Top Online Resources To Help You Crack That Data Science Interview

LeetCode’s question library consists of 20,000+ questions to practice algorithm and data structure problems.
Data Science

Giving interviews is a nerve-wracking task for most people, more so for the field of data science and the various subjects under its canopy. We have curated a resource list of online platforms, blog posts and more, to make sure you walk into your interview fully confident and prepared with answers for any questions. 

Machine Hack

The most essential step while preparing for a data science interview is to test yourself. Machine Hack’s mock interview platform consists of several short and long mock data science interviews to help you gauge your standing. With packs as specific as interviewing for companies like AWS, Microsoft and Google, and various data science positions like data scientist, associate data scientist, deep learning engineer and more; machine hack has got you covered for all your interview preps. 

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Find the platform here. is a math website with courses on computer programming, applied computer science, computer science fundamentals, quantitative finance, algebra and more. The website is Facebook’s recommendation for practising statistics and probability before an interview. 

The Probability and Statistics section is quite vast, with sections reading probability, random variables, statistical testing, casino probability, perplexing probability, distributions and more, followed by several quizzes on the same topics. 

Find the platform here. 


Leetcode’s mission statement is “to help you improve yourself and land your dream job”, with sources to enhance data science skills and prepare for interviews. The platform was developed for computer scientists and software developers to prepare for their interviews and also consists of a database section to practice your SQL. 

For programmers, LeetCode has become a popularly used website to improve coding skills. The platform provides the users with practice questions to type an SQL code to execute and output. LeetCode’s question library consists of 20,000+ questions to practice algorithm and data structure problems. In addition, their premium section consists of study packs, interview simulations and select questions by companies. 

Find the platform here. 


StrataScratch is a platform solely to assist data scientists in preparing for interview questions, focusing on coding questions from 500+ big companies like Google, Airbnb, Twitch, Postmates, Amazon, Microsoft and more. The user can also select coding questions based on SQL or Python or coding and non-coding questions. The other topics covered include probability, business cases, product sense type of questions, modelling questions, statistics, miscellaneous technical questions, and system design. Overall, its question library consists of 1000+ questions with problems even consisting of video explanations. 

Find the platform here. 


Created by Clement Mihailescu, an Ex-Google and Ex-Facebook Software Engineer, AlgoBay is claimed to be the ultimate resource for coding interviews. The platform provides organised structure, detailed solutions, video explanations and quick crash courses on data structures. While the library has only 160 questions, it covers the more important topics spanning fifteen categories like string, binary trees, dynamic programming, sorting, algorithms and more. The platform has also received positive feedback from engineers working in big tech companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

Find the platform here. 


Udacity’s ‘Data Science Interview Prep’ course is a one-in-all package to crack the various functionalities of a data science interview. The course consists of common questions, answering prediction questions, statistics & probability, and data structures & algorithms. In addition, the package includes unlimited mock interviews and tips for answering open-ended questions. The course is led by Jimmy Lafontaine Rivera, an ex-Facebook software engineer with a PhD in chemical engineering from UCLA. 

Find the platform here. 

Additional Sources

While these websites and platforms are great resources to prepare for data science interviews and get an idea of what to expect, it is equally important to do your research and understand the playground. 

We have listed down a few resources to brush through and read up about these interviews. 

  • KDNuggets Data Science Interview Study Guide is possibly one of the best resources to brush up on all topics related to the subject. The guide consists of several resources, including video links, articles and diagrams created by Data Scientist and engineer Ben Rogojan. In addition, the guide covers Probability And Statistics, Algorithms And Data Structures, and Product And Experiment Designs.
  • ‘Towards Data Science’ consists of several posts on Data Science related interview questions by users and engineers. Some of their popular blog posts include 

OVER 100 Data Scientist Interview Questions and Answers

120+ Data Scientist Interview Questions and Answers You Should Know

50+ Statistics Interview Questions and Answers for Data Scientists 2021 

2021 Interview Questions

AIM Articles 

Analytics India Magazine has vastly covered the topics of Data Science interviews and technicalities. Some of the helpful guides include

YouTube channels (Top 15 YouTube Channels To Follow For Deep Learning Enthusiasts) like Simplilearn, AIMCode Basics, and  Data Professor discuss ML models, data science theories, and applications that can be great sources of recap and revision.

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