Top Indian Self-Driving Startups To Watch Out For In 2021

Self-driving has been one of the most talked about tech around the world. The global autonomous vehicle market is expected to reach a $556.67 billion market cap by 2026, according to Allied Market Research. Tech giants like TCS, Tata, Infosys and Tech Mahindra are working to bring autonomous driving technology to Indian roads.

Here is the list of the top Indian self-driving startups to watch out for in 2021.

(The list is in alphabetical order)

Ati Motors

Founded: 2017

Founders: V. Vinay, Saurabh Chandra, Saad Nasser

About: Based out of Bangalore, Ati Motors has a team of around 30 engineers working across machine learning/AI, power electronics, control systems, mechanical engineering, system software and electronic hardware verticals. The startup’s product Sherpa 1000, designed with a dual carry or tug option, is an autonomous, electric, sub-ton cargo carrier with a unique 3 wheel tadpole design for agility and manoeuvrability.

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Flux Auto

Founded: 2017

Founders: Pranav Manpuria, Abhishek Gupta

About: Flux Auto is a Bangalore-based self-driving startup that provides autonomous driving kits for commercial vehicles with a focus on safety, productivity, and cost benefits. The startup develops purpose-built embedded systems to deliver the highest performance and full customisation based on operational requirements. The company uses state-of-the-art cameras, radar and proximity sensors inside and around the vehicle to understand its operation and the driving environment in real-time.

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Giscle Systems

Founded: 2017

Founders: Suman Kumar Jha

About: GISCLE Systems is Bangalore-based autonomous driving startup that develops complete autonomous systems with leave-one-out Cross Validation using crowdsourced data. Giscle is a computer vision-driven startup that delivers smart map and smart address solutions for autonomous systems. Giscle offers three core services – detection, recognition and analysis. It provides facial recognition, body detection, and image recognition solutions. The startup offers a Web API and an SDK to use the technology offline.

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Hi Tech Robotic Systemz

Founded: 2004

Founders: Anuj Kapuria

About: Gurgaon-based Hi Tech Robotic Systemz delivers scalable, smart autonomous & assistive systems to global customers through disruptive business models. Founded in 2004, the startup focuses on developing products for the next generation of mobility with state of the art autonomous, driver assistive technology and mobile robots for both passengers and goods transportation.

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Minus Zero

Founded: 2020

Founders: Gagandeep Reehal, Gursimran Kalra

About: Minus Zero is a Jalandhar-based start-up building affordable fully self-driving electric cars in the country. Minus Zero uses a hybrid neural network, various machine learning techniques and open-source Python-based frameworks. The mechanical design and control of the vehicle are being developed in CAD environments for dynamic testing, design and simulations.

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Founded: 2015

Founders: Avneesh Agrawal, David Julian

About: Based out of Bengaluru and San Diego,  Netradyne leverages expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Edge Computing to bring transformational solutions to the transportation industry. The startup combines Artificial Intelligence with video to detect, reason and determine the causality of events and helps reduce accidents by creating a new safe driving standard for commercial vehicles.  

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OmniPresent Robot

Founded: 2010

Founders: Aakash Sinha

About: Omnipresent Robot Tech is one of the leading robotics, industrial UAV/drone and video analytics solutions providers in India. The New Delhi-based startup builds drones and robots for industrial inspections and defence and the software that drives them. The company uses computer vision, machine learning and virtual reality to provide clients with visual analytics and actionable insights.

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Founded: 2016

Founders: Akshay Gupta, Shubham Sharma 

About: Quixote is an automotive tech start-up working in connected cars, insuretech, ADAS and autonomous vehicular technology. Based in Ahmedabad, the company has developed products, such as Scouto and Wheel Intel. Scouto makes every car safe, trackable, and environment friendly, while Wheel Intel serves as a connected car systems supplier for the car manufacturers, fleet owners, etc.   

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Swaayatt Robots

Founded: 2015

Founders: Sanjeev Sharma

About: Swaayatt Robots is a Bhopal-based autonomous driving startup. The company is  focused on developing Level-5 autonomous driving technology that  works in traffic with highly stochastic dynamics, adversarial traffic, unstructured environmental conditions as well as without high-definition or high-fidelity maps.

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