Top AI Communities On Discord That every Data Scientist Should Join

With themes like weekly discussions on the latest news and releases in AI, this server is an excellent resource for enthusiasts wanting to learn.

Discord has proven to be an essential forum to facilitate discussions, ask queries, learn with like-minded people, and create a community of data science enthusiasts. The VoIP and instant messaging platform allow members to chat on private servers for specific topics. 

In this article, we introduce you to the top 10 Discord servers to join for AI/ML and data science discussions. 


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Analytics India Magazine

The Analytics India Magazine (AIM) server is the official Discord for AIM. This one is an all-in-one forum for AI enthusiasts to discuss and learn about career options, upcoming events, and news. With specific discussion channels including ‘developers corner’, ‘hackathons’, ‘job openings’, ‘events’, ‘career advice’, and ‘courses & education, this server is a great resource for individuals hoping to build a career in data science or learn more about it. 

Join the server here

The Data Share

The Data Share Discord server is a project for the Towards Data Science community and an open area for any data science enthusiast to discuss their projects and problems. The server is a valuable resource for asking data science questions, obtaining resources, gaining feedback, and matching with a community of shared interests. 

“We cover all the core elements of the field, including machine learning, natural language processing, and data engineering,” TDS’ blog post states. 

Join the server here.

Learn AI Together

With almost 4,000 members, Learn AI Together is a bubbling server for AI enthusiasts. The group facilitates sharing papers, projects, Kaggle competitions, and various courses. In addition, themes like weekly discussions on the latest news and releases in AI are active on this server. It is an excellent resource for enthusiasts wanting to learn. 

Join the server here.

CS Dojo

The CS Dojo server is Youtuber CS Dojo’s social community on Discord. One of the most popular programming YouTubers, Dojo holds community discussions on programming, game development, web development, and AI/ML. This Discord server has over 4000 members discussing data science and ML topics, asking queries, and gaining feedback.

Join the server here.


Based on the subreddit page “/r/LearnMachineLearning”, this server is one of the most massive data science communities on Discord, with more than 6000 members. The colossal member size allows for the quickest answers to ML questions. The server also consists of study rooms and channels related to popular data science courses that can be especially useful for beginners. 

Join the server here.

Data Science

Data scientists made the server itself to create a community that explores all the data science fields. It can facilitate discussions with members with different levels of expertise. The server’s 1000 members are split into three categories; ‘share’, ‘ask’ and ‘off topic’ to ensure an organised conversation.

Join the server here.

Tech with Tim

With over 30,000 members, this server is hosted by the famous YouTuber Tim Ruscica, a computer science graduate and owner of the channel Tech with Tim. It is a space for enthusiasts to resolve queries, project suggestions and discuss programming, software engineering, ML, python and javascript.

Join the server here


The Tensorflow Discord server has a vast member size and welcomes beginners trying out Tensorflow. In addition, the server has specific discussion channels related to Tensorflow, ML, genetic algorithms, GANs, and neural networks. It is also one of the few servers with a track on AI ethics, providing a healthy and comfortable environment for ML enthusiasts and beginners. 

Join the server here.


The Python Discord is one of the top largest communities on Discord. Focused on the Python programming language, the community facilitates discussions on it. Also, an energetic server, the community on Discord organises regular team events like code jams, open-source hackathons, seasonal events, and community challenges with prizes for the winners. 

Join the server here.

Fundamentals ML

The Fundamentals ML server is a unique forum for enthusiasts interested in the math behind ML. While the server is considerably small in size, it consists of members from all levels of experience. They share experiences and knowledge, including specific sections on ML & math, discussing topics from basic linear regression to neural networks.

Join the server here.

Artificial Intelligence Community

The Artificial Intelligence Community is one of the oldest servers on Discord, created in 2017. The group is steadily growing and creating a community of people interested in AI, ML, language processing, and vision & speech. 

Join the server here.

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