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UAE Steps Up AI Adoption, Commemorates First Batch Of AI Programme Graduates

UAE Steps Up AI Adoption, Commemorates First Batch Of AI Programme Graduates

The United Arab Emirates is the latest country to jump on the train of adapting to the AI wave. Recently, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister of the UAE honoured the first batch of students from the AI Programme. He also painted a positive picture for AI in the government.

The programme was launched by the UAE National AI programme in partnership with Kellogg College at Oxford University. With the first batch including 94 participants, the programme aims to give the people the tools to handle the upcoming AI wave of adoption. The participants were left with the knowledge on the latest tools used for AI, the practical use of the technology and a capstone project for the adoption of AI.

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The first batch of students for the AI programme

The Prime Minister stated that the “preparation of qualified national cadres” was important to “be at the forefront of global investment efforts in advanced systems”. He has also said in the past,

“Artificial Intelligence is the next major revolution of our times – our goal is to be one of the most advanced countries in this regard.”

This is the latest trend amongst countries; a race to adopt and adapt to the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. With a strategy for ‘AI Everything’ by 2031, the UAE is looking to create a buzz around upskilling the population.

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The country is also looking into becoming a world leader in the AI and ML fields. The country is also looking to create a new market, and be the leader in that space over 9 different sectors. The initiative will also boost government performance at all levels. They aim to do this through fleshed-out strategy for taking over the AI space and cementing its current place in the evolving economy.

The strategy features 5 main themes, with the primary being the formation of the UAE AI council. Post this, workshops, programmes and more will be conducted to develop the capabilities of the staff operating in the field. The culmination of this movement will come with all government, medical and security services being enhanced by AI and the ethical use of AI.

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