Top UK-Based AI Fellowships That Indian Students Can Apply For

Akshaya Asokan


In an attempt to attract and retain the best of the talent, the UK government has rolled out a number of scholarships for Indian and EU students. As part of the programme, 1,000 students from India and the European Union will get an opportunity to enhance their skills in artificial intelligence through their 16 dedicated centres for Research and Innovation AI Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs) in universities across England, Scotland and Wales.

The £110 million packages by the UK government will offer 200 AI Masters places at UK universities which is also funded by the likes of Infosys, Deepmind, QuantumBlack, Cisco and BAE Systems.

We look at some of these programmes and what it entails:

1. The Alan Turing Institute: The Turing AI Fellowship

Types of scholarship: Turing Senior AI Fellowships: For existing leaders in the field and applicants should already be demonstrating leadership equivalent to a full professorial position.

Turing AI Fellowship: Aimed at mid-career researchers

Fellowship grant: The average anticipated award per annum for up to five years

Fellow: £267,420

Senior Fellow: £441,960

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Where to apply:

Research Areas: Technical work on AI ethics (including fairness, interpretability and privacy);

  • AI safety (including robustness, security and control);
  • Robotics, vision and sensing, including service robotics;
  • Reasoning and autonomous decision making with uncertainty;
  • Multi-agent systems and agent-based modelling;
  • Machine learning;
  • Language (including Natural Language Processing);
  • Applications of AI across a range of disciplines e.g. engineering, finance/economics, manufacturing, medicine, science, the environment and transport.

Time frame: The five-year-long fellowship is available on a full-time and part-time basis

Number of fellowships: Between 3 and 5

Closing date of application: 29 March 2019.

Starting date of fellowship: Ideally this will be October 2019, but no later than 31 December 2019

Location: Fellows will be based in the UK and hosted by a UK organisation with significant ability to carry out research.


       • 0.5-1 FTE Fellow salary contribution

  • RA and Research Engineer salary and PhD student stipend/fees etc
  • Travel and subsistence
  • Equipment
  • Consumables
  • Research opportunities e.g. pilot projects
  • Direct and indirect costs


2. University of Oxford: The Governance of AI

Time frame: June – August 2019

Who can apply: PhD students, Early-stage researchers Masters and Bachelors in International Relations, Public Policy, Political Science, History, Economics, Sociology, Law, Philosophy, Mathematics, and Computer Science.

Funding: Paid according to Oxford University salary scales, at an equivalent rate to full-time researchers

Area of research: Long-run possibilities for beneficial global governance of advanced AI

  • Institutions and possibilities for global cooperation
  • Risks and dynamics of international AI races
  • Trends, causes, and forecasts of AI progress
  • Transformations of the sources of wealth and power
  • Associated technologies like crypto-economic systems, nanotechnology, biotechnology, lie detection, and surveillance
  • Global public opinion, values, ethics, and positive visions of transformative artificial intelligence
  • Global political dimensions of AI-induced unemployment and inequality

Last date of application: March 28th, midnight GMT.

Hours: Full-time preferred

Length: 3 months preferred

Location: Oxford, UK,

3. University of Cambridge: Application of Artificial Intelligence to the study of Environmental Risks

Programmes: 1 year Master of Research (MRes)

Who can apply: Engineering, Computer Science, Physical Sciences and Mathematics, but numerate and interested Biological Scientists

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Subjects covered:

  • Machine Learning  and Data Mining Algorithms
  • Large-scale data processing/optimisation
  • Mobile Robot Systems
  • Deep Learning  and Structured Data
  • Modern Statistical Methods
  • Bayesian Modelling  and computation

PhD research projects: 3-year specialist PhD training programme to apply AI methodologies

Subjects: Environmental data classification, integration  and analysis and Environmental Modelling

Funding: UK University fees and an annual student maintenance stipend (which is set in accordance with the national minimum stipend

Deadline: 31st March 2019

Where to apply: [email protected]

4. University of Sheffield: Speech and Language Technologies and their Applications

Number of PhDs: 60 new PhD for a period of eight years to shape the next generation of ai in speech and language technologies.

Funding: The fellowship will cover studentships fund four years of study, covering the annual university fees, and providing a highly competitive stipend.

Requirements: The must for the fellowship is an undergraduate or masters degree in relevant discipline. But, suitable backgrounds are (but not limited to) computer science; informatics; AI; speech and language processing; mathematics; and software engineering.

Where to apply: [email protected]

5. University of Edinburgh: Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Time frame: The programme will be a 4-year long at the university’s School of Informatics and the School of Mathematics.

Funding: Three-and-a-half years of funding will be provided in addition to a 6 month internship period, where students will intern with partner companies.

Requirement: The fellows are required to have a strong background in computer science, mathematics, physics, or engineering.

When to apply: The applications are now open and the programme will begin in September 2019


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