions and drive business growth. It has a comprehensive training program, where Jigsaw does not directly come up with pre-devised courses for employees. Rather, it evaluates the team and then tries to fill the gap with its data science training. A customised learning path is what any corporate requires since the knowledge of their employees varies at all levels. Besides, Jigsaw evaluates the progress of employees’ learning and capabilities to implement the learning in real world projects. 

Jigsaw Academy has become one of the preferred choices for organisations for training their employees as Jigsaw Academy has a proven record of being on top for full-time data science courses over the years.


Simplilearn offers bespoke blended corporate training environments for both existing employees to upskill and onboarding new hires with advanced skills. Its curriculum includes live online classes, mentoring, labs, projects, and self-paced videos. The firm has trained companies around the globe, which includes Visa, IBM, Dell, VMware, MasterCard, among others. Along with AI, big data, and data science courses, Simplilearn’s corporate training suite consists of agile and scrum, DevOps, cloud computing, blockchain, digital marketing and more.


Springboard makes your workforce future-proof by offering corporate training in data science and analytics. The program is built by industry experts to deliver learning that can be implemented in the real world projects. It also provides mentors to guide learners or professionals in the right direction to mitigate business challenges. Over the years, it has trained professionals of Facebook, Visa, Target and more, to enable them to make data-driven decisions.


Udacity is mostly popular for offering courses for students has enterprise training initiatives to prepare the employees for the digital future. Through its enterprise training, Udacity offers access to all the Nanodegree courses, which can be leveraged to learn almost every latest technology. Udacity for enterprise varies widely from its courses for students; it customises the learning path based on various companies requirements. Besides, it provides priority access to technical mentors to resolve the queries of learners quickly. Over the years, Udacity has trained employees of Accenture, CISCO, CapitalOne, among others.


UpGrad also provides bespoke corporate training for your employees in data science, big data engineering, and machine learning & AI. To offer the program, the firm has collaborated with industry experts from different companies for real-world teaching, which goes beyond theoretical knowledge. The programs help in upskilling employees in a wide range of tools such as Hadoop, Tableau, R programming, Python, Apache Spark, among others. Over the years, the company has offered training at Apple, Fractal, Tata Sky, Jet Airways, and more.

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