Top free ethical hacking courses online

“After acquiring the necessary information on the target, one of the most important processes for hackers to follow is uncovering vulnerabilities.”

According to a survey quoted by the New York Times, the global industry for hacking, which is also a part of cyber security, is predicted to create 3.5 million employment by 2025.

Ethical hacking has proven to be a lucrative career option for many ambitious individuals. Today, demand for its courses is at an all-time high, and with good reason. First, this article will look at some of the most popular hacking courses available in the business. Then, it explores the course features, topics covered and course lengths.

Fundamentals of Computer Hacking – Udemy 

This course covers the fundamentals of ethical hacking, including real-time attack routes and defence techniques. It was created by a group of internationally recognised information security professionals to fulfil the needs of both the participants and the organisation. This course provides a thorough grasp of how attackers work in the dark and the methods they use to deface a network. On the other side, it highlights how an organisation’s information security professionals identify and deface attackers’ techniques. 

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Introduction to Ethical Hacking – Great Learning 

Great Learning’s ethical hacking, often known as White Hat, is currently recognised among the top three in the market. Organisations and businesses must ensure that their infrastructure and systems are secure, with no breaches or attacks. The course is a free introduction to ethical hacking that covers the top three domains on the market today and their functions. This course will teach you about ethical hacking’s foundations, techniques, outcomes, and frequent attacks that demand this knowledge.

Ethical Hacking – Basics (Kali 2021) – Udemy

This is a free course on Udemy created by Offensive Security called Kali, a penetration testing Linux distribution. It houses a collection of security-related tools, such as hacking wireless networks, web applications, databases, reverse engineering, password crackers, and more! As you can see, Kali is a diverse and effective tool for anyone working in cybersecurity. The course is divided into numerous sections, each focused on a different topic of ethical hacking. Starting with an overview of Kali and its applications, the participant will be taken through a step-by-step installation of Kali using VMware. Next will be the most critical configuration options in Kali, such as establishing your network and managing services. Knowing how to use these techniques will assist you in creating the correct settings.

Learn Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Online – Udemy 

Learn Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Online Courses is a self-paced online learning course with LTTS (Long Term Trainer Support) designed to prepare students for a career as an ethical hacker (Professional Penetration Tester). This course begins with the most basic need of having hands-on experience with computing systems; the rest of the course will walk you through all you need to know to become proficient in this subject.

Edureka Cyber Security course

Edureka’s Cyber Security course will teach you from the ground up about ethical hacking, cryptography, computer networks and security, application security, idAM (identity and access management), vulnerability analysis, malware threats, sniffing, SQL injection, DoS, session hijacking, and other security practises for businesses. Enrol in this cyber security certification training programme to learn from industry experts, work on real-world projects, and receive your certification.

Penetration Testing – Discovering Vulnerabilities

After acquiring the necessary information on the target, one of the most important processes for hackers to follow is uncovering vulnerabilities. This course is designed for intermediate students who wish to learn how to uncover and scan systems and websites for vulnerabilities and flaws. 

This edX course explains the differences between penetration testing procedures such as data collecting, vulnerability assessment, real exploit, and result reporting. Then moves on to reconnaissance and enumeration of information about the target system, followed by scanning those systems for opening ports and weaknesses with some tools, and lastly creating a report with the detected vulns and their hazards, also known as risk assessment.
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