Top Five Bizarre Job Titles That AI Could Create By 2030


With artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) becoming ubiquitous, there is a growing consensus that the emergence of these technologies will soon outweigh the need for human-driven work. While this narrative may partially be supplemented by studies around how AI and ML will impact employment, most are missing a crucial element. 

The truth is that even as existing jobs get disrupted, any ensuing job losses are likely to be offset by new roles created by these very technologies. In fact, a recent World Economic Forum (WEF) report states that deep learning technologies will create 133 million new subsets of jobs in the next few years compared to 75 million that will be displaced.


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Business consultant group Cognizant has gone a step further to predict what some of these jobs could look like. These include human organ developers, English teachers for robots, drone jockeys, and cryptocurrency arbitrageurs, to name a few. While cynics can read about the jobs that will soon be lost to AI and ML, we scoured this outlandish list for more optimistic readers and shorted five bizarre jobs that could possibly emerge in the next ten years.

Highway Controller

Position Summary: The massive surge of autonomous vehicles and drones will soon prompt cities to rethink the management of both its road and air space. This will necessitate assistance in regulating traffic by monitoring and planning these spaces, as well as programming automated AI management systems for the same.

Driverless cars will soon usher faster speed limits and better vehicle flow efficiency; also, with drones having no preset flight paths, managing these city spaces will become more crucial than ever. Successful candidates will also be responsible for detecting autonomous cars that exceed the prescribed time limit for non-driver interaction for safer commuting experiences.

Overall Requirements: Ideal candidates should be comfortable handling sophisticated AI and ML tools. They should also have the ability to think on their feet under stressful conditions. Experience in dealing with AI space management platforms, although desirable, will not be a prerequisite as training will be provided.

Genetic Diversity Officer

Position Summary: Going beyond racial, ethnic, sexual orientation and gender identity, recruiters could soon have another metric to this list: genetic equality. This could stem from the need to ensure ‘genetic inclusion’ within an organisation by cultivating a workforce that also includes ‘genetically enhanced’ workers. 

With the prime objective of facilitating the productivity of an organisation, their role would include constructing a company-wide genetic equality policy that operates within legislative guidelines. They will also be expected to collaborate and work with genetic pathologists to ensure that all employees are categorised fairly.

Overall Requirements: Although a background in specific genetic methodology will not be imperative, successful candidates should either be experienced in genetic equality or have some experience handling other equality programs within organisations.

Man-Machine Teaming Manager

Position Summary: The primary role is to develop an interaction and task planning system through which humans and machines can communicate. This will require you to combine the strengths of AI software – computation, speed, accuracy – with those of humans – empathy, judgement, versatility – to accomplish common goals. This includes identifying processes that can generate better business outcomes when upgraded by newly available technologies. 

Overall Requirements: Candidates who are passionate about programming and robotics, and have a keen understanding of corporate innovation and talent management will be preferred. Experience in consumer UI/UX design will be a bonus.


Position Summary: Technology will soon enable solutions that will allow (lonely) people to connect with conversational companions on a real-time basis. Targeted at senior citizens whose families are geographically dispersed or whose partners may have passed on, it will offer a channel for them to connect with people to walk and talk with.

Platforms could be developed whereby people can sign on or off at their convenience (much like Uber drivers). This will be embedded with AI-driven listening software which provides them with conversational prompts based on previous conversations with customers.

Overall Requirements: The ideal candidate should be skilled at listening and responding, rather than dominating a conversation; they should also be fairly comfortable using phone-based apps. If you enjoy interacting with older people, then this may be the job for you. 

Digital Tailor

Position Summary: The primary role of a digital tailor would be to work with customers to ensure that the clothes they ordered online fit them perfectly. Nearly half of online clothing orders are reportedly returned due to imperfect fitting.

Using a sensor cubicle, you will log all essential measurements of the customer correctly and upload them onto a central cloud-based ordering system. You will then revisit the customer with the finished product and provide final touch-up services. 

Overall Requirements: If you love fashion and working with other people who love fashion, this job is for you. You should also be willing to work with designers to perfect the fitting of customers’ e-commerce-ordered merchandise.

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