Top Data Science Service Providers In India 2019

Analytics industry in India is growing at an unprecedented rate. Our recent industry report estimated analytics, data science and big data industry to be $2.71 billion annually in revenues. A major shift has been seen in the intelligent automation, AI and machine learning space, and companies are looking to build upon these capabilities while spending billions of dollars. As enterprises are stressing on adopting data science to increase their profitability, drive customer engagement and more, they are looking to collaborate with data science service providers. 

There has been a rise in data science vendors in the country over the last few years and with our annual report on data science and analytics service providers, we aim to provide an insight into the top-performing vendors in the country and how they stood out from others in the competition. The report takes through a detailed journey of vendors that have potentially grown in the last one year and brings out the maturity and penetration of these players in the Indian market. The study outlines key attributes of the representative vendors and the unique data science offerings they have for the community. It tracks the performance of these vendors and how they have improved in terms of providing services and experiences to the customers. 

It also aims to provide an overarching view of how data science vendors are faring the Indian data science space, their reach, growth over the years and the impact they have on the Indian ecosystem. It takes a look into almost all the major players in the vertical market, including BI, data analytics and data management companies service providers. 

Here is last year’s report. 

AIM’s Penetration & Maturity Quadrant (PeMa Matrix)

The Penetration and Maturity (PeMa) Quadrant by Analytics India Magazine aims to highlight the key capabilities of leading industry players that provide analytics and data science services in India. It considers the competing players in data science providers ecosystem in India and how they are stacked against each other on maturity and penetration. The study is in-depth research of the data science market and aims to give an overview of the relative positions of various competitors. 

AIM’s Penetration & Maturity Quadrant (PeMa matrix) is a benchmark where data science service providers in India are highlighted in terms of the maturity of its solutions against the penetration that it has in the Indian market. PeMa Quadrant digs into the vendor’s leadership and competency-based on two key parameters — Pe (x) and Ma (y). A balance between both these parameters is essential to respond to the client’s business challenges effectively and seize revenue opportunities with analytics. These vendors are also ahead of the curve in terms of industries and geographies served. Analytics and data science solutions from these vendors deliver a comprehensive, unified business analytics system that meets the growing demands of clients and at the same time, provides secure enterprise governance and control.

Market Definition

The study aims to report and analyse the leading data science vendors in India. The Vendor Benchmark report assesses the Penetration & Maturity Index of Service Providers and gives strategic insights into their investments, go-to-market approaches and partnering techniques for forward-looking organisations and mid-sized firms. As mentioned earlier, the data science and analytics industry in India is at an all-time rise and data science vendors are the key contributors in enabling data science growth. 


The report is a result of an extensive analysis of 70+ analytics and data science service providers that provide services in India. The analysis includes operational metrics, maturity in terms of data science product offerings, geographical reach, and more to reach out the results in terms of their maturity and penetration. Some of the matrices that were taken into consideration are analytics employee strength, client acquisition and reach, employees tenure, attrition rate, percentage of work done in advanced analytics, predictive modelling and business intelligence, current annual revenue, ad-hoc projects, yearly R&D budget and more. 

For the Penetration & Maturity Quadrant, AIM built a survey to gather data to analyse vendors. We also received entries from the vendor-customer community. Our research team carefully scrutinized and verified all respondent entries to ensure qualified participants are included in the report.

The vendors that are not mentioned in the report either did not participate in the study or did not meet all the minimum criteria to participate.

Study Demographics

Our Top Data Science Providers in India 2019 study is based on various data provided by the organisations and spans organisations size, verticals and functions. Unlike other industry research, this study is an indicator of analytics market dynamics.

Key Findings

The study took into consideration small, medium-sized and large data science service providers that are providing analytics solutions to Indian companies and customers. The study found that there are many companies that take up ad-hoc projects and that there has been a significant increase in the companies preferring to take it. Ad-hoc projects are projects that are typically designed for your clients based on their requirements and is not necessarily a part of your overall data science solution offerings. A large number of service providers have a significantly high number of recurring projects i.e clients with whom they conduct repeat business. 

According To Our Report, Top Data Science Vendors For The Year 2019 Are As Follows


Plotted on the top right quadrant, Pioneers are the vendors that have a strong market presence across industry verticals with a good global presence in the analytics community. They are estimated to have double-digit growth and offer end-to-end analytics solutions, including strategy, solution design, implementation and execution. The Maturity dimension of these vendors suggests deep domain expertise in different industry verticals which makes them the frontrunners in the market. The Penetration dimension suggests a strong geographical footprint and diverse clients. 

BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions

  • Headquarters: Bengaluru
  • Other Offices: 10 offices in India and globally
  • Year of Inception: 2011
  • Analytics Service: 8 years
  • Number of Analytics Employees: 450
  • Number of Clients: 33
  • Sectors Served: Technology, CPG, Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance
  • Geographies Served: North America, UK, Europe, APAC

A trusted partner for enabling AI for Digital Enterprises by leveraging data engineering, advanced analytics, proprietary AI accelerators, and Consulting expertise, BRIDGEi2i obsesses over adding value to customers and solving complex business problems by deploying contextual solutions. Their proprietary AI accelerators — Watchtower, Recommender, Optimizer, and Converser drive wider consumption of insights and faster and more accurate decision-making across the board. BRIDGEi2i’s core differentiation lies in its ability to take ownership and accelerate AI-driven transformation for clients by bringing together scalable analytics & technology capabilities. Their analytics products BRIDGEfunnel™ and BRIDGEPersona™ are well regarded in the industry. 

Course5 Intelligence

  • Headquarters: Redmond, Washington USA
  • Other Offices: 7 offices in India and globally
  • Year of Inception: 1999
  • Analytics Service: 18 years
  • Number of Analytics Employees: 408
  • Number of Clients: 40
  • Sectors Served: Hi-Tech, Telecom, Media, CPG, Retail, Pharma, Automotive, Financial Services
  • Geographies Served: US, Europe, META and APAC

Course5 Data Science organization (DSO) is focused and targeted on critical industries that align with organizational strategies and within the enterprises focus on solutions targeted sales, marketing, customer, product, and supply chain. Course5 solutions are significantly adding value to existing and net new clients by creating differentiation and also deploying analytics programs at scale. They have four analytics products — Course5 Discovery, Course5 Compete, Course5 Adomate and Course5 Optimizer Suite. 


  • Headquarters: New York City, United States
  • Other Offices: 18 in India and Globally
  • Year of inception: 1997
  • Analytics Service: 22 years
  • Number of Analytics Employees: 8000
  • Number of Clients: 350+
  • Sectors Served: Banking, Insurance, Life Sciences, CPG & Retail, Manufacturing, Capital Markets, Healthcare
  • Geographies Served: North America UK & Europe, Asia, Middle East, Pacific

Genpact uses data and domain-led analytics to mitigate risk, raise margins, and foster growth. By harnessing opportunities from big data, machine learning, data engineering, and data science, Genpact delivers tangible business outcomes. Genpact is one of the pioneers in embedding advanced analytics into enterprise processes. By leveraging domain expertise, process knowledge, and analytical prowess, they have created multiple state-of-the-art solutions which have been deployed across industries. There are close to 30+ products deployed across the prioritized service lines such as supply chain, insurance, enterprise performance management within finance & accounting, etc. Few examples are CFO Analytics Suite, Working Capital Optimizer, Inventory Optimizer, Digital Supply Chain Assistant, Omni-channel Campaign Manager, AI-enabled Pharmacovigilance among others. 

Tiger Analytics

  • Headquarters: Santa Clara, California
  • Other Offices: 7 offices in India and globally
  • Year of Inception: 2011
  • Analytics Service: 8 years
  • Number of Analytics Employees: 360
  • Number of Clients: 400
  • Sectors Served: Retail, Consumer Goods,  Insurance, Banking, Financial Services, Manufacturing
  • Geographies Served: North America, Asia Pacific, Europe

Advanced analytics and AI consulting firm, Tiger Analytics is enabling Fortune 500 enterprises to generate business value from data. It has identified a unique positioning in the market with its analytics offerings. The suite of advanced analytics frameworks and accelerators built by Tiger Analytics helps in reducing project execution time by up to 75%. These include process accelerators and business solutions. It currently has seven analytics products — Marketing Mix Planner, Customer Science Suite, Trade Promotion Optimization, Augmented Underwriting, Test & Learn, Emerging Business Opportunities for CPG, Demand Forecasting.


  • Headquarters: Bangalore, India
  • Other Offices: 58 in India and 202 out of India (across 57 countries)
  • Year of Inception: 1982 (Though incorporated in 1945, they entered in IT products and services business in 1982)
  • Analytics Service: 25+ years
  • Number of Analytics Employees: 23,458
  • Number of Clients: 450+
  • Sectors Served: Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, Consumer Energy, Natural resources & utilities, Healthcare, Life Science & Services, Technology, Manufacturing, Communications
  • Geographies Served: North America, Europe, APAC, Africa, LATAM, India, ME

Backed by its innovation, design thinking philosophy, consulting-led approach and investment in IPs, Wipro helps its customers transform into Intelligent Enterprises. Wipro has invested heavily in developing data science, AI/ML skills in-house through its recognized training programs like School of Decisions Science. Wipro’s differentiated delivery model using Topcoder helps their customers leverage the power of the gig economy with access to over a million analytics & data science professionals worldwide. The company has 23 business-centric IPs in the field of Data, Analytics and AI including Data Discovery Platform (DDP) and Wipro HOLMES with more than 150 industry-specific apps. It boasts 427 patents in AI, ML and analytics space out of which 37 are granted and the rest are in process.

Seasoned Vendors

Plotted on the top left quadrant, Seasoned Vendors are those with strong analytics and data science consulting expertise. With a significant portfolio of analytics products, these vendors have consolidated their market presence. They show more depth in maturity dimension with a strong presence of analytics and data science practise. While seasoned vendors have a stronghold on maturity, in terms of penetration they need to grow their market strength and capture the upcoming growth areas. In terms of the global market, they need to catch up with Pioneers. 


  • Headquarters: Milpitas, California
  • Other Offices: 3
  • Year of Inception: 2010
  • Analytics Service: 9 years
  • Number of Analytics Employees: 120+
  • Number of Clients: 22
  • Sectors Served: Healthcare, BFSI and Retail
  • Geographies Served: USA, India, Singapore

With Abzooba’s AI Lifecycle management platform-, it aims to take a systematic approach towards enterprise AI solutions. This enables Abzooba to deliver AI projects using a reproducible methodology in a timely and robust manner. The enterprise AI journey starts with data intake to data preparation and cognitive modelling that leads to actionable insights. has accelerators for each phase of the journey that are built for specific cognitive goals and are enterprise-tested with clients. Depending on the cognitive maturity of enterprise, Abzooba leverages the appropriate accelerators to manage AI development and production deployment. 


  • Headquarters: Santa Clara, CA
  • Other Offices: 4 office in India and 16 global offices
  • Year of Inception: 2014
  • Analytics Service: 5 years
  • Number of Analytics Employees: 340
  • Number of Clients: 27
  • Sectors Served: Life sciences, Financial Services, Hi-Tech, CPG & Retail, Media, Telecom, Manufacturing
  • Geographies Served: North America, Europe & India

A leader in global digital business transformation, Brillio helps businesses define internal and external transformation objectives and evolve into agile, data-driven organizations using proprietary technologies. Brillio’s design thinking-led approach and unique ability to cater to client needs across the spectrum of the data life-cycle from data management through actionable insights help clients augment human intelligence with deep insights from their data. It offers six analytics products namely ARTEMIS, Dhi, Campaign Personalization, Vision Analytics, Data Analytics Strategic Harmonization (DASH) and Cloud Data Lake Solution. 

Cartesian Consulting

  • Headquarters: Mumbai
  • Other Offices: Gurgaon, Bangalore, Dallas (USA), Singapore (APAC)
  • Year of Inception: 2009
  • Analytics Service: 10 years
  • Number of Analytics Employees: 200
  • Number of Clients: 70
  • Sectors Served: Financial Services, Retail, QSR, e-commerce, FMCG, Auto, Hospitality
  • Geographies Served: India, USA, APAC, MENA

Set up in 2009, Cartesian Consulting is a global analytics consulting firm that has been helping businesses improve customer value, marketing spends, and business decisions. They work with over 70 domestic and global brands with projects spanning customer analytics, media and attribution analytics, promo optimisation, demand forecasting, store analytics, retail analytics and more. Their analytics practise has a strong focus on predictive modelling, reinforcement learning, the use of neural nets, NLP and computer vision, and the building of interpretable machine learning models. Their products SOLUS and KYTE are providing the industry with much-needed solutions. While SOLUS drives hyper-personalization at scale, KYTE is an AI tool that aids crafting of communication.


  • Headquarters: Bengaluru
  • Other Offices: 6 offices in India and globally
  • Year of Inception: 2016
  • Analytics Service: 3 years
  • Number of Analytics Employees: 250
  • Number of Clients: 35
  • Sectors Served: Retail, CPG, Insurance, Banking, Aviation, Manufacturing, Technology, Hospitality & Automotive
  • Geographies Served: United States, UK, Germany, Turkey, UAE, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, France & Netherlands

Bengaluru headquartered TheMathCompany specializes in developing advanced analytics solutions and custom data products. The company is a consulting partner for over 30 Fortune 500 clients from industries such as CPG, retail, insurance and banking across the US, UK, Asia, Europe, and the Middle Eastern markets. With 300+ strong team of that include data scientists, data engineers, visualization experts, and consultants, it is one of the fastest-growing technology companies in India. One of the key differentiators of TheMathCompany is that it enables companies to become analytically self-sufficient, helping them in every step of their analytical transformation journey – designing analytical roadmaps, solving complex business problems, building custom data products, setting up Analytics CoE’s, organizing enterprise-wide analytical cultural transformation programs and more.

Tredence Inc.

  • Headquarters: San Jose
  • Other Offices: 3 offices in the US and 1 in Bengaluru, India
  • Year of Inception: 2013
  • Analytics Service: 7 years
  • Number of Analytics Employees: 516
  • Number of Clients: 60
  • Sectors Served: Retail, CPG, Industrial, Telecom &Tech, Hospitality
  • Geographies Served: USA, Europe, Asia, Australia 

Tredence Inc. is an analytics services and solutions company delivering competitive advantages via data insights to leading Fortune 500 companies. By being a single end-to-end provider and having a single team that can work with clients from problem discovery and consulting, to analytics to technology enablement, change management, and managed services, it focuses on delivering business value in an agile manner and provide end-to-end ownership of the entire analytics value chain. Tredence’ s AI Data Cleanser (AIDC) is one such solution that leverages a combination of AI/ML techniques and state of the art data engineering technologies and offers an array of solutions like Cleansing, Enrichment, Hierarchy Management, Data Validation and Feedback to not only manage the data quality more efficiently but also give valuable insights from the data. Clients are using this product as a standalone data quality management product that integrates with their downstream ERP/CRM systems or as an integrated solution where data quality is managed by AI Data Cleanser. They are constantly engaged in developing approaches to infuse new technology into their solutions which will transform the touchpoints their clients have with their customers.

Growth Vendors

The bottom right of the quadrant is the Growth vendors who are the potential contenders that will evolve into the next quadrant in due time.  There are many vendors from the last year that have moved up the quadrant to be Pioneers and Seasoned vendors. With their powerful in-house capabilities and a mature mix of analytics solutions, they are regarded to be rapidly growing. In terms of Maturity dimension, the Growth vendors showcase comprehensive analytics solutions and technological frameworks. Whereas in the Penetration dimension, they lag behind Pioneers and Seasoned service providers with limited geographic presence.


  • Headquarters: Alameda, USA 
  • Other Offices: 3 in India, 5 Global offices 
  • Year of Inception: 2001
  • Analytics Service: 18 years
  • Number of Analytics Employees: 220
  • Number of Clients: 120+
  • Sectors Served: CPG, Retail, Travel, Telecom and Tech 
  • Geographies Served: US, Europe, Middle- East, APAC

Absolutdata’s goal has always been to use data and analytics to create a scalable impact through recommendations. With a focus on using data and analytics as a service, they are now also combining AI with a technology platform to provide data-driven recommendations and solutions for sales and marketing teams. It has one AI platform nad four analytics products — NAVIK SalesAI, NAVIK MarketingAI, NAVIK ResearchAI, NAVIK TradeAI & NAVIK AI Platform. Just like a GPS, NAVIK Platforms tells users where they are, where they need to go, and which paths should they take to get there for the sales and marketing teams. They also have sophisticated AI models that can use real data to give clients an optimized paid promotion calendar. 

Ugam Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • Headquarters: Mumbai, India
  • Other Offices: 4 offices in the US (Dallas, New York, Chicago and Santa Clara) 5 offices in India (3 in Mumbai, and 1 each in Bangalore and Coimbatore) and 1 in Melbourne, Australia 
  • Year of Inception: 2000
  • Analytics Service: 19 years
  • Number of Analytics Employees: 2000 
  • Number of Clients: 85
  • Sectors Served: B2C and B2B Retailers, Distributors, Consumer Brands, Manufacturers, Research & Consulting Firms, Hi-Tech, Media industries
  • Geographies Served: United States, Europe, Australia, Asia-Pacific and the Middle-East

A leading next-generation data and analytics company, Ugam has a customer-centric approach that helps companies in making superior data-centric decisions by blending democratic data, deep domain knowledge and JARVIS which is Ugam’s proprietary cognitive computing system that leverages a set of machine learning algorithms trained on Ugam’s enriched database. It differentiates itself in its unique ability to blend all data types, analytics and technology, and its rich expertise in the field. Ugam’s offerings include analytics tools such as SKU Rationalization for Merchandising, Macro Space Optimization and Store Performance Scorecard for Stores, Price Intelligence and Optimization, Promo Planning and Digital Intelligence. 


Placed at the bottom left of the quadrant, Challengers are the vendors that boast of robust training and delivery approach and have emerged significantly in terms of maturity and penetration. These vendors are often niche players, serving limited geographies but they have the potential to catch up to Growth vendors by improving their market presence and optimizing their portfolio. They lag behind in terms of Maturity and Penetration due to the company size and breadth of offerings. By setting up exclusive pre-sales and consulting teams, Challengers can expand their geographic footprint and step ahead in the game.

Analytic Edge

  • Headquarters: Bangalore 
  • Other Offices: 4 offices in India and globally
  • Year of Inception: 2014
  • Analytics Service: 5 years
  • Number of Analytics Employees: 60
  • Number of Clients: 10+
  • Sectors Served: CPG, Finance, Telecom, Pharma, Retail
  • Geographies Served: All across the globe

Analytic Edge has 5 analytics offerings — Demand Drivers, Market Kaleidoscope, Test & Learn, Loyalty Analytics and Market Basket Analysis. Demand Drivers delivers two powerful capabilities for brands – real-time marketing insights, and do-it-yourself interfaces that allow clients to run analytics on demand without external dependencies. It addresses the current challenges of the Marketing Mix Modeling solutions and leverages machine learning, automation and advanced analytics to enable real-time and actionable insights that brands can use to regularly adjust their marketing campaigns on-the-go. It has built an easy-to-use, do-it-yourself interface for Marketing Mix Modeling. 

Aureus Analytics

  • Headquarters: Mumbai
  • Other Offices: 3 offices in India and globally
  • Year of inception: 2013
  • Analytics Service: 6 years
  • Number of Analytics Employees: 14
  • Number of Clients: 11
  • Sectors Served: Insurance – Life & General
  • Geographies Served: India Singapore & US  

A customer intelligence and experience company, Aureus Analytics enables insurers to deliver superior customer experience leading to greater customer retention, loyalty and lifetime value. The AI platform learns from a variety of structured and unstructured data sets to measure the customer experience in real-time to determine an Aureus SentiMeter™ score for all customers. This is done in 3 easy steps — know customer sentiment, predictive models help in predicting customer behaviour and act on actionable insights in natural language at the point of decision. Their analytics product CRUX Enterprise is a UI-driven platform that gives one view of customer and individual customers sentiment score. CRUX LITE is another product which is an API-driven platform that consumes Sentiment too. 

BluePi Consulting Private Limited

  • Headquarters: Gurugram, Haryana, India
  • Other Offices: 2 offices in India and globally
  • Year of Inception: 2012
  • Analytics Service: 7 years
  • Number of Analytics Employees: 25
  • Number of Clients: 25
  • Sectors Served: Retail, Media, Logistics, QSRs
  • Geographies Served: India

With an aim to be the most sought-after data-driven business transformation organisation, they believe that data science technologies are only helpful in the context of the specific business problem it is being used to solve. Their key differentiator lies in their ability to align with the customer’s business strategy, and our focus on the specific industry verticals. BluePi’s focus is to help retail organizations optimize their supply chain. At the core of the solution are the big data analytics and data science capabilities which help clients get better forecasts, find bottlenecks in their supply chain and measure & improve the key performance indicators. 


  • Headquarters: Sydney
  • Other Offices: 3 offices in India and globally
  • Year of Inception: 2007
  • Analytics Service: 12
  • Number of Analytics Employees: 25
  • Number of Large Clients: 19
  • Sectors Served: Ecommerce, Retail, Telecom, OTT
  • Geographies Served: APAC

Datalicious has been claiming an advantage over other organisations as it tries to cater all the marketing needs of its customers by archiving real-time customer data and making the most use of it, for future predictions and knowledge discovering capabilities of customer behaviour, improve response to customers and deliver a tangible competitive strategy to excel. They believe that what customers want beforehand makes marketing campaigns more customer-oriented. With its analytics products MMM, MTA and OptimaHub, they have been helping organisations save money on the cost of convincing a customer to make the purchase and improving overall efficiency of the marketing efforts.

FN Mathlogic

  • Headquarters: Gurgaon
  • Other Offices: 2 offices in India and globally
  • Year of Inception: 2011
  • Analytics Service: 8 years
  • Number of Analytics Employees: 18
  • Number of Clients: 15
  • Sectors Served: Financial Services, Telecom, Retail/ FMCG, Healthcare
  • Geographies Served: USA, India, Netherlands, Australia

MathLogic is a niche data science organization specializing in providing cutting edge solutions to complex real-world business problems. Their key differentiator is leveraging expertise in the use of advanced analytics including Deep Learning & Machine Learning to solve real-world problems. They spend a sizable portion of time to research new and upcoming tools and techniques and applying them to real-life data. They have 2 key analytics products — AIML and Decode. 

G-Square Solutions

  • Headquarters: Mumbai
  • Other Offices: 2 offices in India and globally
  • Year of Inception: 2014
  • Analytics Service: 5 years
  • Number of Analytics Employees: 10
  • Number of Clients: 15
  • Number of New Clients: 5
  • Sectors Served: Financial Services, Pharma, Retail
  • Geographies Served: India, Middle East Asia, UK

An AI-driven analytics company, G Square Solutions cater to financial services and other industries in India and offshore markets. They have strong expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and apply strong data engineering used in their products and services. The key analytics products are  Narrator, Bigdator and Derivator. In a short span of four years, they have also been able to build solid SaaS-based products which are being used by many clients now. 


  • Headquarters: Princeton, NJ 
  • Other Offices: 6 offices in India and globally
  • Year of Inception: 2011
  • Analytics Service: 8 years
  • Number of Analytics Employees: 150
  • Number of Clients: 30
  • Sectors Served: Pharma & Life Sciences, Media & Entertainment, Nonprofits & Government, Financial Services, Manufacturing
  • Geographies Served: North America, Asia Pacific, EMEA

Gramener advises clients in data-driven leadership – specifically in helping clients solve business challenges. We assist by identifying a data science roadmap, apply the right AI/ML solutions through a custom methodology and present them as interactive data stories that have a high consumption quotient. Their custom data science applications solve domain-specific problems for analysts & business users, leveraging advanced analytics, principles of information design and a value-driven engagement model. Their BI and data analytics software Gramex is a low code data science platform that automates insights as stories. 

Hansa Cequity

  • Headquarters: Mumbai
  • Other Offices: 5 across India and globally
  • Year of Inception: 2007
  • Analytics Service: 11 years
  • Number of Analytics Employees: 150+
  • Number of Clients: 12+
  • Sectors Served: Banking, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Automobile, Retail, FMCG, Agriculture
  • Geographies Served: Pan India

The company believes that for organisations to be agile & competitive in the marketplace, they need to enhance Customer Equity better than ever before in their quest to build value, market share & improve customer experience. At Cequity, it helps businesses acquire customers intelligently, retain them optimally and manage them profitably. With a data-driven marketing thinking and strategy, it is helping companies build intelligent, intuitive and real-time customer relationships. They enable it by leveraging the power of technology through proprietary and best-in-class marketing automation and analytics platforms. They have around 5 analytics products of which CequityACE Insights & Cequity IMAP are quite popular. 


  • Headquarters: Bangalore 
  • Other Offices: Bangalore
  • Year of Inception: 2012
  • Analytics Service: 3 years
  • Number of Analytics Employees: 25
  • Number of Clients: 16
  • Sectors Served: E-commerce, Datacenter, Payment gateway, IoT 
  • Geographies Served: India and the United States

IQLECT is a hyper-converged real-time predictive analytics and AI platform built over its patented No-SQL Database called BangDB. It is a unified data platform that enables data source agnostic ingestion, real-time stream processing, AI ecosystem, UI-based ML workflows, model management, monitoring, testing and more. It differentiates itself in being a simple and unified platform that has both on-premise and cloud offering. It has 10 analytics products across E-commerce, Log Analysis, Data Center, Apache Web-server, Click-stream, Linux Server, MongoDB Monitor, Redis Monitor, NGINX Web-server, Shopify Integration. 

Knowledge Foundry

  • Headquarters: Bangalore
  • Other Offices:1 in India, 1 in the US, 1 partner office in Germany, 2 partner offices in the Middle East
  • Year of Inception: 2008
  • Analytics Service: 11 years
  • Number of Analytics Employees: 30
  • Number of Clients: 5 long-term clients and 6 new project clients
  • Sectors Served: Retail, Telecom, Healthcare, Media
  • Geographies Served: US, UK, Middle East, South East Asia

Knowledge Foundry is a bespoke end-to-end analytics solutions firm serving global clients with statistical modelling, machine learning, text analytics, and optimization solutions. It offers customized analytics solutions, especially in computer vision, text analytics and business problems where data has not traditionally been available in a single database. It differentiates itself in bringing a low-risk pilot-based approach to business problems, focuses on customized end-to-end solutions, adopting the agile methodology and being technology-agnostic. It offers marketing analytics solutions including segmentation, media mix optimization, predictive analytics, churn prediction and campaign RoI assessment. Whereas, operational analytics solutions include forecasting, promotional optimization, retail merchandising analytics, fraud detection, and delinquency prediction. 


  • Headquarters: Bangalore
  • Other Offices: 2 offices in India and globally
  • Year of Inception: 2012
  • Analytics Service: 7
  • Number of Analytics Employees: 66
  • Number of Clients: 10
  • Sectors Served: Healthcare, Retail/CPG, Pharma, Consumer tech, Banking
  • Geographies Served: US, India, UK, South Africa

Lymbyc aims to empower the business leader with insights at the point of decision making, and in real-time, as opposed to the existing processes which run into weeks and months. Their unique proposition lies in how they have utilized artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning in creating “World’s first virtual analyst” – Leni. Leni is a world-class analytics product that can crunch massive data into insights by leveraging AI framework on a Big Data layer. Leni curates embedded intelligence across all data sources and provides predictive insights driven by its adaptive ML engine. With an aim to democratize analytics in the most consumable form. Leni, powered by its proprietary NLP engine, allows business users to ask questions in plain English and receive actionable insight across analytics complexity – exploratory/descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive within seconds.

Quantium Analytics Pvt. Ltd.

  • Headquarters: Sydney, Australia with India Office in Hyderabad
  • Other Offices: 1 office in India and 10 globally
  • Year of Inception: 2002
  • Analytics Service: 17 years
  • Number of Analytics Employees: 800 overall and 100 in India
  • Number of Clients: Top 500 Global firms in 20+ countries
  • Sectors Served: FMCG, Retail, banking, Insurance, Property, health, consumer services, media, airlines, etc.
  • Geographies Served: USA, Asia Pacific, South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, India

Quantium is a 17 years old data science and AI company providing strategic analytics and data product consulting services to fortune 500 companies globally and has been growing at 25-30% YoY for 17 years. It is owned 50% by Woolworths, the No.1 retail giant in Australia and New Zealand. Quantium is one of the few data science and AI companies in the world that is an expert on data monetization through strategic data partnerships with large vertical giants. They build personalised products and solutions for customers and partners by bringing data from verticals together. They have over 15 analytics products that they have built using their 17 years of data science IP in various verticals to make the most of the opportunities in the big data world. Quantium works with MyChoices Foundation, an NGO in India by applying AI/Data Science coupled with Technology for Social Good that helps prevent and protect 1000s of young girls and women in India from being trafficked into sex slavery.

SIBIA Analytics

  • Headquarters: Kolkata
  • Other Offices: 3 offices in India and globally
  • Year of Inception: 2014
  • Analytics Service: 5 years 
  • Number of Analytics Employees: 12
  • Number of Clients: 6
  • Sectors Served: Digital, Retail, CPG, Healthcare
  • Geographies Served: India, SE Asia, Middle East

SIBIA is a new age digital analytics company focusing on machine learning and big data analytics. Its two analytics products MI360 and DemandPlanner provide solutions to enterprises across India, SE Asia and ME including Asian Paints, Marico, Nestle India, Aditya Birla Group, Tata, Astro Malaysia, Dr Reddy’s Lab, Govt of West Bengal among others. Their key focus domains are a digital business, retail and CPG. They are a full-service solution provider ranging from data management, external data enrichment, analytics solution, visualization and simulation – to provide single window analytics service that brings in smarter decision management to our enterprise clients.


  • Headquarters: Trivandrum, Kerala
  • Other Offices: 6 offices in India and globally
  • Year of Inception: 2010
  • Analytics Service: 5 years
  • Number of Analytics Employees: 25
  • Number of Clients: 15
  • Sectors Served: Insurance, Logistics, Financial Services, Government, Telecom
  • Geographies Served: USA, India, Indonesia, Ireland

Techvantage is a product engineering company that specialises in building products powered by analytics, machine learning and AI. With their AI accelerators, they are helping industries to speed up the adoption of AI and digitisation. It boasts several industry-leading solutions including Moo ID – World’s first facial recognition of cattle, Kupukoo – P2P insurtech platform and C-Docz – AI-powered document information extraction and indexing system. They also have a product called C-Extract that does information extraction from Indian KYC documents like Aadhar, PAN Card and Driving license.

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