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Top AI Tools Transforming The B2B Sales Industry

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As technology has evolved, industries have accepted and implemented them in business operations to obtain exponential growth, and among many technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) has played a major role. From unlocking new insights, finding client-focused value, identifying customer behaviour to closing deals, AI is spearheading the B2B sales landscape today. Lead generation, discriminating between buyers and visitors, identifying special choices and smart decision making are amongst some other features with which AI has helped the industry. 

With the above-mentioned points being said, let’s take a look at some of the top B2B AI sales tools being used at the moment.


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Cogito provides a sales representative with the voice analysis of a consumer. It also offers real-time cues to a sales representative to understand what are the effective ways of speaking with an individual consumer. The tool analyses the voice of the caller and provides alerts to the representative such as empathy, pace and the tone of the caller. The tool enables a representative to detect signs of frustration, the intent of purchase or closing of a deal amongst consumers, and tune his or her speaking style on the basis of mentioned alerts. This process helps representatives to communicate in a more professional manner while ensuring a bond is formed between customers and representatives to mature the deals or purchases.

The tool is exclusively made for representatives that act as a personal assistant and completes admin work through chat, touch and voice. assistant pulls-in all the available data on the command of a representative from the customer-relationship management (CRM) system, email, calendar, legacy database and other scattered multiple systems. assistant works as a chatbot with famous assistant platforms such as Cortana and Alexa, which enables a representative to ask questions about a specific account and get direct answers. Using AI and machine learning, the assistant parses all the data, thus reducing the time spent by a representative on tedious searches.


Acquired by Oracle in the year 2018, DataFox with its cloud-based artificial intelligence data engine derives business content from a set of company-level information and insightful data to optimise business strategies. DataFox upgrades the CRM system with AI insight to help the sales team understand which account they should go for. Through analysing existing customers, this data is generated along with customisable signals on the CRM, to enhance further targeting for the sales team. 


Often it is witnessed that numerous data are either duplicate or full of errors in the customer data management system, which gives a sales representative quite a headache. Reifer, with its AI search engine, processes data and figures out the inaccurate information without the need for additional coding. With no manual configuration of algorithms, Reifer’s AI engine works faster with a variety of data in different languages and verifies accurate information such as business names, address, customer names etc. Reifer is designed for automated mapping and provides support for all relational or NoSQL databases as well as HDFS, S3 and local files in JSON, XML, CVS, TSV, XLS, Parquet and other formats.


Troops enable a sales team representative to automate their workflows and form an alignment with other teams such as marketing and product management. Troops derive information from Salesforce and process it for easy usage along with transforming it in a Slack channel. Troops centralise for sales representative from a single point to publish auto report generation on Slack and search for information about Salesforce customers. Troops do not require new coding to integrate Salesforce in Slack in order to create a new report and generate real-time alerts. Last but not least, Troops AI helps a representative to maintain their sales pipeline as it automatically tracks Salesforce data.

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