Top Indian Journals To Publish Machine Learning Research

Machine learning (ML) has been in the news for the past several years. The credit for this well-found recognition goes to advanced technology and sterling improvements in hardware. This can be attributed to the fact that scientists and researchers all over the world have worked really hard to come up with practical ML solutions to address critical, real-time problems. ML mainly acts as a helping hand to speed the decision-making process at techno-business levels.

With research in this field marching at a faster pace day by day, it is suggested that the people interested in ML keep themselves updated with the latest techniques and information in this frontier. On the other hand, ML researchers and academics need a better platform to share their research work and insights through digital space as well as on paper, with an intent of knowledge sharing. In this article, we present the top Indian Journals that ML researchers and academics can publish their newfound knowledge in ML and its related avenues.

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1 . ICTACT Journal on Soft Computing

Published by ICT Academy, a not-for-profit educational academy in Tamil Nadu, this Indian journal allows ML researchers to publish their work in line with the theoretical and application aspects of soft computing. ML forms a constituent part of soft computing which makes it a researcher pursue his/her study on a broader viewpoint. The journal aims at providing quality peer-reviewed articles on an international level in the field of soft computing.

Researchers can submit their thesis/article/research work here. On the other hand, readers/reviewers can subscribe to the journal in paper format by filling a subscription form and making the prescribed payment for the options provided. In addition, the articles are made accessible for free once the old volumes are followed with newly published volumes. The publication frequency is usually on a monthly basis.  

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2. International Journal of Statistics and Applied Mathematics

A journal that takes a pure mathematical stand, this scientific material is published by Akinik Publications in New Delhi. When it comes to ML, mathematics is a must need prerequisite. The articles cover an array of topics right from differential equations to statistical mechanics by subject experts and academicians. This journal will provide ML researchers to publish their work not just pertaining to mathematics but statistics as well. Important topics such as linear algebra, multilinear algebra and matrix theory, which are essential in ML are also covered in the journal. This makes it an interesting avenue to publish ML content with greater mathematical detail. The journal follows a bi-monthly publishing frequency.

Peer-reviewed from experts in the field, researchers can submit their work by contacting the publisher here.

3 . International Journal of Data Mining and Emergent Technologies   

Primarily focussed on data mining, this Indian journal covers a host of research publications on topics such as data mining, data warehousing, data visualisation and many more, along with ML. The journal also acts as a reference material for data mining researchers and professionals. The ML aspects fit in with the multidisciplinary approach followed by researchers from all the data science related streams. ML researchers can showcase their work in collaboration with data mining learnings. One of the key features of the journal is that it offers a theoretical as well as practical viewpoints on the study of data mining in relation with technological advancement.

The journal is published by and is printed semi-annually. Researchers can submit their seminal work by registering and contact the publisher here. Readers can also opt for the subscription here.

4. International Research Journal of Computer Science (IRJCS)

An online open-access journal which purveys new technological advances in the field of  computer science, IRJCS is a one-stop platform for researchers in ML or similar related content to publish their thesis/article. The journal provides research information on theoretical aspects as well as applications of ideas in industries or companies on a large-scale. Artificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics and Internet of things (IoT) are some of the prominent areas on which articles are published. The journal is published every month and is made available online.

Researchers can present their work through online submission here.

5. International Journal of Scientific Research and Management (IJSRM)

An open-access journal made online, it has articles spread across various science disciplines such as computer science, social sciences, mathematics and so on. The articles also highlight engineering advancements. Although, it may not specifically cater to ML, but it does provide a platform to support ML developments by researchers on a global scale. The journal is peer-reviewed by experts present across the world. The frequency of publishing is on a monthly basis.

Academicians and professionals can submit their work online here. Readers can browse the website to read the content of their scientific interest.

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