Top Artificial Intelligence Books Released In 2019 That You Must Read

Artificial Intelligence has had many breakthroughs in 2019. In fact, we can go as far as to say that it has trickled down to every single facet of modern life. With its intervention in our daily life, it is imperative that everyone knows about how it is affecting our lives, bringing about change in it, the threats and possible solutions.

While there are some people who still think AI is only robots and chatbots, it is important that they know of the advancements in the field. There are many online courses and books on artificial intelligence that give a comprehensive understanding to the reader whether it is a professional or an AI enthusiast.


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In this article, we have compiled a list of books on artificial intelligence published in 2019 that one can use to learn more about this fascinating technology:

  • Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again (Basic Books, ₹389)

Written by Dr Eric Topol, an American cardiologist, geneticist and digital medicine researcher, Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again, is Amazon #1 bestseller this year.

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This book boldly sets out the potential of AI in healthcare and deep medicine. Topol calls AI ‘the next industrial revolution.’ The book contains short examples to highlight AI’s importance along with a proper expansion on likely AI is going to transform the medical industry. Topol believes that AI can not only help in enhancing diagnosis and treatment but also help them in saving time in other activities like taking notes, reading scans which will eventually help them to spend more time on the patients. This is a resourceful book for someone interested in AI and its impact on healthcare.

  • Human Compatible: AI and the Problem of Control (Allen Lane, ₹811)

Written by Dr Stuart Russell, Human Compatible: AI and the Problem of Control is possibly one of the most important books of this year on AI. The book talks about the threats by artificial intelligence and solutions to it. The author, Stuart Russell, makes use dry humour not to make his book sound like a boring information magazine.

The book is for both the public and AI researches, Stuart Russel, in this doesn’t hammer AI, he points out the threats and solution as someone who feels a sense of responsibility towards the changes and revolution his own field is bringing.

  • The Creativity Code: Art and Innovation in the Age of AI (Harvard University Press, ₹1,884)

This book is written by Marcus du Sautoy, a professor of mathematics at the University of Oxford and a researcher fellow at the Royal Society.

This book is a fact-packed, funny journey to the world of AI. It questions the present meaning of the word ‘creativity’ and about how the machine will be able to crack the code on human emotions.

This book dances around the concept of using AI assistance in art-making. The book discusses the ‘math’ behind ML and AI as its centre point of discussion in art.

  • You Look Like a Thing, and I Love You: How Artificial Intelligence Works and Why It’s Making the World a Weirder Place (Wildfire, ₹1,155)

Janelle Shane’s is an AI humour blog and looks to have a different take on AI, the part of AI. In this book, the author makes use of humorous cartoons and pop-culture illustrations to try and take a look inside the algorithms that are used in machine learning.

  • Rebooting AI: Building Artificial Intelligence We Can Trust (Pantheon, ₹1650)

The authors of this book Gary Marcus, a scientist and the founder and CEO of Robust.AI and Ernest Davis, a professor of computer science at NYU tell what AI is, what it is not, its potentials if we worked towards it with more resilience and be more creative. Many authors seem to hype up AI, not just the good part about it but also the wrong side about it. The authors here seem to have found the balance in between.

The book, Rebooting AI: Building Artificial Intelligence We Can Trust, highlights the weaknesses of the current technology, where it is going wrong and what should we be doing to find the solutions. It isn’t just some book that only researchers can read but also for the general public. It illustrates many examples and excellent use of humour wherever needed.

  • AI for People and Business: A Framework for Better Human Experiences and Business Success ( Shroff/O’Reilly, ₹1,100)

The first edition of the series of books written by the Alex Castrounis, answer one of the most critical questions in today’s age concerning business and AI, “How can I build a successful business by using AI?”

The AI for People and Business: A Framework for Better Human Experiences and Business Success is exclusively written for anyone interested in making use of AI in their organisation.

The author examines the value of Ai and gives solutions for developing an AI strategy that benefits both people and businesses.

  • The Hundred-page Machine Learning Book (Andriy Burkov, ₹1,249)

This book by Andriy Burkov remains true to its name and just manages to do the seemingly impossible task of trying to bundle all of the machine learning inside of a hundred-page book.

This book provides an in-depth introduction to the field of machine learning with the smart choice of topics for both theory and practice.

If you are new to the field of machine learning, then this book gives you a comprehensive introduction to the vocabulary/ terminology.

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