Top AI & ML Courses Offered By Tech Giants

Here’s a list of the top AI and ML courses offered by tech giants in 2021.
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Artificial intelligence is no longer limited to science fiction books and movies. Whether we realise it or not, every day and for almost all usual activities, artificial intelligence has been influencing us in some way or the other. The world has made immense progress in the field, and the global AI market size is predicted to grow from $58.3 billion today to $309.6 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 39.7 per cent during the forecast period. 

A couple of years ago, there was a talent shortage in AI. However, tech giants have now realised the need for more data scientists and analysts, and subsequently, have launched courses to cater to this need. At Analytics India Magazine, we take a look at the top AI and ML courses offered by tech giants. 

The list is in no particular order. 


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ML and AI courses: Google Cloud

The five-course programme offered by Google Cloud teaches about the implementation of the latest AI and ML technologies exploring training on AI Platforms Notebooks, Cloud Dataflow, BigQuery, BigQuery ML, TensorFlow, Cloud Vision, Kubeflow Pipelines and Natural Language API. 

The programme is divided into courses and skill badge modules. It covers the following topics: 

  • Big Data and ML fundamentals
  • Performing foundational data, ML and AI tasks on Google Cloud 
  • ML on Google cloud 
  • Automating interactions with Contact Center AI 
  • Advanced ML with TensorFlow on Google Cloud platform 
  • Exploring ML models with Explainable AI 
  • MLOps fundamentals 
  • ML pipelines on Google Cloud 

To know about the additional courses and practices, click here

Deep Learning Institute: NVIDIA 

The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute offers resources including learning materials and live training programmes for teams, organisations, educators and students to advance their knowledge in artificial intelligence, data science, accelerated computing, graphics and simulation. 

The online training courses offered by NVIDIA can be categorised into four parts — Deep Learning, Accelerated Computing, Data Science, Graphics and Simulation. These courses are self-paced and provide NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute certificate on completion. Additionally, it teaches how to build deep learning, accelerating data science applications for healthcare, robotics and manufacturing industries. To know about the latest courses offered by NVIDIA, check this link

Intel AI Academy 

Intel’s AI Academy offers free courses for software developers, data scientists and students. The courses cover topics, explore tools and optimise libraries. The courses are categorised as: 

  • Theory: These courses cover the basics of AI and graduate-level topics in technical AI theory. According to Intel AI Academy, these courses explain the mathematics behind AI. The courses include ML, deep learning and introduction to AI, NLP, Time Series Analysis, Deep Learning for Robotics, and Anomaly Detection. 
  • Hardware: These courses are focused on training to use Intel hardware from high-performance data centre processors and accelerators to fast edge inference devices. The courses include — AI on PC, AI on the Edge with Computer Vision, and Deep Learning Inference with Intel FPGAs. 
  • Software: These training courses are aimed at teaching to use the best software frameworks to develop AI applications. Intel AI Academy offers a course on Applied Deep Learning with TensorFlow. 

Learn more about the courses here

The AI Residency Program: Facebook 

Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Residency Program is a one-year research training program to provide hands-on experience with AI research while working in Facebook AI. During the programme, students get paired with an AI Researcher and Engineer to help solve a research problem and devise new deep learning algorithms and techniques. The research is then communicated to the communities, including CVPR, ICML, ICCV, ACL and EMNLP, and as open-source code. 

Deep Learning on AWS: Amazon 

It is a one-day course offered by Amazon to introduce cloud-based deep learning (DL) solutions on AWS. The Deep Learning on AWS course details how deep learning is useful and explains its different concepts. Additionally, the course trains one on how to run models on the cloud using MNext and Amazon SageMaker frameworks. Students of the course will also get to deploy learning models using services such as Amazon EC2 Container Service and AWS Lambda. 

AI School: Microsoft 

The Microsoft AI School offers different learning paths for candidates at different skill levels to learn the latest technologies at their own pace. Microsoft AI School currently offers the following learning paths, besides a number of others: 

  • AI on Azure 
  • Using visual tools to create ML models 
  • Computer vision in Microsoft Azure 
  • Exploring NLP 
  • AI Edge Engineer 
  • Creating ML models 
  • Preparing for AI Engineering 

To learn new skills or discover learning paths that best suit you, click here

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