Top platforms where data scientists can find remote jobs

One of the great options for data scientists today, both newcomers and experts are freelancing.

Working from home has been the new style for more than two years now. Interestingly enough, data science is one of the much-known job roles that can be effectively done remotely. Whether data scientists want to opt for this or not is another discussion. Although, a survey by Burthworks does suggest that 72% of professionals prefer to work entirely from home. 

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There are plenty of platforms, but for data science specifically, a whole range of spaces are available where the options include freelancing, working from home and remotely at other places of their choice. Additionally, some of these platforms also provide regular payroll for entirely working remotely.  


Turing claims to combine planetary reach and AI to deliver your ideal remote developers. It provides full-time and long-term projects to remote developers, unlike other job platforms that mainly offer freelance. Turing is a Palo Alto-based ‘deep’ jobs platform that allows software developers/ data scientists to work with top US firms from the comfort of their homes. It is led by Stanford alumni and successful AI entrepreneurs Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan. Turing hires remote developers for over 100 skills like React/Node, Python, Angular, Swift, React Native, Android, Java, Rails, Golang, PHP, Vue, etc. They also hire engineers based on tech roles and seniority.


Crossover focuses on full-time/long-term work and not short-term or freelancing jobs. It is a 100 per cent remote working space where people can work anywhere and earn competitive compensation regardless of where they live. Crossover offers over 40 different job positions in Engineering, Product Management, Support, Finance, Marketing, Sales, and Operations with compensations ranging from 10K to 1M USD/year. Crossover has its headquarters in Austin, Texas, USA; although there is a corporate mailing address, the global talent network is located across 100 countries where a person can work from anywhere.


Many startups have been employing their talents through F6S, making their service open for founders and job seekers. F6S lists jobs for remote positions and locations; jobs can also be searched based on compensation and equity. The job roles vary from a web developer to a general engineer and sales/business developer. F6S not just lets you connect with the company owners but also offers various services, including getting free deals and exposure. If you want to work for a high-growth startup, this site is worth checking out. F6S has over a million founders and startups registered, and it may be impossible not to find an ideal job.


This platform leads you directly to the position you are looking for instead of connecting to companies. RemoteOK collates remote jobs you were searching on the web and allows you to check for jobs. The platform is designed specifically for web developers/designers and mobile developers and also offers non-tech jobs. The site provides information on the highest-paid remote jobs. The data also includes the estimated salary for each job category and the number of positions available for each role. The trends available by the site are important for both startup companies and those looking for remote jobs.


Kolabtree connects over 20,000 scientists and experts on board and connects all levels of experience to different sizes of businesses from all over the world. This platform has hundreds of projects posted every month where you can filter by topic, which includes data science or other specific subjects. Kolabtree is free to signup and starts charging for projects on an hourly rate from $30 on data analysis, machine learning, and statistical analysis projects.


This platform supports everything in tech; they can connect you with the top tech talent for almost every role. Crewscale’s talent community includes web developers, app developers, technical architects, project and product managers, data scientists, and analysts. The platform wants to know your requirement in four simple steps, and then the talent acquisition team will reach out to you in two days. Once the platform knows your talent requirements, they find the best developers from their talent pipeline and connect them with you. Although engineers who work remotely can be hired for any period as per requirement, the platform encourages clients and engineers to look for long term, full-time work.


Outvise is an online platform for finding various tech-related freelance gigs. You can find more than just data science jobs on Outvise, like digital marketing, project management, and tech and software consulting. Outvise is one of the largest online talent marketplaces for technology freelance experts. The platform connects companies with highly skilled freelance experts and management consultants to bridge talent gaps, reinforce their teams, and support their transformation projects across all functional areas, including strategy, marketing and sales to operations, technology, and IT quickly and cost-effectively. Among their clients are Vodafone, Oracle, Rakuten, O2 and MTN.

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