Top Machine Learning Books Made Free Due To COVID-19

All ML Books Made Free

Since e-learning is on the rise because of social distancing, the data science community earlier offered free online courses and now provides free e-books. While online data science courses are useful, books deliver structured as well as an in-depth understanding of the techniques. Reading books has its own advantages as it keeps you focused while eliminating distractions that your witness in online learning.

Springer Nature, popularly known for publishing books on science, business, and data science, has released numerous machine learning books for free. However, the below list only contains the most popular machine learning related books.

An Introduction To Machine Learning

An Introduction to Machine Learning

An introduction to machine learning book will get you started with various data science techniques such as decision trees, performance evaluation, among others. It also covers sub-categories such as unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning, and neural networks. Learners can obtain a detailed understanding of various classifiers and algorithms from 17 chapters, thereby making it a good read during the lockdown. 


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Download: Introduction to Machine Learning

Other books: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Introduction to Data Science

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All Of Statistics 

All of Statistics

A proper grasp of statistics is essential for any machine learning enthusiast to succeed in the competitive domain. Consequently, one should focus more on statistics than on the latest fancy techniques. The book — All of Statistics — consists of 24 chapters and covers every topic right from probability to statistical inference and statistical models and methods.

Download: All Of Statistics

Other books on statistics: An Introduction to Statistical Learning, The Elements of Statistical Learning

Introduction To Time Series And Forecasting

Introduction to Time Series and Forecasting

Time series analysis has gain popularity due to its use cases in financial data, especially, in companies’ stock prediction, fraud detection in transactions, and more. Besides, it is now becoming an essential technique in data science due to the rise of streaming analytics in numerous business operations. Obtaining real-time insights while also comparing with the historical trends allow companies to quickly make informed decisions. 

The book includes 11 chapters on a wide range of time series techniques such as nonstationary and seasonal time series models, multivariate time series, state-space models, and forecasting methods.

Download: Introduction to Time Series and Forecasting

Other books on Time Series: Time Series Analysis, Introductory Time Series with R

Principles Of Data Mining

Principles of Data Mining

With more than 2.3 million downloads, this is one of the most popular data science books. The process of data mining has increasingly become essential for businesses to achieve rapidly grow by making decisions based on insights. Therefore, this book includes all principles for data mining to discover patterns in a colossal amount of data. Designed to help even the beginners, it covers an introduction to classification like Naive Bayes, Nearest Neighbour, Decision Tree, among others, along with detailed explanations.

Download: Principles of Data Mining

Other books on data mining: Data Mining

Neural Networks And Deep Learning

Neural Netwroks and Deep Learning

It is a comprehensive book on deep learning for every aspirant as well as working professionals. The book covers both classical as well as the latest models in deep learning, thereby explaining the difference between several techniques and their effectiveness. The book also focuses on the right practices for AI agents to generalise. Besides, it has lessons on various neural networks like RNN, CNN, DRL, other advanced topics in deep learning.

Download: Neural Networks And Deep Learning

Other books: None

Recommender Systems

Recommender Systems

Today, companies are delivering personalised experiences to their users for enhancing customer experience. Such practices are widely common on social media platforms and e-commerce websites, however, now it is being democratised across all business to increase conversion rate. The book has categorised the learning in three sub-section: algorithms and evaluation, recommendations in specific domains and contexts, advanced topics and applications. 

Download: Recommender Systems

Other books: Applied Predictive Modelling 

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Computer vision technology is playing a crucial role in data science by expediting various processes such as analysing medical imaging, assisting in the development of self-driving cars, and determining defects in manufacturing processes. It can be applied in endless processes to simplify the life of humans. However, there are various challenges in computer vision technology while interpreting 3D images as well as delivers biased results. This book explains the ins and outs of the computer vision along with lessons on various techniques.

Download: Computer Vision

Other books: None

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