Top Five Data Labelling Companies in India

MLOps vs Data Engineering

If you have labelled data in machine learning, it means your data is marked up or annotated to determine the target, which is the result you need your machine learning model to predict. Data Labelling is a technique that incorporates data tagging, data annotation, data classification, data moderation, data transcription, or processing. Data annotation usually correlates to the operation of labelling data. Data annotation and data labelling are often used interchangeably. 

Labelled data shows the features of data like- properties, characteristics, or classifications – that can be examined for patterns that improve the model’s prediction accuracy. For illustration, in automotive image processing for self-driving cars, a data labeller can extract frame-by-frame samples from the video and apply data labelling tools to show the position of street signs, pedestrians, or other vehicles.

The Rise in Demand for Data Labelling Services in Multiple Domains

Several years ago, computer vision systems were not able to understand hand-written digits. But now, AI-powered machines can assist self-driving vehicles, discover malignant tumours in medical imaging, and evaluate legal contracts. Along with superior algorithms and robust compute devices, labelled datasets help fuel AI’s development.


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The Global Data Labelling Market is expanding at a rate of 29.6% CAGR and is expected to touch 5 billion USD by the end of the year 2026. Consequently, most companies are outsourcing data labelling services to build robust machine-learning models.

AI depends extensively on data and requires correctly annotated, classified, and anonymized data so that the machine learning algorithms can learn and get trained for better performance. With the rapid development of machine learning and artificial intelligence, there is a surging demand for high-quality data labelling companies.

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Top Data labelling Companies

India has surfaced as one of the most trustworthy outsourcing destinations for data labelling for obvious reasons. Globalization, demographic power, and low-cost labour, to mention a few. Many data labelling firms have emerged to address this growing demand for data labelling services. Let us discuss the top five data labelling companies in India that are still booming the global market in 2021:

  1. Zuru: Zuru is an AI-assisted Data labelling company founded by Sharath in 2019. Zuru has its headquarters in Bangalore, India. Zuru is a data annotation start-up aimed at improving AI businesses to provide low-cost, high-quality training data at scale. Zuru offers end-to-end scalable annotation solutions with swift turn-around time & stellar accuracy. They offer image, text, and voice annotations as a service.
  1. Cogito Tech: Cogito Tech was founded in 2011 by Rohan Agarwal with its control centre in Delhi, NCR, India. Cogito offers data annotation and labelling services via its captive workforce and platform-agnostic strategy in several industries such as Medical & Healthcare, Automotive, Agriculture, Defence etc.
  1. iMerit: iMerit is a global data labelling company based in West Bengal, India, founded by Ragha Basu. It extends end-to-end, high-quality data annotation–across computer vision, natural language processing and content services–that controls machine learning and artificial intelligence applications for its clients. They also offer their services in dataset creation, image tagging, data verification, data enhancement, data cleaning, etc.
  1. Wisepl: Wisepl was founded in 2020 by Fayis Paloli and is headquartered in Kerela, India. Wisepl provides annotation services for ML and AI model developments. It offers precisely annotated data in image, video, and text, applying different annotation techniques like KeyPoint Annotation, Polygon Annotation, Cuboid, Polylines Annotation, Semantic Segmentation, Bounding Box, Landmark Annotation, etc.
  1. Tika Data: Tika Data was founded in 2017 and is based out of Bangalore, India. Tika Data offers non-crowdsourced data acquisition and image labelling services for applications in Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and the Internet of Things. Tika Data provides a modern solution to data annotation services to feed the AI age to cater to the increased application of AI to day-to-day living.

When is the Right Time to Consult Data Labelling Company? 

Data labelling requires the labelling of training datasets with different metadata styles like audio, text, images to train ML models like chatbots, self-driving vehicles, and more. Suppose your company works in innumerable use cases involving natural language processing, natural language understanding, computer vision, and speech recognition. In that case, your company will demand data labelling to accurately categorize and annotate the data for a particular use case. Data labelling is an imperative component of the AI and machine learning industry; hence both have added tremendous value to the digital ecosystem. For the constant growth of the AI industry, organizations providing data labelling services will stick around for decades.


High-quality annotated data is the prime requirement for the AI engine to operate smoothly. The more precise annotation is, the better the algorithm will perform. The demand to implement a secure and cheap method for image annotation is paramount now. Data Labelling companies seek the best way to boost your competitive advantage and empower you to grow seamlessly.

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