Top Data Science Hackathon Platforms with Active Challenges

Participating and contributing in these hackathons can get you noticed by recruiters and also win prizes
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For tech enthusiasts, be it beginners or professionals, Hackathons are a great way to learn new skills and provide solutions. Lately, hackathons have also become a hiring platform for businesses and companies. The winners of these hackathons are often shortlisted by big, mid, and small companies. 

Apart from being hired, hackathons also award the winners with several prizes. These platforms are a great place for tech enthusiasts to keep a watch on the active and upcoming trends in the AI/ML industry.

Here are some of the platforms currently running data science hackathons that you can participate in to win prizes and get noticed by recruiters. 


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Besides offering hundreds of courses about machine learning and data science, MachineHack, the brainchild of Analytics India Magazine, hosts several hackathons simultaneously covering various topics within machine learning, deep learning, and other data engineering challenges. Grow your data science skills through this online platform by competing with experts in industry-curated hackathons.

There are several ongoing hackathons on the website like Predict The Price of Books, Predict the News Category, Predict the Flight Ticket, and Subscriber Prediction Talent Search.

Click here to check out all the MachineHack’s hackathons.


The most popular online data scientists community Kaggle is one of the best and most prestigious places to win data science awards. The hackathons on Kaggle start from the beginner level and reach the advanced level. Being a continuous contributor and winning hackathons can give you a badge of Grandmaster, which is the highest honour in the data science community.

There are several competitions running at the same time for beginners and experts like the NFL Big Data Bowl 2023, OTTO – Multi-Objective Recommender System, Multimodal Single-Cell Integration, among many others. 

Check out all the running competitions at Kaggle here.


A website focused on matching developers with businesses, HackerEarth hosts hackathons along with challenges open in the machine learning landscape. Companies can also post their hackathons on the website where developers can contribute to simplify existing business processes and probably get hired.

Currently, hackathons like Global Hack for Web3 by CoinBase, IBM’s zStudent Contest, and Smart Odisha Hackathon, among many other upcoming hackathons, are running on the platform.

Click here to check out all the open and upcoming challenges and hackathons. 


To build a data science profile, DataHack offers various events, competitions, and hackathons where you can compete with machine learning experts and leading data scientists and improve your skill sets. You can compete in these hackathons and solve real world problems, along with solving business problems hosted by companies on the platform. 

Some of the active hackathons on DataHack include Predict Number of Upvotes, Food Demand Forecasting, Face Counting Challenge, and Joke Rating Prediction. 

Click here to visit DataHack’s website.


Hosting hackathons at the intersection of data science and social impact, DrivenData focuses on fields like international development, health, education, conservation, and public services. The community includes more than 50 organisations and thousands of individual developers contributing to various projects. 

The BiosMassters, Reboot: Box-Plots for Education, DengAI: Predicting Disease Spread are some of the society related hackathons currently active on the website. 

Click here to check out active and past competition’s winners.


Techgig hosts hackathons and challenges for its readers to build a community of developers who want to contribute and grow their machine learning skills. The challenges are designed by experts from various technological backgrounds like IoT, ML, User Experience, Mobility, etc. The challenges are open to all programming languages that suit the participant. 

Click here to check out the active and upcoming challenges. 

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