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Top 8 Online Resources To Learn Edge Computing

Top 8 Online Resources To Learn Edge Computing

Edge computing is a technique to create a scalable compute infrastructure and has been gaining massive traction among organisations and individuals that have been shifting wholly into the cloud. The technique utilises various smart devices around the edge of a network in order to store data. The benefits of adopting edge computing are that it provides improved security, scalability, shorter latencies, cost-effectiveness and much more.

In this article, we list down the top eight online resources to learn edge computing.

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(The list is in no particular order)

Edge Computing at Coursera

About: This course is a part of the Emerging Technologies: From Smartphones to IoT to Big Data Specialisation. In this course, you will learn about new products that include IoT modules, cloud computing, sensor data collection and control/management based on clouds and other such. The course ends with projects that will teach you how to analyse Bluetooth and W-Fi wireless networks and setup and use an EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) Virtual Computer in AWS (Amazon Web Service).

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Overview of Edge Computing at LinkedIn Learning

About: This course is provided at LinkedIn Learning by Peng Ryan Hu, who is a professor at the Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology. The course mainly provides a technical overview of IoT application components that can be “outsourced” to the operating systems, such as interactions with sensors and actuators, data management and processing, data transmission, edge computing, cloud computing and more. The topics on edge computing include a basic introduction, how to enable edge computing on IoT gateways and other such. 

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Business Considerations for Edge Computing at edX

About: In this course, you will learn about what edge computing is, what problems it’s solving and how it is supporting the rise of 5G, AI and IoT. You will understand what is driving behind the adoption of edge computing, how edge computing enables the digital business transformation and 5G, etc. The topics of this free course include an overview of edge computing, how 5G is driving edge adoption, edge privacy and security, use cases of edge computing and other such. 

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Edge Computing at Cognixia

About: Edge Computing is a training program that has been designed with an objective to provide a comprehensive understanding of relevant technologies and various emerging computing paradigms. The topics include an introduction to IoT, analytics in IoT, IoT endpoint, IoT gateway, edge analytics, AWS IoT and more. In order to pursue this course, all you need is basic computer skills and a general understanding of the concepts and fundamentals of IoT technology.

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Introduction to Edge Computing at Udemy

About: The Introduction to Edge Computing course is meant for beginners, who are willing to gain a quick understanding of edge computing technology. In this course, you will learn about various topics such as the evolution of the computing industry, cloud computing basics along with edge computing. The course provides a comprehensive understanding of multiple types of edge computing deployments, different types of edge compute services such as CDN Edge, IoT Edge, and Multi-access Edge (MEC). The course has been created to educate the learners on the different vendor platforms, software services, standard bodies and open source communities available for edge computing.

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Edge Computing is Key

About: This is a white paper by Ericsson where it describes edge computing from a CSP perspective, how a solution is built up, the key industry challenges and how CSPs can choose different roles and deployment strategies when addressing opportunities. Besides the white paper, you will also find blogs on how edge computing is a must for 5G, the deployment strategy of edge computing, how to enable business through edge computing.

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A Review on Edge Computing in Smart Energy by means of a Systematic Mapping Study 

About: This is a research paper, which extensively covers the developments that involve the use of edge computing and that provide solutions to smart energy problems. The researchers have defined several lines of research in order to reach the goal of building edge computing architectures for smart energy environments. You will get a brief introduction to edge computing as well as how it can be used for building energy environments. 

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IoT Edge Computing

About: IoT Edge Computing is a video tutorial on YouTube by HackerEarth. In this tutorial, you will learn from the very basics of IoT, introduction to edge and computing, things to cloud continuum, use cases of edge computing and more. The video discusses in detail how moving computation closer to the source of data, i.e. the edge nodes in the network, can address different challenges associated with the cloud-based approach.
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