Top Free Resources To Learn GPT-3

Top Free Resources To Learn GPT-3

With Open AI releasing its avant-garde pre-trained language modelGPT-3 has suddenly become an obsession for the machine learning community, where it can not only generate codes but also human-like stories. Along with its wide range of utilities, it has also surprised the developers and programmers with its generalised intelligence, which is relatively more advanced than the previous pre-trained language models

Previously, the NLP systems continued to struggle in learning from a few examples; however, with GPT-3, language models can significantly improve with even reaching competitiveness with prior advanced fine-tuning approaches. That being said, to use GPT-3 with 175 billion trainable parameters, developers and programmers must understand what’s going on under the hood of the neural-network-powered language model. 

Not only can it be new and complex to understand for first-timers but can also be overwhelming with its big size. With innovation in AI models happening at a much faster rate, understanding GPT-3 can bring out various applications in no time. Here are a few of the free resources that can help developers understand GPT-3 most effectively and can help them get their hands-on this pioneer ML model.

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OpenAI GPT-3: Beginners Tutorial

From: Bhavesh Bhatt

About: OpenAI GPT-3 by Bhavesh Bhatt is a beginners level tutorial presented in a video on his YouTube channel. Bhavesh Bhatt is a data scientist based out of Mumbai, India, who has been working as a Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning. Bhavesh has also been awarded the prestigious 40 Under 40 Data Scientist award by Analytics India Magazine in January 2020. This tutorial not only makes it easy for the users to understand the concept of GPT-3 but also creates a demo that converts a standard English text into SQL like queries using GPT-3. Bhavesh has also created a YouTube video showcasing how one can generate Python Pandas Code and Matplotlib Visualizations by using GPT-3.

Check out the tutorial here.

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Analytics India Magazine

About: Analytics India Magazine writes about all sorts of technological progress happening in and around the industry focusing specifically on analytics, artificial intelligence, data science and big data. Analytics India Magazine has thoroughly followed the progress of GPT-3 and has explained its many aspects including impact, challenges and applications in the most layman terms possible with the articles and videos. These articles and videos will not only provide all-round information on GPT-3 but will also encourage developers and programmers to get practical knowledge on the same. Analytics India Magazine’s GPT-3 articles can be termed as one-stop-shop for all the necessary knowledge and expertise.


GPT-3 & Its Shortcomings

Impact Of The Much-Hyped GPT-3 On Coders

How GPT-3 Can Be Worrying For The Society

Innovative Ways GPT-3 Has Been Put To Use

Jobs That GPT-3 Might Challenge

YouTube Videos:

GPT-3 – explained in layman terms

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GPT 3 Explained

From: Simplilearn

About: GPT 3 Explained is a tutorial presented by Simplilearn, an online platform for professional courses. This tutorial will start with the basic concept of understanding GPT-3 and will follow with its specifications and comparisons with other models. Post that the tutorial talks about the various datasets used to build the model GPT-3 and how it works, which is then followed by its accuracy tests under the conditions of few-shot, one-shot, and zero-shot learning. Further to that the tutorial explains a few exciting applications that one can create using GPT-3. This tutorial will give an overview of how this language model works and what its applications are in the real world.

Check out the tutorial here.

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Building a Chatbot with OpenAI’s GPT-3

From: Twilio

About: Building a chatbot using GPT-3 engine is a tutorial presented by Twilio, a cloud communications platform, which shows an easy way to build a chatbot fusing the OpenAI platform and the Flask framework for Python. The tutorial starts with the introduction of GPT-3, which is then followed by creating a Python virtual environment and configuring the chatbot. Although this tutorial is specific to Twilio SMS service, this indeed can provide ample information and knowledge on how the model works and how it can be implemented for particular applications.

Check out the tutorial here.

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GPT-3 With Free Text Based Game

From: Mario

About: This is a free tutorial on AI Dungeon, a free text-based game built on top of GPT-3, presented by Mario, a freelance bitcoin developer. In this tutorial, one can learn how to make a story around the chosen topic, along with the access to the underlying GPT-3 engine to generate all possible imagined texts. While the game — AI Dungeon has predefined playing patterns, users can use it similarly as they would use the Open AI API. Further, this game will allow users to learn how they can use GPT-3 in composing music, pitching business ideas as well as creating chatbots.

Check out the tutorial here.

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