Top Platforms to Practice Coding

These platforms provide level-specific challenges, assessments, quizzes and interview guidance to help professionals obtain prestigious tech jobs and excel in their subsequent roles
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In a world of fast-paced technology, coding has quickly become a sought-after skill. Being skilled in coding opens up a world of opportunities for techies in terms of better career prospects. 

Several online platforms offer lucrative insight into the world of coding for all levels of developers—from amateurs to advanced and help hone their skills. These platforms provide level-specific challenges, assessments, quizzes and interview guidance to help professionals obtain prestigious tech jobs and succeed in their roles.



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MachineHack is one of the leading online platforms for Machine Learning competitions, assessment and hiring. MachineHack attempts to bridge the gap between industries to obtain the right fit for the requirements and talents. Along with hackathons, MachineHack allows users to practice in diverse aspects of coding such as Array, String, Tuple, Matrix, NumPy, SciPy and more.

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LeetCode is a well-known platform for interview guidance in coding-specific profiles at top tech firms. 

It provides support for over 18 programming languages with a dynamic community for solving doubts. 

Courses on Systems Design, SQL Language, Dynamic programming, Arrays, Machine Learning and others are also available at LeetCode. It also provides detailed interview guidance for top tech companies such as Meta, Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe and Uber. 

The platform has problems that cater to various levels of difficulty like Array, String, Hash Table, Dynamic Programming, sorting, depth-first search, binary search, binary tree, bit manipulation, stack, string matching, probability and statistics and more.

LeetCode also offers Premium access priced at $35/month–$159/year to select problems and other exclusive material.


HackerRank is a prominent, Bengaluru-based platform focused on competitive coding for consumers and businesses alike. 

The programming challenges at HackerRank can be solved in different programming languages like Java, C++, Python, SQL and JavaScript. 

Challenges on data structures like Arrays, 2D Array, Dynamic Arrays, Sparse Array, Array Manipulation and on C (Functions in C, pointers in C, conditional statements in C, Bitwise operators and more) among others are also provided on the platform along with interview preparation kits for Arrays, dictionaries and hashmaps, sorting, string manipulation, dynamic programming, stacks and queues, graphs, recursion and backtracking.


In 2009, CodeChef began as an educational initiative for programmers by Directi, an Indian software company. Recently acquired by Unacademy, it offers practice in basic programming, arrays, strings, binary structures, data structures, dynamic programming, graphs and segment trees. 

CodeChef hosts several challenges every month to encourage competitive programming.


Coderbyte is a platform best known for the sizable range of coding challenges it offers. These challenges range in difficulty and can be attempted in the platform’s online editor. 

From an employment perspective, CoderByte offers a technical screening product to help companies recruit swiftly and better personalised to their requirements. 

The platform provides challenges in various areas like algorithms, front-end, back-end and database challenges with automated grading. Additionally, it prepares students for real-world interviews with the help of expert content and solutions provided by leading tech companies.


FreeCodeCamp provides credible certifications to young professionals to improve their skills and explore opportunities in tech. Five projects must be built to earn each certification along with advancing through level-specific tests. 

Most sought-after certifications at FreeCodeCamp include JavaScript algorithm and data structures, data visualisation, back end development and APIs certification, data analysis with Python certification, machine learning with Python certification and more.


The Codewars platform allows participation in small coding exercises named ‘kata’. Each kata developed by the Codewars community aims to help participants improve their coding skills. 

The platform also supports over 55 programming languages to master. The ‘kata’ can be solved in the browser and the test cases (TDD) can be used to check participants’ progress. It also allows participants to compare solutions with peers after each kata to check their progress and improve their understanding of problems.

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