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Top Quotes By Jensen Huang From Nvidia GTC 2020

“The age of AI is in full throttle.”

-Jensen Huang, C-founder and CEO, Nvidia

Jensen Huang made some interesting announcements in his keynote speech at this year’s Nvidia’s GTC 2020 event which is being held virtually. From announcements around offloading computing burden from the server CPU to bridging the autonomous world and developments for the IoT sector, Huang made product announcements that would find use cases across various domains. While on the hardware side of it, there were announcements like DPUs or Data Processing Units, the software side had DOCA, a software development kit that programmers can use to write applications. He also spoke about the acquisition of VMWare and ARM, and some of the developments that they are planning with these companies. 


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In this article, we take a quick glance onto some of the interesting statements made by Jensen Huang during his keynote speech. 

This is an amazing time for the computer industry and the world, as the mobile cloud matures, the age of AI is beginning.

AI would drive long-term demand because it is the single most powerful force of our time.

AI requires a whole reinvention of computing, full-stack rethinking, from chips to systems, algorithms, tools, the ecosystem. Nvidia is a full-stack computing company. We love working on extremely hard computing problems that have a great impact on the world. This is right in our wheelhouse.

Enabling developer’s success on our platform is core to everything we do.

Finally, after decades of research, deep learning, the abundance of data, the powerful computation of GPUs came together in a big bang of modern AI.

Now software can write software. The software written by AI is very different from that written by a human. It is vastly more parallel, and thousands-to-millions-of-times more compute-intensive. 

Ampere (GPU for gaming) is the biggest generational leap ever. Ampere is the fastest ramp in our history. We are working around the clock, and you are going to love your new Ampere GPU. If the last 20 years were amazing, the next 20 would seem nothing short of science fiction.

The metaverse is coming. Metaverse is not only a place to game. Future worlds will be photorealistic, obey the laws of physics and be inhabited by human avatars and AI beings. We will create a future in these metaverses before actually downloading the blueprints to be fab’ed in the physical world. 

The progress of AI is incredible and like magic. The magic of AI also comes with its incredible computing challenges (which Nvidia is trying to address).

Nvidia is democratising AI, and there are three pillars to Nvidia AI — data processing, feature engineering, and training at any scale.

We estimate that the aggregate inference compute GPU in a cloud now exceeds that of all cloud CPUs. With this trend in a couple of 2-3 years, Nvidia GPU will represent 90% of the total inference GPU. Any AI application and service can now rely on Nvidia Inference. We are past the tipping point.

Data centre is the new unit of computing. Modern data centre workloads are diverse and not limited to monolithic applications running on single nodes. 

Modern data centres are also software-defined. The compute virtualisation trend that enabled easier resource pulling and management has now extended to networking storage and security. What used to be dedicated hardware appliances are now software applications running on CPUs. The entire data centre is software programmable.

Together, we are porting VMware onto BlueField (data centre infrastructure processor). Our partnership will redefine the data centre. We will offload virtualisation, networking, storage, and security onto the BlueField and enable distributed zero-trust security. Our work will give the 30-40 million enterprise servers around the world a big boost in performance and security. 

Someday trillions of AI devices and machines will populate the earth — in homes, office buildings, warehouses, stores, farm, factories, hospitals. In fact, the building themselves will be AIs with AIs moving about them. These AI will sense, infer, and act accordingly at the location.

The missing piece of the IoT puzzle is the software. This is now solvable with AI. The enabling technology of IoT is AI.

Everything that moves will be autonomous someday, whether partially or fully. Breakthroughs in AI have made all kinds of robots possible, and we are working with companies around the world to build these amazing machines. 

Someday neither AI nor us will be able to tell whether we are in a virtual or physical world. 

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