Here Are The Top New Jobs Emerging In The Industry, According To IoT India Salary Study

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After a brief about the job titles that are available in IoT, here is a brief on skillsets that are required for IoT jobs. While there are a plenty of jobs employing professionals in IoT, given the growth of the industry, it is quite likely to see a lot of new roles emerging in this space. Below are a few of such job roles.

This article was originally a part of IoT India Salary Study 2017 by IoT India Magazine and Jigsaw Academy

Read the complete study here.

Skills required in IoT

IoT jobs are essentially based on a strong understanding of programming languages,

coding and the ability to take a consistent approach to work.

Java, Big Data, Python, Hadoop etc. are some of the key skills that recruiters look for while hiring for profiles in the IoT domain, but requirements may vary with different companies.

A degree in computer science or engineering with an understanding of software development, IoT platforms, device managements, data management concepts are some of the other essential skills expected from an IoT professional.

REST, SOAP, SQL, Websphere, C++, Cisco Jasper, PTC / Thingworx, AWS IOT, access technologies such as Lora, Sigfox, ZigBee, protocols such as MQTT, CoAP, LoWPAN, HTTPS, AMQP, and understanding of devices and sensors are some of the critical skills needed.

Hands-on training on various platforms such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi, along with a knowledge of IoT cloud, advanced analytics will definitely give a competitive advantage to candidates and help them in bagging better paying jobs.

Roles that are likely to will emerge in IoT

Chief Internet of Things Officer (CIoTO) –

As IoT gets integrated into business processes, the need for an executive officer in IoT will become a necessity. The CIoTO would govern the development and deployment of various IoT products.

Robot Coordinator –

With robotics being a key aspect of the IoT industry, it is extremely likely to see the creation of the role of Robot coordinator, who would receive and aggregate various information collected from robot agents and ensure their smooth working.

Neural Implant Tech Expert –

Neural implants are connected chipsets inserted directly into the human brain for medical and functional purposes. The technology is still nascent but opportunities are many. Extremely skilled experts are needed to be able to create an interface between the brain and a programmable device.

Ethics Officer –

With developments around humans and machines, plenty of private and confidential data has become available. The data remains vulnerable without an ethics and security code of conduct in place, giving rise to this role.

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Srishti currently works as Associate Editor at Analytics India Magazine. When not covering the analytics news, editing and writing articles, she could be found reading or capturing thoughts into pictures.

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