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Unity Launches New Services To Ease Game Development

Unity Launches New Services To Ease Game Development

Premier game development engine Unity recently announced the launch of Unity Gaming Services, a new solution for game developers that will make it easier than ever to launch and sustain cross-platform multiplayer titles. 

Unity Gaming Services will provide creators with a suite of new tools and services that simplify any developer’s ability to create cross-platform multiplayer games. The platform will include everything a developer would need for live game operations, no matter its size, including the ability to sync game logic with Unity’s backend services without going through a heavy platform release process. 


Among other tools, Unity Gaming Services includes cloud diagnostics, analytics, and multi-environment identifiers. In addition, it will be flexible, and developers can swap out the tools that best suit their needs. It offers support for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Nintendo Switch, Playstation, Windows, and Xbox.

Monetization products provided will make it easy to drive revenue while delivering a great player experience with ads and in-app purchases, while the user acquisition products will help run one’s own advertising campaigns to obtain more players. Developers will also get an overview of their game’s performance and be able to see actionable insights in one place. 

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Relay and Lobby features are currently available as open betas. Relay enables multiplayer peer-to-peer experiences by connecting peer-hosted players with the new Relay service and the Unity Transport package. Lobby empowers players to play together with custom private or public rooms for great multiplayer gaming experiences.

In the Unity Dashboard, a user can choose his own SDK depending on particular needs. Unity Gaming Services products are provided with multi-environment support where one can view and manage the product’s deployments from dev to production. Unity Game Services is open to all developers for free during its beta period, and developers only pay as they scale.

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