Top AI & Data Science Stories From 2020: Our 10 Most Read

In 2020 we published a total of 3500 stories, which generated a cumulative view count of more than 18 million.

Here are our 10 stories that were most read in 2020. These stories from 2020 generated more than a lakh views each.

1. 11 Best Firms In India For Data Scientists To Work For – 2020

Every year, we come up with the year’s list of best firms for data scientists to work for after carefully examining many Indian and globally located firms that provide a conducive environment for data scientists to learn and grow. We have considered criteria such as work culture for data science teams, the support provided for data scientists to grow while working, low attrition rate and how the firm works on retaining data scientists.

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2. Why Tesla Invented A New Neural Network

Tesla filed a patent called ‘Systems and methods for adapting a neural network on a hardware platform.’ In the patent, they described the systems and methods to select a neural network model configuration that satisfies all constraints.

According to the patent, the constraints mainly include an embodiment that computes a list of valid configurations and a constraint satisfaction solver to classify valid configurations for the particular platform, where the neural network model will run efficiently.

3. Are We Seeing The Data Science Bubble Burst?

COVID-19 has led to shifting priorities, and companies are re-assessing strategies across their business as resources are constrained. This has led to companies coming to terms with the reality of business value with data science. 

The mass layoffs in the technology industry, including many data scientists, have many saying the talent bubble has finally popped. The pandemic gave a good reason for organisations to decrease the compensations for data scientists, which was earlier soaring high due to the rising demand. It is true that the number of candidates had been increasing exponentially in data science over the past five years.

4. Will IIT Madras’ Online Data Science Degree Be A Game Changer For Learners?

IIT Madras made the historic launch of the online BSC degree program on programming and data science. This is the first-ever online degree program at undergraduate level in data science offered by an IIT. The institute recognised the value in data science given its widespread applications in various walks of life, and governments, industries and social organisations. There is a need for employable graduates in this area, and the degree offered by IIT comes at the right time. It is slated to be a game-changer for learners in the data science domain in numerous ways. 

5. Top 10 Cybersecurity Courses In India: Ranking 2020

A primary survey was taken into consideration to understand the preferences of candidates, based on their experience. The survey helped to invalidate the data and providing a rationale for the ranking, wherever required. Students feedback and expert advice were also accounted for the overall ranking process. The courses that have not been mentioned in the ranking either did not participate or did not make it to the top ten. 

6. Why The Big Four Audit Firms Are Investing Heavily In AI

Three out of the four largest accounting firms announced $9 billion on artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics capabilities, according to Bloomberg. The firms’ focus is also on training employees to bring advanced digital solutions into all consulting and audit practices across the firms. 

By using NLP to extract information with a human-in-the-loop to validate the results makes the AI system more consistent and efficient. 

7. Top 10 Data Scientists In India – 2020

Recognising the data science professionals who have showcased an exceptional journey in the domain, Analytics India Magazine brings out the list of top data scientists each year.  

This is the sixth year of the industry-acclaimed list where we have listed top 10 data scientists with diverse backgrounds who have made significant contributions, brought about unique innovations and showcased unparalleled accomplishments in their data science journey. 

8. A Complete Guide To Data Science Career Path

The idea behind preparing this guide is to inform and educate data science aspirants as to how their career trajectory would look like in the future. From what kind of skills they need to equip themselves with, to kind work experience-level they need to achieve to apply for specific jobs — this Guide will cover this entire expanse. This is a one-stop-guide meant to give a hawk-eye view of a potential career trajectory in the emerging tech sector — specifically for the roles of Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer and Business Intelligence Developer.

9. What Is The Hiring Process For Data Scientists At HDFC Bank

HDFC bank is exploring the new tech in a lot of its applications and functions. With two teams where data science is at the core of their work — marketing analytics and risk analytics — the bank mostly has a centralised data science team. For this week’s feature, we got in touch with Kaushik Ghate, Sr. Vice President and Head, Marketing Analytics at HDFC bank to understand the hiring process of data scientists in its team. 

10. The Impact Of Data Scientists Returning To India

It is expected that thousands of techies will be making their way back to India including data scientists analytics professionals as well. So what impact would the analytics field have on? As unfortunate as it is for many data scientists and analytics professionals to relinquish their high-paying US jobs, they can still continue their career path in India as well, where there is strong demand for data science jobs.

Bhasker Gupta
Bhasker is a techie turned media entrepreneur. Bhasker started AIM in 2012, out of a desire to speak about emerging technologies and their commercial, social and cultural impact. Earlier, Bhasker worked as Vice President at Goldman Sachs. He is a B.Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow.

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