Top AI Tools For Resume Screening

Artificial intelligence has made huge inroads into the human resource domain lately. Companies are now deploying AI tools to reduce or eliminate time-consuming tasks in the recruitment process. According to experts, screening resumes is the most critical, albeit, the most labour-intensive and challenging task for HR personnel.

Typically, an HR recruiter of a medium and large corporation gets thousands of job applications. The applications will be all over the map and require hours and hours of screening. And, that’s where AI tools come into play. With the right AI tools, recruiters can sort the applications in a fraction of time.

Here we will list the top eight tools that use artificial intelligence to screen resumes.

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Sniper AI

Sniper AI uses machine learning to screen candidates and match their resumes with the job specifications at a blinding speed and stunning accuracy. Backed by Recruitment SMART, a UK-based HR tech startup, Sniper AI can be easily integrated with applicant tracking systems for easy resume screening. Sniper AI comes with 53% internal workforce reduction capability that allows recruiters to spend less time screening the resumes. With clients like Infosys, Vodafone, Capgemini, etc., this tool is quite renowned among the industry and claims to be a game-changer for AI-based recruitment. 

Check out the tool here.


Ideal is an AI tool that leverages recruiters’ feedback to build an effective algorithm to shortlist thousands of candidates based on their resumes. Claiming to reduce recruiters’ time by 70%, the AI accurately shortlists candidates for the next round of interview with HR personnel. The AI helps in resume screening for a particular job opening and improves the representation of diverse applicants with 100% bias-free algorithm. It considers external evaluation like assessments, chatbot conversations, and other data points for identifying the right candidate.

Check out the tool here.


CVViZ uses its in-house AI algorithm to understand the resume contextually, beyond the keyword or binary search approach. The AI-powered resume screening software reduces manual efforts significantly and ranks candidates in real-time. The model can be customised based on the organisation’s requirement and the type of employees it has worked with before. When an organisation adds a new job opening, the AI automatically finds top talent that may already exist in your recruitment database. The AI makes the recruiting process simpler, intuitive, and efficient by improving the quality of hire.

Check out the tool here.


Skeeled is an automated applicant tracking system that harnesses AI to screen resumes and assess candidates’ qualifications. It has deployed powerful ranking algorithms to deliver a shortlist based on qualification indicators. Along with their qualification indicator, the system also checks the add-ons like specific driver licence type, work permit, or any other custom criteria that organisations demand. This, in turn, automates and streamlines the first steps of the recruitment process, i.e. resume screening. Additionally, it comes with an advanced search engine and filtering tool that finds the right candidates from organisations’ resume databases.

Check out the tool here.


Hubert is a holistic AI recruiting platform that assists HR personnel in doing the hiring process. Trained on millions of reliable data points, the AI has been designed to provide transparent advice to the HR team. Hubert combines data from uploaded documents, personality, logical tests and the desired requirements for the job to pick the right candidate. Its transparent in-house-built algorithm also reduces the impact of unconscious bias to make better hiring decisions. Along with resume parsing, it also comes with features like diversifying the workforce, team compatibility, initial job interview, etc.

Check out the tool here.

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A smart recruiting solution, Mosaictrack utilises the cognitive power of artificial intelligence to scan through resumes and social profiles to pick the best talent based on culture fit and skill set. Its predictive analytics capability omits the task of conducting surveys or making questionnaires, where advanced algorithms pre-qualify the applicants to enhance the interview process. The AI-tool has been built with IBM’s Watson technology allowing to match talent with extreme accuracy through the power of machine learning and natural language processing.

Check out the tool here.


Vervoe is an AI-based skills assessment tool that uses machine learning algorithms, to screen resumes at scale, allowing recruiters to spend more time with high performing candidates. Its predictive analytics then automatically grades and ranks them based on how well they can do the job. The algorithmic models measure the quality of a candidate’s answer against millions of similar responses. It also processes thousands of responses quickly to look for specific words or sentiments that accurately reflect these values. It then provides a list of candidates ranked in order of their strength and potential businesses need.

Check out the tool here.


Ranked as a leading artificial intelligence platform for recruiting teams, XOR automates resume screening, interview scheduling, onboarding and more. Its advanced capabilities also allow the platform to manage conversations with candidates through one-on-one messaging that saves even more time for the recruiters. The XOR model is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure that enables automatic mass resume screening for a suitable candidate on more than 100 different languages and algorithms and has been trained on various HR and recruitment data sets.

Check out the tool here.

Sejuti Das
Sejuti currently works as Associate Editor at Analytics India Magazine (AIM). Reach out at

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