Top online resources to learn Web3

What better way to learn Web3 than from a decentralised web interface itself?

The third generation of the internet, Web3, combines evolving technologies including blockchain, NFTs, digital avatars and more. According to Chris Dixon of venture capital firm a16z, Web3 combines the best of both worlds; the decentralised ethos of Web1 with the interaction of Web2. While tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, governments and big tech companies are rolling in the Web3 hype, it is not an easy concept to learn. Yet, notwithstanding the complexity, Web3 has quickly become one of the most important skills to hone. Analytics India Magazine has listed some of the top resources to learn Web3 today. 

Web3 University

Web3 University is a blockchain development educational platform connecting students to the best materials and tutorials on Web3. It is described as ‘a one-stop shop’ for developers to learn how to write smart contracts, mint NFTs, and construct fully working end-to-end dApps. The platform has partnered with major crypto and blockchain platforms to ensure industry learning. Topics on the platform include blockchain, NFT, Alchemy, dApps, Flow, Solidity and more. Additionally, the legal or business aspects of blockchain are also covered.

Learn more here.

Mastering Web3 with Waves on Coursera

The Careers360 portal shows the Mastering Web3 with Waves online course by Coursera that covers concepts like JavaScript, NFTs, HTML, digital assets, cryptocurrencies, the evolution of the web, distributed ledgers, Git, smart assets, and smart contracts. The course is divided into six lectures, quizzes, and video tutorials. It also includes a practical project by the end of the programme.

Learn more here.

Get started Building Web3 Apps on Cloudflare

Cloudflare is popularly known to be a web infrastructure and website security company but has dipped its toes in the Web3 world with the announcement of Cloudflare’s Ethereum gateway that will help developers build scalable Web3 applications on their network. This is supported by an open-source example showing how to deploy, mint, and render NFTs. This smart contract can be deployed and verified on Ethereum’s Rinkeby network. 

Learn more here.


What better way to learn Web3 than from a decentralised web interface itself? Questbook is a learning app with more than 15,000 users learning developing, coding, blockchain and Web3 concepts on the portal. The app, available on mobile and laptop, covers major Web3 concepts such as blockchain, ethereum foundation, solidity, Solana, Near, Polygon and more. The app also supports projects based on the learnings. 

Learn more here.

Solidity, Blockchain, and Smart Contract Course – Beginner to Expert Python Tutorial on YouTube

This sixteen-hour course on YouTube is one of the most well-received tutorials on Web3 concepts. FreeCodeCamp has over five million coders following their tutorials on YouTube. This particular course, developed by Patrick Collins, takes the students through the core concepts of blockchain, Chainlink Mix, smart contracts, solidity, NFTs/ERC721s, ERC20s, Coding, Defi & Aave, Python and solidity, Ethereum, Brownie Fund Me, upgradable smart contracts, and full-stack blockchain development.

Watch the tutorial here.

Web3 tutorial playlist by EatTheBlocks on YouTube

Julien Klepatch holds a master’s degree in IT and runs a tutorial channel on YouTube called EatTheBlocks. The channel predominantly focuses on Web3 and blockchain development, and Julien has several playlists and tutorials covering these topics in detail. Along with news and practical examples, the concepts covered include solidity, flash loan, blockchain, UI/UX for decentralised networks, deploying smart contracts, installing Web3 and more.

Find the playlist here.

Find the channel here.

Web 3.0, Blockchain, Smart Contracts & Crypto Practice Tests on Udemy

A unique package on Udemy, the Web3 course consists of a test pack with 250 questions ranging around the important Web3 concepts. The questions are followed by detailed answers explaining the concepts, making it a different studying approach. The theoretical, practical and coded questions revolve around cryptocurrency, smart contract, DAOs, blockchain, Blocks, Gas, mining, NFTs, EVM, ICO and rust. 

Learn more here.

Introduction to Web 3.0 on Adams’ Academy

The Web3 course offered by the Adam’s Academy can be explored by students from any academic background while meeting the CPD Qualification Standards. The programme consists of 30-minute video explainers for Web3 and related topics, including the move from Web2 to Web 3, the determinants of Web3, the mechanics and semantics of Web3 and the future. The lectures are followed by mock tests for the students to test their knowledge and a final certification test.

Learn more here.

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