Top 8 IoT Projects Beginners Must Try In 2020

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With the growing interest in the Internet of Things (IoT), there has been a lot of advancement in various sectors such as healthcare, home systems, manufacturing companies and others. 

The global IoT in utility market size is expected to grow from $28.6 billion in 2019 to $53.8 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 13.5% during the forecast period.
In one of our articles, we discussed how India railways could use this technology to match up to other countries. In this article, we list down eight IoT projects for a beginner in 2020.

The list is in alphabetical order.

Air Pollution Monitoring System

IoT-based air pollution monitoring system has been developed to monitor the quality of air over a web server using the internet. After building the model, it will trigger an alarm when the quality of air goes down beyond a certain level. For this project, the software requirements include Arduino 1.6.12 and embedded C language and the hardware requirements include 1K ohm resistors, Arduino Uno, breadboard, 10k potentiometer and other such.

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Facial Recognition Door With Raspberry PI

Facial recognition is one of the most trending security techniques one uses in the present scenario. A facial recognition door lock system can be used to prevent a robbery in a home. In this project, an image will be captured by a Pi camera and pre-processed by Raspberry Pi like converting, re-sizing and cropping. Then face detection and recognition are performed. Once the face is recognised by the classifier based on a pre-stored image library, the image will be sent to a remote console waiting for the house owner’s decision. 

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IoT based Alarm Clock

An ordinary clock only uses sound as a medium to wake up the user. While in the case of the internet of things based smart alarm clock. It can use more than a traditional alarm clock does to wake up or remind of something important to the user. For instance, it can turn on the smart lights or switch off the fan, etc. The requirements of this project include RTC chip, TFT screen, Wifi Module, etc.

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IoT Based Intelligent Traffic Management System

An advanced traffic management system using the internet of things can decrease the more waiting time for the drivers to crossroad signals. It can include several features such as parking space identification and allotment system, anti-theft system and other such. 

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Robot Using Arduino

Making a robot with the help of Arduino is one of the simplest uses of Arduino. This project will help you to understand how Arduino works as well as how to interface DC motors, IR sensors, etc. The requirements include Arduino or Arduino clone board, DC geared motors, IR modules, Caster wheel, etc.

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Smart Street Light

The use of smart street light projects instead of using manual light can help in saving a considerable amount of electrical energy. This is done by sensing and approaching vehicles using an IR transmitter and IR receiver couple. The requirements of this project include Arduino IDE, MPLAB IDE, OrCAD, microcontroller, light-dependent resistor (LDR), IR sensor and other such. 

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Smart Garage Door

A smart garage is one of the essential needs of a smart home. These doors not only help from burglars but also closes on its own as soon as it senses that someone took the car out. Unlike a manual garage door, the smart garage door gives a tough time to the thieves for entering the house. The project provides the user with a simple monitoring system that enables them to act more security conscious, effectively increasing the safety and security of their home. The device consists of a transmitting unit in the garage that tracks the door’s position, and a portable, wireless receiving device in the house that displays the garage door’s status.

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Smart Wheelchairs

Smart wheelchairs not only focus on the mobility of the device but also on the health monitoring of the patient. The objective of the present work is to develop a smart sensing wheelchair by implementing sensors within its structures. Using sensors and processing by embedded systems, the intelligent wheelchair will be able to track the heart rate, blood oxygen levels, etc. and initiates a trigger as soon as it receives any abnormality. The requirements of this project include Arduino IDE, Node MCU, MQTT library, PPG sensor and other such.

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