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VIVO Bets On AI-Powered 5G Devices To Capture Market In 2020

VIVO Bets On AI-Powered 5G Devices To Capture Market In 2020

India is home to 55 million VIVO mobile phone consumers. The company has been in operation in the Indian market for only about 5 years now but the brand has been very well received by the public. The sales figures for 2019 are only bettered by Xiaomi and Samsung respectively. It recorded 23% of the market share for the month of October — its highest ever.

The company has invested heavily in the development of 5G – AI compatibility platforms and services, which it feels will be the trend in the future.


VIVO is also planning to compete with its counterparts through the introduction of innovative features and technologies. In preparation for the impending advent of 5G technology in the coming months, VIVO has fully geared itself to ride this wave. Nipun Marya, Director of Brand Strategy for VIVO in India said, “The onset of 5G services in the country presents itself as a lucrative opportunity that most mobile phone manufacturers are likely to bank on in the upcoming year.” 

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VIVO plans on investing Rs 7,500 crores in India to boost its production (at Greater Noida plant) from 2.5 crores units to 3.34 crores units per annum. VIVO’s X30 and X30 Pro are its two 5G variants which are available in the market.

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