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Top Indian Quora Writers To Follow For Data Science

Top Indian Quora Writers To Follow For Data Science

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Data science is that new currency and asset which has taken over the technology sector across the globe. Data and data science practices have already significantly impacted the key aspects of business. Quora is an excellent means to assist people to answer their questions and provide inputs in the areas of technology, academics, project management, new trends in business and many more.

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In this article, we list down 10 Indian Quora writers Data Scientist aspirants can follow to bring the latest insights and data trends to their followers.

Lalit Patel

Holding a PhD in Physics, Lalit Patel also holds an MBA. He is an experienced person in Machine Learning nanotechnology. Presently working as Computer Audit Analyst
State of Florida – DoR Mr.Patel and has worked in many reputed companies and taught at IIT Delhi for about 5 years and has two million answer views and is the top writer for the year 2018.

Shweta Doshi

Doshi is the Co-Founder of GreyAtom, Data Science Immersive Learning school. She believes that technology is often a tough subject for colleges and universities since the curriculum is frequently outdated and not regulated to the expectations of industry. GreyAtom was founded to bridge this gap, and make tech education more relevant as per the industry’s standards. She has 1m answer views and is very active in answering people about the emerging trends.

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Sudalai Rajkumar S

An alumnus of IIM Bengaluru, Sudalai Rajkumar is presently working as a lead data scientist at He is Data Scientist with vast experience in solving many real-world business problems across diverse domains. He is also a Kaggle Grandmaster in competitions and Kernels section. Some of his top achievements include being ranked topmost in recent hackathons platform and a top solver of Crowdanalytix platform. He has a 390.2k answer views on Quora.

Adarsh Iyer

Graduating from the University of Mumbai in electronics and communications engineering Adarsh is a data-driven professional. He is a specialist with vast experience in a range of  IT domain and has worked on Supply chain & Logistics, E-commerce and Food Processing Machinery Domains. He loves answering questions on Quora page and has 327.6k answer views.

Abhinav Krishnan

A graduate of College of Engineering Guindy, Krishnan has 5+ years of experience in Data Science, Python, Excel and SAS.  He is a Data Scientist with great experience in solving many real-world business problems across heterogeneous domains and has 305k answer views on Quora.

Ratnakar Pandey

An MBA from Indian School of Business (ISB), Ratnakar Pandey is India Head Analytics and Data Science at Kabbage Inc. He holds a Blog on Data Science using Python  RP’s Blog on data science. He has 15+ years of senior management in analytics and data science across Banking, Financial, Fintech, Retail, Technology and Healthcare verticals. Led global teams across 10+ countries and has 869.8k answer views on Quora.

Vidita Mehta

Vidita Mehta has completed her fintech course from Imarticus and graduated from Mumbai. She discusses the latest technology over Quora which she finds to be a great platform for discussion and sharing opinions and holds 594.7k answer views

Akash Dugam

He is a data science consultant who helps Data Scientist aspirants with tons of knowledge that he has gathered in the analytical industry. His area of interests include Artificial Intelligence, IoT and machine learning. He holds 1.6 million answer views.

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