Top AI-Powered hearables that must be on your wishlist in 2022!

Artificial Intelligent Noise Cancellation technology continuously analyses ambient sound components to select the most effective noise cancelling filter.

In the new world order, headphones mean a lot more than entertainment conduits for passive music listening; they are best defined as a versatile wearable targeting the deepest demands of the smart audiophile. 

Swept by the endearing impacts of Industry 4.0 and its idea of marrying cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things (IoT), “Hearables” today are capable of not only making you listen to quality, uninterrupted, immersive audio over a type of wireless technology but hones in on automated computerised decision-making capabilities to enhance your experience. In other words, they listen to you! 

Committed to representing the finest in audio technology, audiophile brands from across the globe are now foraying to this illusive world, offering an array of devices that actively listen to human voices, automatically cancel out outside noise, deeply integrate digital assistants, and focus on health-and-fitness.

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Here’s a list of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered headphones that can personalise audiophile experience to an unimaginable degree while ensuring user safety and, in some select cases, even affordability.

Enten by Neurable

Image: Neurable 

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At its core, Neurable’s Enten redefines noise-cancelling and its agenda! 

These high-tech headphones feature sensors that scan your brain for electrical activity, which are then processed by the company’s proprietary AI and displayed in a user-friendly manner via a Bluetooth-connected app. 

If the sensors detect that your distraction increases, Enten increases the noise-cancelling function! If you need music to focus—these headphones will choose tracks that will keep you in a flow state. After a few days of wearing them, users can establish a daily pattern that helps avoid sluggish hours. 

Interestingly, Enten acknowledges that surroundings can disrupt focus. As a result, they have incorporated geolocation capabilities within Enten to warn users to stay away from places that trigger them. 

The “Smart” Mobi Headphones 

Image: Kickstarter

For the smartest and most thorough noise cancellation ever in true wireless audio, Mobi headphones integrate an AI algorithm with hybrid ANC technology. Their next-generation hybrid ANC adds a feedforward mic to the mix, bringing the total number of microphones per earbud to three. It uses an AI algorithm to distinguish the differences between over 6000 sounds, replacing the usual hybrid ANC programme. The two feedforward mics surround the listener in a 360-degree noise capture field. The ANC can negate the entire range of audio frequencies when used in conjunction with the feedback mic. In essence, the AI listens to everything the user listens to. It detects every sound that comes from the surroundings, the earbud, and the ear itself. It can also detect changes in ear canal air pressure to suppress the sound of earphones slipping in the ear.

The WH-CH710N by Sony

Image: Sony

Sony’s WH-CH710N are perhaps the most affordable hearables on this list. It uses the tried-and-tested Artificial Intelligent Noise Cancellation (AINC) technology that continuously analyses ambient sound components to automatically select the most effective noise cancelling filter for you. However, while the device comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities, Sony has clearly cut some corners to make it affordable. Topping that list is the lack of Hi-Res playback and the plastic construction. 

xFyro Active Noise Cancelling Pro Earbuds

Image: Shopify

The xFyro Active Noise Cancelling Pro Earbuds use AI-powered active noise cancellation that improves the user’s listening experience by tuning it based on a four-mic system that listens to the surroundings and music. The ANC Pro also has a conversation mode, which lets users selectively enhance conversations and alarms to stay aware while listening to music. In addition, this robust device comes with graphene-powered drivers, a 100-hour battery life, and an ergonomic fit. 


Image: Shopify

The PLAYGO BH-70 is yet another cutting-edge wireless noise-cancelling headset with active customisation. AI-driven self-calibrating left, and right earbuds, Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation, Smart-touch-and-talk, and Auto-pause-and-play capabilities are all included in the device. While the excellent 40 mm device drivers produce a great mix of Bass and Treble balance, the large 1000 mAh battery allows the listener to use the headset for up to 24 hours in ANC active mode. 

Powered by Qualcomm’s newest CPU family, The headphones have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and Apt-X codec with built-in CVC 6.0 noise-cancelling microphones. They are also compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri. The headphones also offer ANC On/Off and Transparency modes which let the user hear ambient sound while listening to the enthralling audio experience.

LifeBeam’s Vi Sense Wireless Headphones

Image: Amazon

The LifeBeam Vi Sense Wireless Headphones have a voice-controlled artificially intelligent coach that identifies the user’s training patterns and uses live performance data to provide real-time coaching guidance. Vi’s assessment is based on data from an aerospace-grade heart rate monitor and motion sensors that track heart rate, heart rate variability, cadence, speed, and elevation. The Vi Trainer app, which is a partner, also has a library of guided sessions ranging from walks to interval runs, as well as training plans for a variety of goals.

Elite 85h

Image: Jabra

Produced by Danish manufacturer Jabra, Elite 85h is an AI-powered noise-cancelling headphone targeting travellers. It uses technology from audEERING, a German AI firm, to detect over 6,000 sound characteristics and filter out noise more precisely. Jabra claims that these headphones detect when a loud train is approaching and tune out the sound of the train. In addition, the Elite 85h automatically assesses the user’s surroundings and adjusts the ANC to allow vocals to get through when necessary. This SmartSound feature is controlled via the Jabra+ app, allowing users to customise their sound profiles for the public, private, commute, and other scenarios. 

The Bragi Dash Pro

Image: Gadgets360

If anything, the Bragi Dash Pro makes a healthier lifestyle even more enjoyable by including music! German-based Bragi has developed AI-powered, “active” headphones that allow users to listen to music and automatically track their heart rate, pace, duration, distance, and calories burned. Thanks to products like Dash Pro, consumers are already changing the way they listen to music while running or working out at the gym. 

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