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Top 8 Productivity Apps For Learners To Make The Most Of Online Courses

Top 8 Productivity Apps For Learners To Make The Most Of Online Courses


The avalanche of online data science courses made free in recent weeks has triggered a surge in e-learners. While common sense dictates that you should prepare for a post coronavirus recession by upskilling, only perseverance will ensure that you actually complete the courses.

With little evidence to determine how many learners finish their courses on time, it may be assumed that some — if not many — leave it halfway. If lack of consistency or a proper routine is the problem, can technology help overcome some of these productivity challenges?

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Be it, scheduling classes, reducing distractions or remembering tasks, there are many apps to promote good study habits and help learners stay motivated while pursuing a long-term online course. Here are the top eight apps that will help you study smart, stay productive, and be efficient:


This app will help you manage your course schedule and tie everything — assignments, live sessions, discussion forums, exams, etc. — around it. Having everything in one place could ensure that you stay on top of everything required to finish the course on time. In simple terms, it is a schedule planner tailor-made for learners. Available for most mobile and web platforms, it helps you track your progress by having everything you need on a single dashboard. If you have the discipline to regularly update your deadlines on the platform, you could greatly benefit from it. What is more, there is a free version of this for you to try before you upgrade to the Pro version.

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This may be one of the best apps for you to enter your notes when taking an online course. Since it syncs across platforms, it enables you to switch between your phone and laptop with ease when studying. It also doubles down as an organising tool, arranging all your research and study inputs — in various formats, including audio and video — in one place to be used for assignments or projects later. No matter how cluttered your notes may seem when you feed it into the app, its search capabilities help retrieve information as and when needed. What is more, it is absolutely free.

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Beneficial for all online learners, especially beginners, this app helps plug one of the main disadvantages of digital studying — a vibrant peer community. Although most courses promise some level of peer-to-peer interaction, these always tend to fall short — especially when compared to on-campus courses. With Brainly, learners have an additional platform to ask questions, clarify doubts from experts, and get into discussions with a community of over ‘200 million learners’. Not only will this help you become better informed but also keep you motivated to study further. Although not a free service, it comes with a 7-day trial.

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With plenty of distractions waiting to break your focus when studying online, a bit of extra help to concentrate may be a good idea. This app will take care of some of these distractions. As the name suggests, it lets you block out social media and news apps — including notifications — so you can concentrate on your course. You simply have to create a profile, logging in the names of the apps, and the days of the week or time period when you do not want to use them, in the settings to get started. You can also tweak your plan and whitelist apps that you may need. Although a free version is available — albeit a limited one — the paid version comes with more features. 

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Studying a subject for the first time and wrapping your head around new concepts — even if it is introductory — can be overwhelming. This app allows you to map out your learnings and create mind maps that succinctly organises complicated ideas. What is more, you can do this by collaborating with other users, saving you time and helping you grasp a concept more easily.

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Available across platforms, this app may come in handy when you prepare for exams, or simply wish to revise what you have learned. It lets you create digital flashcards by assessing how well you have remembered each card, thereby estimating whether or not you need to review it again. Although this might seem excessive — and even unnecessary to some — many learners use flashcards to ensure that they are not skipping over key portions of the syllabus. The best way to make use of this app is to use it daily — this will help you commit the trickier portions of a course to memory.

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Data science is a dynamic and ever-evolving discipline that demands you stay up-to-date with all the latest developments in the field. Although not directly helpful in keeping track of your course, it will complement your efforts to get the best out of it. With Feedly, you can curate your news feed from websites and blogs, and use it from time to time to read up about developments related to the course you are pursuing. While some may argue that it defeats the purpose of keeping you focused, a distraction between intervals that seeks to provide you with information to build on your learning can only be beneficial.

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MyScript Calculator

Learners pursuing engineering or related courses can greatly benefit from this app. This modified version of the calculator helps you write calculations by hand — digitally — and gives you prompt answers. While everyone has a calculator on their phones or tablet, you are likely to learn formulas better if you write them out instead of using the calculator. With this app, you simply have to write your calculation, like you would on a piece of paper, and the result will be automatically calculated for you. You can also drag and drop numbers on the screen, and develop your formula across several lines. Saving yourself unnecessary frustration when dealing with numbers can aid in disruptions that are likely to derail you from your course.

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