Top Twitter bots you should follow in 2022 

@ElonJet has become popular for tracking Elon Musk’s Private Jet (N628TS).

Twitter has consistently held the title for never ceasing to amuse the users, and this week was no different. While companies and marketing agencies took to social media to celebrate women’s day, @GenderPayGapBot on Twitter revealed the gender pay gap in all the companies celebrating IWD. “Employers, if you tweet about International Women’s Day, I’ll retweet your gender pay gap”, the page warns.

A Twitter bot is a type of bot software that controls a Twitter account via the Twitter API, and while the platform is plagued with ‘bad bots’, Twitter recently announced an update that classifies the ‘good bots’. “Bots actually come in all shapes and sizes, and chances are, you’re already following one that you like,” says Twitter. The past few years have seen utmost creativity by programmers who have created self-help, reminder oriented, dissent oriented, hilarious, helpful, artistic and even poetic bots.


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Analytics India Magazine has identified some of the best bots to follow in 2022. 


Ever wondered what Yahoo looked like in the previous decade? The 2022 trend is going back to the 2000s, and the @wayback_exe Twitter bot is doing just that. Vintage websites and portals before today’s ultra-modern browsers are always fascinating to explore, and Twitter users can do that through this bot. It generates screenshots of old websites and browsers from the Wayback Machine digital archive and tweets them every two hours a day. The post also includes the brand and year of the screenshot.


Russ Garrett is a generalist software developer, systems architect, and operations engineer. His passion project, @dscovr_epic, a Twitter bot, tweets near-realtime images of the Earth taken by the EPIC camera on NASA’s DSCOVR satellite. Based on NASA’s website, the bot tweets the images within 36 hours of being published online. The pictures are posted along with their time and location in UTC.


Charles Bergquist is the Director of Science Friday, a public radio science program distributed by WNYCStudios. His Twitter bot, @IFindPlanets, is right out of a fantasy movie. The bot tweets about new planets, worlds and universes and imagines what they might be like. While they are possibly very untrue, imagination is worth a thought.


Computer programmer and game designer Allison Parrish’s @deepquestionbot on Twitter is sure to encourage regular deep dives into questions that make you question your reality. Not all of these are philosophical questions, though some are just silly and hilarious and definite to entertain your Twitter feed. The bot is trained on information contained in ConceptNet. 

@RUOligarchJets and @ElonJet

19-year-old University of Central Florida student, Jack Sweeney, has made the news with his plane tracking bots, @RUOligarchJets and @ElonJet. The Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast system is required for jets flying in the US and the EU. Their GPS and onboard sensors broadcasts are often available to anyone with an appropriate listening device. Amid the Russia-Ukraine War, the bot has tracked the planes carrying Usmanov’s and more leaders, tracking the movements of 46 jets used by more than 20 Russian oligarchs. His other bot, @ElonJet, has become popular for tracking Musk’s Private Jet (N628TS). This got Jack the attention of Elon Musk himself.


Metaculus is dedicated to generating accurate predictions about future real-world events using their aggregation engine. The Twitter bot @metaculusAlert studies the Russia-Ukraine war-related predictions made by the engine. It tweets every time the Metaculus community prediction for a question on the Ukraine conflict changes significantly. The bot was created by Nikos Bosse, PhD student in Epidemiology and an employee at Metaculus.


For every forgetful person, the @RemindMe_OfThis Twitter bot is the way ahead. The bot reminds you of anything you ask it to. All you need to do is reply to the bot or tweet mentioning “@RemindMe_OfThis”. Do mention the time and thing you want to be reminded of, and the bot will do the needful. Users have even asked the bot to remind them of things to do in 2 years. 


Have you ever seen an old picture you just wish you could see in a colourful light? @Colorize_Bot transforms any black-and-white image into colourful versions using AI. The bot responds within ten minutes after being mentioned in a tweet. Users need to share a b/w image with the bot, and @colourize_bot will take it ahead.


@emojimashupbot is made to make your emoji dreams come true. The bot, created by programmer Louan Ben, creates a mixture of two emojis to create a singular emoji showing double emotions. This bot also has a sibling account, @emojimashupplus, which creates new emojis out of three random emoji parts.

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