Top Data Science Products Build In India – 2020

Analytics India Magazine brings the list of leading analytics and data science products for the year 2020 that have positively impacted businesses across the globe, helping them make decisions. To source the best 10 products, we reached out to more than 25 companies. Ranging from serving financial sectors to manufacturing, retail, solar and other industries, these products have made a significant impact on driving business value for the companies. 

Please note that this is not a ranking and the list is in no particular order. 


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Here is last year’s list.  

1| Cora Finance Analytics By Genpact

Cora Finance Analytic by Genpact is a comprehensive and persona-based financial analytics suite that enables data-driven decision making for finance professionals across all business units and functions. It aims at driving faster business outcomes by augmenting the evidence-based decision making cycle through Robust Data Foundation Layer, Advanced Analytics, Data Science Application, Domain Expertise and Smart Processes. It is built on a domain-centric data platform and can do real-time and API-based integration, including semi-structured and unstructured data.

Key Differentiation Factor: It is a technology platform agnostic and can be easily embedded into clients’ business workflows in any production environment — On-Prem, Cloud or Hybrid

Client, Sectors and Geographies Served: It is being used by over 25 clients across sectors such as hi-tech, manufacturing and services, consumer packaged goods and retail. It serves across geographies such as the US, Europe, Asia, Australia. 

About the Company: A global professional services firm, Genpact drives digital-led innovation and digitally-enabled intelligent operations for clients guided by deep experience in data and analytics. Headquartered in New York, it operates in more than 25 countries, accelerating the digital transformation to create bold, lasting results.

2| Prediction, Anomaly Detection By Quadrical AI

Working with the Renewable Industry (right now only Solar), Prediction by Quadrical AI helps companies maximise their returns on solar fields by assisting them in predicting with much higher precision exactly how much energy they will produce. It also points out faults, fissures and failures so they can be fixed. Using AI, they can track degradations to turn unplanned maintenance to planned maintenance. The platform further keeps learning and improving with time, reducing maintenance costs, and allowing for greater Return-on-Assets for the Solar companies.

Key Differentiation Factor: With Digital Twin technology, it aims to build an identical digital twin of the plant to make it an energy-efficient world.

Clients, Sectors and Geographies Served: It serves the renewables industry in India. They have two clients so far but are in discussions with lots of companies for the adoption of their technology. 

About the Company: Founded by Sharat Singh Dr Hugh Hind Quadrical AI uses its twin birthplaces of Waterloo, Canada, and Gurgaon, India effectively. The company is committed to better the air we breathe, and the society we live in while making it more cost-effective. 

Reach out to Quadrical AI:

3| DASH Framework By Brillio

Data Analytics Strategic Harmonisation Solution or DASH by Brillio help clients understand the potential of data & analytics by enabling a detailed assessment of the information value chain. It looks into the right combination of purpose, people, methods and technology to help them reap desired benefits by accelerating business goals through meaningful technology initiatives. With DASH, the company promises to provide a blueprint for a business journey driven by data & analytics in 4-6 weeks.

Key Differentiation Factor: It uses the latest technology & techniques to ensure maximum customer success. It also boasts of enterprise-wide applications of their product, ease of deploying and integration, and that they are highly customisable.

Clients, Sectors and Geographies Served: It serves 19 clients across sectors such as banking and financial services, telecom, retail, IT, media, automobile, pharma and more. Some of the geographies it serves are North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific.

About the Company: Brillio is the leader in global digital business transformation, applying technology with a human touch. It helps businesses define internal and external transformation objectives and evolve into agile, data-driven organisations using proprietary technologies. Headquartered in San Ramon, California, US, it has 16 global offices. 

Reach out to Brillio: or Contact Us

4| Course5 Adomate By Course5 Intelligence

Adomate by Course5i is an automated ad testing system that leverages ML models to provide insights into the video ad development process. It aims to develop and simulate ad creative performance to know what works before the campaign launch. It also sharpens the model using past campaign performance data of the client to identify user personas relevant to client’s campaign and/or target segment. 

Key Differentiation Factor: It has a Computer Vision AI engine and pre-built models to predict creative video performance. 

Clients, Sectors and Geographies Served: It currently serves two clients in the consumer technology sector across the US.

About the Company: Course5i enable organisations to make the most effective strategic and tactical moves relating to their customers, markets, and competition at the rapid pace that the digital business world demands. It offers digital transformation through analytics, insights, and Artificial Intelligence. Headquartered in Mumbai, Course5i has integrated AI and ML to accelerate their product suites providing significant and long-term value to clients. 

Reach out to Course5i:

5| Analyttica TreasureHunt® LEAPS (ATH Leaps) By Analyttica Datalab

Analyttica TreasureHunt® LEAPS is a live cloud-based powerful & innovative platform for practising and learning data science and analytics. ATH LEAPS is built on the ‘LEARN’, ‘APPLY’, ‘SOLVE’ framework and has a unique proposition of utilising the content, courses, data cases, and hackathons, to experiment, learn and get close to on-the-job experience. It offers simulation-based learning with a patented design to address the gap of experienced talent with the right skills to apply and collaborate, with the ability to institutionalise themselves. Learning is facilitated by fostering context-based understanding of analytical concepts on real data.

Key Differentiation Factor: ATH Leaps has a design patent for innovation in the education space in analytics and data science, and another patent under review for adaptive machine learning systems to facilitate personalised learning. It differentiates itself by providing a holistic, immersive “learn-by-doing” environment that makes the learners’ industry-ready.

Clients, Sectors and Geographies Served: It is sector agnostic and has 50,000+ registered users across the globe. It aims to cross 100,000 registered members in Sep 2020, and 1 MM+ registered users by April 2021. 

About the Company: Analyttica Datalab Inc. is a fast-growing analytics & AI platform solutions company with innovative experiential analytics design. It offers augmented-analytics & AI solutions to drive impact. With a strong focus on its customers, the company offers an optimal man-machine blend of solutions that combine analytical expertise and technology. Enterprises can repeatedly use it at a significantly lower cost. With headquarters in Wilmington, it has offices in Delaware, USA, India and Singapore.

Reach out to Analyttica Datalab:

6| Predict By MIQ Digital 

Predict has been MIQ’s core targeting solution within the contextual marketing domain. Advertisers compete for auctions in real-time on ad-network and exchanges making it important to buy ad-slots at an ideal price to generate margin. Predict creates a set of relevant domain, demographic and third-party related attributes using contextual trees followed by a feedback mechanism that dynamically learns and enhances campaign performance. 

Key Differentiation Factor: It has a bidding methodology that changes price with respect to the importance of a set of features. It also has feed, coupled with a feedback mechanism that harnesses event-level data that continuously updates the machine learning system.

Client, Sectors and Geographies Served: It is used across sectors ranging from financial services, pharma & healthcare, retail, manufacturing, government, education, media & technology across geographies North Americas, EMEA, APAC, China, India. It serves more than 80 clients (for predict), more than 70 clients (for DCO). 

About the Company: Headquartered in London, MiQ is a leading programmatic advertising company that over the last ten years has worked with more than 500+ top global companies across 54 countries to deliver high-performance digital marketing campaigns. MiQ’s success is built on the three pillars of Marketing Intelligence: intelligent data partnerships, intelligent tech and intelligent people. It boasts a 95% customer retention rate.

7| Usecasehub By Evalueserve

From ideation to implementation, Usecasehub is about making analytics work. It digitises the analytics journey, helping with collaboration, knowledge management, communication and governance of use cases. Usecasehub helps organisations manage their portfolios to increase project success, taking analytics in new directions. It does so by creating an optimal environment for top-down multi-project management, prioritising, managing and measuring use cases across the lifecycle and amplifying use cases across business functions.

Key Differentiation Factor: Based on the company’s experience from a global and diverse customer base, the company has created a digital platform aligned with the needs of analytics organisation.

Client, Sectors and Geographies Served: Usecasehub is Industry-agnostic and is applicable across all sectors. It serves clients across the globe in freight and logistics, telecoms, consulting, manufacturing and CPG industries.

About the Company: A global multinational company headquartered in Switzerland, Evalueserve is a leading analytics partner powered by mind+machine™, that helps clients get the most out of their core processes. It integrates analytics, deep domain expertise and robust technology infrastructure to build scalable solutions for clients. It has a sharp focus on delivering consistent ROI and democratising data insights to provide the right insights to the right stakeholders at the right time.

Reach out to Evalueserve:

8| Digital Shelf analytics By Ugam, a Merkle company

Ugam’s digital shelf analytics solution helps global businesses improve their digital channel performance and gain a competitive edge. It helps clients make confident decisions through the continuous monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as share of banners, merchandising exposure, pricing, out-of-stock, product content, etc. across channels. By accessing real-time, actionable insights on these KPIs through intuitive dashboards and reports, clients get a clear and accurate view of their digital performance and can benchmark it against key competitors. 

Key Differentiation Factor: Ugam’s digital shelf analytics solution delivers high data accuracy (99% SLA) by combining cutting-edge AI/ML and human intelligence to extract, clean, and synthesise multi-lingual data across multiple sources.

Client, Sectors and Geographies Served: It serves global brands and retailers across various categories like cosmetics, perfumes, watches, jewellery, home goods, electronics, electrical components, fashion, food, etc. It has  200+ active users across 20+ clients in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

About the Company: Headquartered in Mumbai, Ugam, a Merkle company, is a leading next-generation data and analytics company helping both B2B and B2C enterprises make data-driven, superior decisions. Ugam’s customer-centric approach blends data, technology, and expertise, resulting in impactful and long-tenured relationships with more than 85 Fortune 500 companies. In 2019, Ugam joined Merkle, a part of the Dentsu Aegis Network

Reach out to Ugam:

9| Co.dx By TheMathCompany

Co.dx is a powerful knowledge codification platform that houses time-tested analytical workflows to solve key business problems across industries and functions. The proprietary platform by TheMathCompany aids the company in developing custom AI assets and solve pertinent challenges – ranging from data extraction, feature engineering, algorithm development, performance monitoring and everything in between. As the company says, think of Co.dx as a kitchen where blueprints provide the right recipe for analytics problems. 

Key Differentiation Factor: Co.dx combines the flexibility and customizability of having a bespoke data science team along with the speed and scale of off-the-shelf products. It evolves continuously in quality and quantity.

Client, Sectors and Geographies Served: This platform is exclusively for the use of MathCo. Data Scientists and Data Engineers, to build contextual AI assets. It is in use in 10 industry verticals across about 15 functions.  

About the Company: TheMathCompany is a modern, hybrid consulting firm that builds contextual AI assets for enterprises. It offers well-rounded consulting that addresses pressing gaps in conventional analytics service provider models and off-the-shelf product settings, such as the lack of speed, reusability, customisation and diverse problem-solving capabilities. TheMathCompany has a 350+ team of data scientists, data engineers, consultants, analysts and visualisation experts serving 30+ Fortune 500 or equivalent clients worldwide. 

Reach out to TheMathCompany:

10| Sancus By Tredence 

Sancus is a multi-domain data quality management tool that provides high-quality data for accelerated business outcomes. It helps unify and organise data in various formats from different sources for easy and seamless consumption by downstream applications. It helps clients for data validation, deduplication of data from disparate sources, creating golden records for consumption by end-user applications, managing hierarchies for different entities, such as products on an eCommerce site or material/item inventory that runs manufacturing plants. 

Key Differentiation Factor: Sancus leverages the power of AI/Ml–based algorithms for cleansing data, saving them time spent on match-merge activities. The solution has an active learning-based feedback module which enables the business users to provide feedback to the solution, which in turn helps improve the accuracy of the algorithm. 

Clients, Sectors and Geographies Served: Sancus has been deployed by five clients in industries such as CPG, industrials, manufacturing and technology across North America and Europe.  

About The Company: Tredence is an analytics service and solutions company delivering competitive advantages via data insights to leading Fortune 500 companies. Tredence offers a combination of engineering and analytics to create strong IP and white box solutions that are transitioned in a sustainable manner to clients across various sectors. It is headquartered in San Jose, CA. 

Reach out to Tredence:

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