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Top 9 Wearables To Look Out For In India In 2019

Top 9 Wearables To Look Out For In India In 2019

Technology is invading our everyday lives what would have been a metaphor few years ago, has come real. Technology has not only invaded our privates spaces but has got into our skin, figuratively. With the rapid advancements in electronics, smart devices coupled with cloud platforms are taking monitoring to new heights. While the customers try to make sense of wearable technology, companies are releasing a new product and updating their tech every other day.

The success of a wearable device depends on its usability and ergonomics. These India-based wearable companies seem to have cracked the code for tapping into the consumer IoT market successfully. In this article, we list down top 9 wearables to watch out for in 2019.

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Via GOQii

GOQii is leading the wearables market in India. With state-of-the-art fitness tracking technology, they are extending their reach to all sections of society. STRIDE can be deployed on any normal running shoes with a simple clamping mechanism. With 180 days of battery life, the runner need not worry about charging for quite some time.


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Via GOQii

With VITAL, GOQii ecosystem has brought together a Smart Fitness Band, an App, Care Team including a Personal Coach, Experts and a Doctor, for round the clock health monitoring.

Partnership with top diagnostics labs offers test recommendations and downloadable reports which can be sent directly to the medical facility. GOQii Health Locker offers unlimited cloud storage to securely upload organize and track all your health records.

Boltt Sports Technologies

Based in Noida, Boltt footwear can be a great addition to athletes’ training etiquette, who perform at high level.


The team at Actofit calls their technology as a  perfect concoction of futuristic hardware and neoteric software.

Actofit connects the user to an  ecosystem of products across sports, heath and fitness, with innovative value adding proprietary technologies and state-of-the-art hardware. This helps the users to keep a tab on their fitness journey and to be on top of fitness game with great consistency.

ReTiSenseStridalyzer PERFORMANCE Gen2 (For Runners)

Second generation Stridalyzer Smart Insoles are customised to avoid injuries and improve performance of the runner. Stridalyzer employs an inertial motion sensor and force sensors, which work on the principles of a gyroscope and piezo-resistivity respectively.

Stridalyzer INSIGHT (For Doctors, Physiotherapists & Researchers)

With INSIGHT, Stridalyzer makes an attempt to solve the challenges faced in rehab diagnostics. Their smart insoles deploy the concepts of dynamic biomechanics for training and rehab in real-time.



It is a 12 lead/Variable lead ambulatory ECG wearable device designed for long term monitoring and diagnosis.The wearable device coupled wirelessly with the Mobile/Tablet for round the clock monitoring.

Equipped with CDL’s propriety algorithms and workflow software, MIRCaM can analyse ECGs in real-time, and effectively detect a wide range of arrhythmias and Ischemia.

Khushi Baby

Via Khushi baby

This is a social for good smart wearable device. A pendant that is connected to an app  which can be scanned to get the data regarding a child’s history of vaccination. Mothers in rural areas often forget the importance of antenatal care visits and it puts the child at risk. With Khushi Baby’s technology, no mother or child will suffer due to lack of awareness. The team at KB has integrated mobile health, wearable NFC technology and cloud computing to produce a complete platform to bridge world’s maternal and child health gap.

Khushi Baby finished its first deployment and randomized controlled trial in over 70 villages in partnership with our partner NGO, Seva Mandir, with their monthly immunization camp outreach program. We are now set to expand further in the Udaipur district to over 300 villages serviced by government ANMs in the coming year with our second evaluation.


Via StanceBeam

The game of cricket emerged in the late 16th century. There has been a considerable change in the rules and the woodwork. But, the way one swings the bat has been more or less the same. The movements have become precise but, only with thousands of hours of practice. StanceBeam tracks the movement of the bat through its smart device which is placed near the grip of the bat. Analysis is done in real-time and coaches can check the problems with the technique etc.

StanceBeam not only makes the job of a coach easy but also changes the way of training. StanceBeam app connects with the smart cricket bat and makes the coaching more interactive. It is available on the iOS APP Store and also the Google Play store for android.


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