Top 9 Jobs In Cybersecurity To Look Forward To In 2020

With the world moving towards digitisation, numerous cyber intrusions and crimes have been witnessed over the these few years. Right from the data breaches from large organisations to cyberattack on the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant, India has been witnessing a rise in cyber attacks. According to reports, India saw a 22% rise in attacks on IoT deployments in the country and has topped the cyber attack victims list for the second consecutive quarter. 

As the security threat is rising, the number of job openings in this area — both in private as well as the public sector are increasing dramatically. Reports suggest that the new decade is going to bring many new job roles that can handle the upcoming threats. 

In this article, we list down the top 9 jobs in cybersecurity one should look forward to in 2020.


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(The list is in alphabetical order)

1| Application Security Engineer

Role: The role of an Application Security Engineer is to come up with the threat landscape from the inception of the idea to product solution to the architecture and implementation of the solution, identify vulnerabilities across our platform and recommend fixes, deep-dive into software-based security findings and provide developer guidance on understanding the true impact and coming to a practical solution and other such. There are currently 299 jobs in India posted for application security engineers on LinkedIn.

Average Salary: ₹9,99,350 per year.

2| Cybersecurity Analyst

Role: The role of a cybersecurity analyst, also called an information security analyst is to assess, plan, and enact security measures in order to assist protection in an organisation from security breaches and attacks on its computer networks and systems, and other such. Currently, there are 476 job positions in India posted for cybersecurity analyst on LinkedIn.

Average Salary: ₹5,04,245 per year. 

3| Cybersecurity Consultant

Role: The role of a Cybersecurity Consultant is to provide leadership in identifying actions and developing mitigation plans to minimize risk and improve compliance on the account, and act as a subject matter expert to delivery in support of their execution plans, prepare reports for internal and external clients detailing the security issues, making recommendations and identifying solutions, and other such. Currently, there are 519 job positions in India posted for cybersecurity consultant on LinkedIn.

Average Salary: ₹7,38,413 per year.

4| Cybersecurity Engineer

Role: The role of a Cybersecurity Engineer or Network Security Engineer is to conduct a source code review and discuss with development teams in mitigating the issues and eliminating false positives, the ability to automate attack scenarios to avoid repetitive work, implementation of the solution for monitoring the health of various applications and security appliances and other such. Currently, there are 131 job positions in India posted for cybersecurity engineers on LinkedIn. 

Average Salary: ₹5,40,602 per year.

5| Cybersecurity Manager

Role: The role of a Cybersecurity Manager is to develop and manage the security matrices, dashboard and derive analytics around it to create management dashboards to ensure data collected are impactful and assist in driving sound management decisions, remain current on cybersecurity trends and intelligence (open source and commercial) in order to guide the security analysis, identification and benchmarking capabilities and other such. Currently, there are 57 job positions in India posted for cybersecurity managers on LinkedIn.     

Average Salary: ₹1,619k per year.

6| Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Role: The role of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is to manage the implementation of security guidance through the implementation of security projects in the local scope around data & information protection, infrastructure & application security and collaborate with Group security management, responsible for implementing desired level of infrastructure security (server and user devices) through the management of hardening, anti-malware, perimeter security, cloud security, and end-user device security, and other such. Currently, there are 31 job positions in India posted for CISO on LinkedIn.  

Average Salary: ₹7.8 lakh per year  

7| Ethical Hacker

Role: The role of an Ethical Hacker is to create scripts that test for vulnerabilities including penetration testing and risk assessment, develop low-level tools that improve security testing and monitoring, perform risk assessment across the entire network including hardware and software systems, set up security policies that help personnel use best practices for digital protection, and other such. Currently, there are 35 job positions in India posted for Ethical Hackers on LinkedIn.  

Average Salary: ₹5,70,000 per year.

8| Security Architect

Role: The role of a Security Architect is to create program plans spanning across multiple projects modules to drive overall program effectiveness in terms of quality, cost and time, identify risks across the project life-cycle and conceive mitigation strategies, create the project charter for the project to clearly list out project objectives, duration, milestones, etc. Currently, there are 573 job positions in India posted for Security Architect on LinkedIn.  

Average Salary: ₹2,412k per year.

9| Pen Tester

Role: The role of a penetration Tester is to define the security architecture, ensuring that it meets the business requirements and performance goals, responsible for understanding security policies and industry best practices & compliance, responds and completes vulnerability management business as usual activities as defined by their job responsibilities and other such. Currently, there are 578 job positions in India posted for Pen Tester on LinkedIn.    

Average Salary: ₹5,94,800 per year.

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