Top 8 Free Online Resources To Learn Automation Testing

One of the crucial phases in the software development life cycle is software testing. The quality assurance of a system solely depends on the automation testing, which helps in decreasing the cost of testing, and in result, increases work efficiency. According to sources, the global automation testing market size is expected to grow from USD 12.6 to 28.8 billion from 2019 to 2024, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 18% during the forecast period.  

In this article, we list down the 9 best resources to learn automation testing:-

(The list is in no particular order)

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1| CP-SAT – Certified Professional Selenium Automation Testing

About: CP-SAT or “Certified Professional – Selenium Automation Testing” certification is prepared by “Agile Testing Alliance” & “University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)”. The course is designed to train agile professionals with the basics of testing web applications using Selenium leading to advanced topics. 

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2| Selenium Automation Testing for Beginners

About: This is an introductory course for automation testing. In this course, you will learn the components of Selenium and how to run your code on Google Chrome. You will also learn how to identify web elements on a web page — locators and identifiers in Selenium WebDriver, how to synchronise an application under test with Selenium code using waits in Selenium WebDriver, how to perform mouse operations and other such. 

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3| Learn Test Automation with Boozang

About: In this course, you will learn the basics of test automation using the code-less automation tool Boozang. You will learn to implement sophisticated logic by launching tests based on assertion outcomes, create automatic bug reports based on failed tests, learn simple data-driven testing by binding data into forms and much more.

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4| Getting Started With Test Automation Using Selenium

About: This course will help you get started with learning on test automation using Selenium. It will help the software test engineers get an introductory perspective about using Selenium as an effective test automation tool. You will learn typical software test flow, such as requirements, test-case design, test execution, manual testing, writing automated test script, running automated test scripts. You will also get an introductory experience of Selenium IDE, WebDriver and Grid.

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5| Appium – Selenium for Mobile Automation Testing

About: This Appium course will be covering from very basic Selenium to the advanced level. During this course, you will cover the best practices used with Appium i.e. TestNG, Maven, Ant, including covering all popular frameworks available such as Page Object Model, Data-Driven Framework, among others. You will also learn the concept of UIAutomator, configuring Appium on Simulator, Android UI Automator’sUISelector() and its functions, UI Automator in Compressed layout and much more.

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6| Automation Testing Tutorial

About: In this tutorial, you will learn the basics of automation testing. It includes topics such as test tool selection, test execution, frameworks for automation, benefits of automation tool, planning, design and development, different types of software testing, among others.  

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7| Automated Software Testing: Unit Testing, Coverage Criteria and Design for Testability

About: This course will help you learn specification-based testing, boundary testing, test adequacy and code coverage, unit vs system testing, mock objects, design for testability, and test code quality. Throughout the lessons, you will evaluate various programs by means of different techniques. After the completion of this course, you will be able to choose the best testing strategies for different projects.

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8| Docker Selenium Tutorial: How To Integrate Selenium Grid With Docker

About: In this tutorial, you will learn more about what a Docker is and how we download, install, and integrate it with the Selenium grid along with concerned screenshots. It includes the basic introduction to Selenium, practical usage of Selenium, how to start Selenium hub, work with Selenium nodes and other such. 

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Ambika Choudhury
A Technical Journalist who loves writing about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. A lover of music, writing and learning something out of the box.

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