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Top Twitter Accounts On AI One Must Follow

Top Twitter Accounts On AI One Must Follow

At the present scenario, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have been portraying a critical role in the advancement of the tech sector. Social media platforms have been performing a significant role when it comes to keeping updated with the latest and trending information. 

One such platform is Twitter. Twitter not only helps you keep track of the latest social and economic news, but also it allows you to both share and acquire knowledge about emerging technologies

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Below here, we jotted a list down the top ten AI accounts, based on alphabetical order, one must follow on Twitter.

Analytics India Magazine

This account on Twitter is handled by Analytics India Magazine. The followers include a youthful community of AI and ML enthusiasts. The account shares regular posts as well as updates on the latest news and trends that are shaping the field of AI, machine learning, data science and other such. 

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Andrew NG

Andrew Ng is currently one of the most popular AI researchers around the globe. A former head of Baidu AI research group and Google Brain, Andrew is also the co-founder of the popular online learning platform, Coursera. He is one of the world’s most famous and influential computer scientists, being named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2012, and Fast Company’s Most Creative People in 2014. 

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Andrej Karpathy

A senior director of AI at Tesla, Andrej Karpathy is the former research scientist at OpenAI and CS PhD student at Stanford University. His interests include training deep neural networks on large datasets. At Tesla, Karpathy leads the team responsible for all neural networks of the Autopilot. This includes dataset gathering, neural network training, the science of making it work, and their deployment in production running on the custom chip.

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This twitter account is handled by Imtiaz Adam, who is the founder, director machine learning and digital strategy at Deep Learn Strategies Ltd. With more than 126k followers, this account shares various insights and strategies on AI and other technologies. It also shares blogs that contain information on AI, machine learning, 5G and more.  

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Dr Sally Eaves

Prof Sally Eaves brings a depth of experience from his roles as a chief executive officer and chief technology officer. As a professor in advanced technologies and as a global strategic advisor, Eaves specialises in the application and integration of blockchain. Along with that, she has also shown her expertise in the fields of artificial intelligence and associated emergent technologies for business and societal benefit. Along with being an award-winning international keynote speaker, Eaves is also an author and influencer with globally leading rankings across all advanced technology disciplines.

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Kirk Borne

Kirk Borne is a global speaker and the principal data scientist, data science fellow, and executive advisor at Booz Allen Hamilton. Borne is listed among one of the top AI and data science influencers in the world. Borne, a data scientist and an astrophysicist, who has worked 18 years on various NASA contracts as a research scientist, as a manager on a large science data system contract, and as the Hubble Telescope Data Archive Project Scientist. 

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Paula Piccard

Paula Piccard is one of the leading digital marketer and social media consultants. Piccard helps small businesses to promote their services on social media networks and helps business owners integrate proven social media marketing strategies into their businesses to increase exposure and growth. 

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Ronald van Loon

Another top AI influencer of the current times is Ronald van Loon. Renowned around the globe, Ronald is the principal analyst and CEO of the Intelligent World. He is also the advisory board member and big data and analytics course advisor at Simplilearn. 

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Spiros Margaris

Spiros Margaris, venture capitalist and senior advisor, is the founder of margaris ventures, and is the first international influencer to achieve “The Triple Crown” of influencer rankings (Onalytica).

He was ranked the global No. 1 Fintech, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain influencer by Onalytica, the world’s leading Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) SaaS platform recognized by Gartner, Forrester & industry influencers.

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Yann LeCun

Yann LeCun is the chief AI scientist at Facebook AI Research and a renowned researcher in emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, computer vision, among others. LeCun is famous for his contribution to optical character recognition and computer vision using convolutional neural networks (CNN).

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