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Top SQL Editor Tools For ML Developers

SQL editors help web developers, and data administrators control, access and manipulate data in databases.
SQL, SQL Editor Tools

Every web developer or data administrator uses Structured Query Language or SQL to communicate with a database. For database management, it is considered one of the most favourable languages. 

SQL editors help developers establish this connection, allowing them to control, access, and manipulate the database. Thus, they enhance and maximise the productivity of developers and editors. 


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Broadly, SQL editors perform the following functions: 

  • Cut, copy, paste, find, redo and undo data in a database 
  • Analysis and user management 
  • Debugging of data 
  • Establish database objects 
  • Test data 
  • Define the database schema and instance 
  • Highlighting keywords 
  • Monitoring performance 

Today, we list the top SQL editor tools to ease the job of web developers and data administrators. And if you are just starting with the language, here’s a beginner’s guide

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio or SSMS is an environment to manage all SQL infrastructures — from SQL Server to Azure SQL Database. Launched in 2005, SSMS is a developers’ favourite. It provides tools to deploy, monitor and upgrade data components. Additionally, its integrated script editor with custom templates helps build scripts and queries, and SSMS helps design and manage databases and data warehouses. 

Microsoft SQL Server Management is free to use. However, it is a Windows-only SQL editor tool. Learn more about the installation process of SSMS here


Open source, multi-platform database tool DBeaver is free to use. It is used by developers, database administrators and analysts. DBeaver supports the most popular databases, including Oracle, MySQL, Phoenix, Apache, Hive and DB2, among others. 

DBeaver’s open-source framework feature allows developers to write various extensions and plugins. Additionally, its features include multi-platform support, support of cloud data sources and enterprise security standards. The recent version of DBeaver lists a handful of updates; you can check them here.  

Source: DBeaver


Formerly called phpMinAdmin, Adminer is a full-featured database management tool written in PHP. It is popular among web developers for the high level of security that it offers. With Adminer, one cannot connect to other databases without a password. 

Adminer can integrate with the existing database and also help developers create new databases. It offers customisation options for flexibility and works with MS SQL, Oracle, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Firebird and Clickhouse. To know more about the features provided by Adminer, click here

SQuirrel SQL 

SQuirrel is an open-source and free client programme built using Java and allowing remote access to multiple databases. 

It offers several plugins (applications written in JAVA to run within SQuirrel) to allow developers to enhance the functionality without having to rebuild the SQuirrel application. These plugins are hosted in the SQuirrel source code repository. Besides this, web developers can add plugins of their choice, available at other sites, and add them to their installation. 

Developers usually prefer sQuirrel SQL for its user-friendly graphical interface. To know more about the installation process and plugins, click here

Source: SQuirrel SQL 

MySQL Workbench 

MySQL Workbench provides the data modelling, SQL development, and administration tools for server configuration, backup and user administration. It helps developers and data architects design, model, generate and manage databases.  

MySQL Workbench provides solutions for migrating Microsoft SQL Server, Postre SQL, Microsoft Access and Sybase ASE to MySQL. MySQL Workbench is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and offers features to perform complicated documentation and change management tasks. Learn more about its offerings here

Oracle SQL Developer 

The Oracle SQL Developer is a Java-powered free-to-use environment to simplify the development and management of Oracle Database in traditional and cloud deployments. It offers: 

  • End-to-end development of SQL applications 
  • DBA console for database management 
  • Worksheet to run queries and scripts 
  • Data modelling solution 
  • Interface for reports
  • Migration platform 

Oracle SQL Developer provides interfaces for desktop, browser and command line. Click here to give it a try. 

Some of these tools offer high-end performance, while others provide great interfaces and features. While all the tools have certain advantages over others, the one you select depends on the database you are managing. If you are a data scientist and preparing for a SQL interview, this will be resourceful. 

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