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Top Hackathons For ML Practitioners To Look Out For While Locked In

Top Hackathons For ML Practitioners To Look Out For While Locked In

While increasing talent gap and surging open jobs for data science have created massive havoc in the industry, hackathons have proved to be one fool-proof way to demonstrate your skills to your potential employers. Hackathons provide a comprehensive environment for data scientists and machine learning practitioners to work on various projects and utilise different tools to win the code race.

Along with these, hackathons also provide an intense experience for participants by enhancing their critical thinking, networking skills, teamwork skills, time management and their ability to work under pressure. Therefore, these platforms can help professionals who have a lot of theoretical knowledge and are willing to improve their practical experience. Many hackathons also provide great price amounts for winners, thus can be even beneficial for financial enhancement.


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With that being said, this lockdown has proved to be immensely monotonous for many data scientists and machine learning practitioners, and participating in hackathons can not only enhance their skills but also help in being productive.

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House Price Prediction Challenge

By: MachineHack – Analytics India Magazine

House Price Prediction Challenge is a hackathon competition provided by MachineHack, where the participants will test their regression skills by creating an algorithm to predict the prices of houses in India. In this competition, participants will have various factors to play with that decides the price of a house/property. They will be using the data that has been collected across multiple property developers and financial professionals across India. There will also be a lot of opportunities for feature engineering and mastering advanced regression techniques such as Random Forest, Deep Neural Nets, and various other ensembling techniques while solving this problem. 

Deadline: 26th October 2020

Check out the hackathon here.

Build The Next Best Code Curator

By: MachineHack

This hackathon is organised by Analytics India Magazine in association with Embold, where participants need to come up with an algorithm that can predict bugs, features, and questions based on GitHub information. In this hackathon, participants will leverage the state-of-the-art NLP models like BERT and other pre-trained models to design the best model, which will be evaluated using the Embold Code Analysis platform. This hackathon will provide participants with a chance to win bounties worth INR 25,000 and to work with models like BERT.

Deadline: 18th October 2020

Check out the hackathon here.

Mechanisms of Action (MoA) Prediction

By: Kaggle

This hackathon is offered on Kaggle platform, offered by a collaboration of the Connectivity map of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, where the participants need to improve the algorithm that classifies drugs based on their biological activity. This hackathon has been aimed to advance the drug development process through the improvement in MoA prediction algorithms. In this competition, participants will have access to a unique dataset of gene expression and cell viability data, as well as MoA annotations for more than 5,000 drugs in this dataset to solve the problem.

Deadline: 30th November 2020

Check out the hackathon here.

DSN AI Bootcamp Qualification Hackathon by Data Science Nigeria

By: Zindi

Offered by Zindi, this is a qualification competition for the data science Nigeria AI boot camp. In this competition, participants need to deploy machine learning to predict customers who are likely to default or not. For this, the participants will be given data from the Kowope Mart’s database, which can be used to predict defaulters in the retail network. An innovative solution like this can help financial institutions increase their sales and identify credit defaulters.

Deadline: 4th October 2020

Check out the hackathon here.

ROOST Cloud-Native Hackathon

By: HackerEarth

ROOST Cloud-Native Hackathon is offered by HackerEarth in collaboration with Zettabytes where participants can compete on theme-based challenges with ROOST, a cloud-native platform driving collaboration and observability. The current four themes on the site include — collaborative development of microservices; service to service observability; operationalise machine learning pipeline; and open innovation.

Deadline: 1st November 2020

Check out the hackathon here.

Hash Code Archive: Drone Delivery

By: Kaggle

Hash Code Archive: Drone Delivery is a synthetic code challenge that has been designed to improve the participants’ programming skills. In this competition, participants will be given a hypothetical fleet of drones along with a customer orders’ list and availability of the products to schedule the drone operations for product delivery of eCommerce sites. Such a solution will be beneficial when the drone becomes a norm for delivering products for customers.

Deadline: 14th December 2020

Check out the hackathon here.

Contradictory, My Dear Watson

By: Kaggle

Contradictory, My Dear Watson is yet another hackathon on Kaggle, where participants will be detecting contradiction and detainment in multilingual texts using TPUs. In this competition, the participants will be given the train and test set with text in fifteen different languages, and they have to create a natural language inferencing model that assigns labels to pairs of premises and hypotheses. The competition is also providing a starter notebook to get hands-on the problem using the power of TPUs.

Deadline: Ongoing

Check out the hackathon here.

I’m Something of a Painter Myself

By: Kaggle

In this hackathon, participants will leverage generative adversarial networks (GANs) to solve the given tasks. GANs have advanced in the current era and are now capable of mimicking objects compellingly. For the competition, participants would need to build a GAN that generates 7,000 to 10,000 Monet-style images. 

Deadline: Ongoing

Check out the hackathon here.

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