Upcoming AI Conferences & Events In India

The workshop will also cover essential analysis methods and touch upon data visualisation using Python.

Analytics India Magazine has curated top AI events to look out for in the remnant of 2021. With newer developments coming up almost daily in AI and machine learning, these conferences and events help keep individuals and companies updated on different applications and trends. This article lists the 15 significant conferences, workshops and masterclasses happening this year. 

Accelerate PyTorch Applications Using Intel oneAPI Toolkit- Masterclass

Date: August 18, 2021

This workshop is a deep dive into PyTorch applications using Intel oneAPI Toolkit. The participants will learn to train a model using Intel® Extension for PyTorch and the PyTorch extensions for inference. Intel’s expert trainers will also demonstrate how to accelerate AI inference performance with Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit through ONNX.

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AWS Innovate

Date: August 19, 2021

The AWS Innovate Online Conference for data is a virtual platform to inspire and empower individuals to create innovative solutions using data. The session will take a deep dive in unlocking critical insights from data and building modern data strategies. It focuses on unifying data and creating a strong data foundation for innovation that is agile, scalable, and cost effective.

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Rakuten Applied AI Conference 2021

Date: August 19-20, 2021

Rakuten Applied AI Conference is a virtual AI conference for data scientists and AI leaders across the globe. The event highlights the role of applied AI in solving business problems & real-world challenges. In addition, the virtual meeting will take a deep dive into the latest AI business use cases and implementation opportunities and showcase the challenges of certain domains.

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Deep Learning DevCon 2021

Date: 23-24 September 2021

The Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci) aims to create a community of deep learning practitioners. Deep Learning DevCon 2021 (#DLDC21) consists of a premier global professional body of data science & machine learning professionals. The two-day virtual conference will give deep learning practitioners a direct line to top machine learning and deep learning innovators and researchers from around the world. The conference will feature paper presentations, exhibitions, and hackathons.

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The Cloud Summit

Dates: August 24-25, 2021

NASSCOM’s India Cloud Advocacy Program aims to create engagement with the Indian cloud ecosystem through national conferences, regional connections and research papers. The NASSCOM Cloud Summit is one of its efforts to bring various stakeholders from the ecosystem together to discuss the country’s challenges and solutions towards cloud adoption. This includes government, supply & demand side enterprises, SMEs, global thought leaders, analysts and SMBs. 

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Simplifying Data Architecture With A Unified Database- Webinar

Date: August 24, 2021

Speakers at the live webinar will teach the right way to simplify data architectures. It will give the basics of a unified database and help organisations in simplifying their data architectures. Organised by SingleStore and DSS Software, in association with Analytics India Magazine, the webinar will also demonstrate how SingleStore uniquely supports multiple workloads. 

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Mastering Exploratory Data Analysis- workshop

Date: August 28, 2021

The workshop will help individuals master data analytics. The workshop includes lessons on both the basics, such as reading and analysing data, and getting a practical understanding of data analytics, complete with a host of visualisation techniques. The workshop will also cover essential analysis methods and touch upon data visualisation using Python.

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NASSCOM Tech Innovation Conclave 2

Dates: September 7- 8, 2021

The conclave aims to bring modern and imaginative approaches to leadership, business strategy and innovation in a digital ecosystem. The conclave facilitates a deep industry vertical focused summits, industry CIO Interaction and innovation showcase on fintech, retailtech, cloud computing, AI/ML and industrial IoT. 

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GCC Conclave 2021

Dates: September 14-15, 2021

Global Capability Centers (GCC) is an exclusive thought leadership program. It aims to create a common platform to spread more knowledge about the realities and possibilities of the new normal. It talks about emerging operating models, People & skills, Technology & infrastructure; and what it will take for all of this to survive. 

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PyCon India

Date: September 17-19, 2021

PyCon India brings together Python aficionados and experts in India to celebrate their use of Python, and share their knowledge and experience. The conference is to encourage the adoption, use, and development of the Python programming language. The 13th edition of PyCon India hopes to bring a global participation in the conference. The conference consists of 3 events: conference, workshop and a developers sprint. 

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CXO Summit

Dates: September 22- 14 October 2021

A part of the Digital Transformation World Series, the CXO summit is a platform facilitating honest peer-to-peer sharing of knowledge with the aim of delivering real change and driving growth in the digital age. It invites experts to give unique insights and comments. The four week workshop is sponsored by AWS, Oracle, Verizon and Red Hat among others. 

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Global AI Summit 2021

Dates: September 28-29, 2021

The summit is focused on the existence of AI in our daily lives & business industries. With more than 80 speakers, the summit creates a platform for gathering industry leaders, data experts and AI pioneers who can showcase their work on AI to the community and talk about its applicative properties. 

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Bengaluru Tech Summit

Dates: November 17-19 , 2021

With more than 300 speakers, the summit is organized by the Department of Electronics, IT, Bt and S&T and the Government of Karnataka. Bengaluru has emerged as the headquarters to Global MNCs, giving way to BTS 2021’s central theme “Driving the Next”. The summit brings together global tech leaders, Indian corporate and startups from IT, Deep tech and Biotech to showcase their technologies and forging partnerships. 

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Avi Gopani
Avi Gopani is a technology journalist that seeks to analyse industry trends and developments from an interdisciplinary perspective at Analytics India Magazine. Her articles chronicle cultural, political and social stories that are curated with a focus on the evolving technologies of artificial intelligence and data analytics.

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