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Top AI-Powered Gadgets From Some Of The Best Tech Shows

Top AI-Powered Gadgets From Some Of The Best Tech Shows


The Covid-19 pandemic may have put a damper on some of the most awaited tech shows in the world, but there is still plenty of buzz around some of the AI-powered gadgets that debuted in previous shows. From AI-enabled razor blades and toothbrushes to robotic dogs and home assistants, these shows have put some of the most innovative inventions in emerging technologies on a wide platform.

What is more, many of the recently launched gadgets are designed keeping in mind practical applications and need not be objects of mere desire or entertainment for tech enthusiasts. Here’s a list of our top favourite AI-powered gadgets from some of the best tech shows in the world:

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OrCam MyEye 2 Wearable Vision Assistant 

Targeted at people who are visually impaired or those who suffer from reading difficulties, OrCam MyEye can be retrofitted to a pair of spectacles. Using AI-powered smart camera technology, it enables users to ‘see’ in the best way possible. How does it achieve this?

The inbuilt advanced camera on the wearable clicks a picture and transmits that information ‘audibly’ to the user. What is more, if it comes across any printed text, it instantly reads that as well to the user using AI. Currently, it is being used in more than 40 countries between a wide user base of 6 years to 100.


Described as an ‘exceptional toy for exceptional children’, it is an interactive robotic companion meant for children with special needs. Using the sphere-shaped device, they can play games that are designed to be educational as well as engage in conversations using AI, helping them comprehend communication and enable greater social interaction.

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Connected and controlled via an iPad, it offers a full range of sensory stimulations to children. With robotics and play demonstrating great potential in helping children learn better, it is already being used by 40 special schools across 12 countries in the world.

LeEco Smart Bicycle

China-based LeEco’s smart connected bikes have a slew of features packed into it – built-in fitness tracking tools, GPS navigation, video streaming, and more. Displayed on a 4-inch Android touchscreen, the bike is tailored-made for active people and allows them to communicate with other bikers through the built-in walkie-talkie feature.

Additionally, users can also log their bike rides, and the bike is also capable of automatically alerting owners each time the security alarm goes off. What is more, its location can easily be tracked via a connected app.

BIC Smart Shaver AI-Enabled Razor 

A great shave admittedly takes several steps and BIC has unwrapped a new AI-enabled prototype shaver that captures all relevant data to improve a user’s overall shaving experience. This data includes thickness and density of hair, speed of shaving, the number of strokes made, etc. and curates it in a companion app.

Although it gives off the appearance of a regular five-bladed razor, it actually captures data while a user shaves. This is shared via the cloud where an AI tool analyzes it to provide users with information they may need, including how fast they shave or how much water they consume. With this, BIC seeks to create a shaving experience that is perfectly adapted to today’s users, creating what it terms ‘the next generation of shavers’.

Samsung SelfieType Invisible Keyboard 

Samsung has enabled a new input method for smartphone users that will help them to enjoy more agility when using smaller devices. Powered by AI and image recognition technologies, it creates a virtual (and invisible) keyboard on a user’s desk. Using a smartphone’s camera, these technologies try to determine what the users are typing.

What happens is that the camera tracks the hands’ movements in real time and translates it.

Slated to be available with some of the higher-end Galaxy models, it does not require any additional hardware.

BACtrack Skyn Alcohol Monitor

Although not approved by the US FDA yet, the world’s first wearable alcohol monitor shows a lot of promise. How does it work? Skyn connects to an iOS companion app via Bluetooth and uses technology to monitor alcohol consumption in real time.

Another option is to wear the device, which is integrated with alcohol biosensors, to track Transdermal Alcohol Content (TAC) in real time. It measures the tiniest amount of alcohol permeating through the wearer’s skin and reportedly uses a proprietary algorithm to make an estimation of the amount of alcohol content in their blood.

CHiPK9 Robot Dog

Developed by WowWee, CHiP is an AI-powered robot dog that mimics an actual one. Equipped with advanced sensors, it has the ability to be trained appropriately. Just like a real dog, it is always aware, can learn simple commands, may even play fetch, and follow users around!

Incorporated with cutting-edge technology, it comes with some innovative features, including heightened situational awareness (Beaconsense), ability to make gesture-based interactions (Gesturesense), advanced IR vision processing, and more.

Gyroscopic Gloves 

Targeted at people suffering from Parkinson’s to minimise hand tremors, this device uses aerospace technology, ML and spinning discs to achieve the same. How does it work? It conserves angular momentum in order to stay upright, enabling it to counter any kind of force.

Although currently in development, these anti-tremor gloves will come in a compact package with a detachable harness for ease of use. Widely covered in the media, it is partially funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union.


Developed by Guive Balooch’s Tech Incubator, Perso is L’Oréal’s AI-powered at-home system in the skincare and cosmetics area. The device is all of 6.5 inches and offers a range of services to users, including instantaneous and personalised skincare formulas.

Using artificial intelligence, the system is programmed to learn over time by gathering more data about the user to offer these personalised solutions. From deep skin analysis to product preferences, it delivers high-tech solutions for its users.

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