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Users can now create AI-generated videos from a single image

While the main focus remains offering services to organisations of all sizes—the platform has attracted interest from many content creators.
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Israel-based D-ID is launching a platform to enable users to generate videos with a single image and text as input. With the new site—named, ‘Creative Reality Studio’—the company aims to target sectors like corporate training and communication in companies along with product marketing and sales. 

The platform is fairly straightforward for users to generate their own creative videos: they may upload an image of a presenter or select an existing, pre-created presenter to start the video creation process. It also features paid access with presenters who are more “expressive” with better facial expressions and hand movements than the default ones. 


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Users can then either type the text from a script or simply upload an audio clip of a pre-existing speech. They can even select a language with a voice that sounds either cheerful, excited, sad or friendly. The platform currently supports 119 languages. 

D-ID’s AI-based algorithms will generate a video based on these parameters, allowing users to distribute the video anywhere. 

Source: Co-founders, D-ID

“The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated needs for digital content across the globe. A big problem for organisations is the creation of educational content. Reading documents and going through presentations could be dry and boring. Plus, they have to spend thousands of dollars to hire actors and create educational videos. So we are using our AI to create presenters and tutors to reenact humans and make the content more engaging and effective,” CEO Gil Perry, D-ID told TechCrunch

The company’s studio was launched for testing in mid-August to rule out bugs before the public launch. While the main focus remains offering services to organisations of all sizes—the platform has attracted interest from many content creators. 

D-ID raised a whopping $25 million in its Series B funding round led by Macquarie Capital in March—with a total valuation of $47 million raised till date. Until now, the company had relied on others using its API to create content—a prime example of which is Deep Nostalgia, who cater to clients such as Modelez, India-based short video app Josh, and Warner Bros.

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