VMware Partnership, A Big Win For NVIDIA In AI Chip Market

VMware Partnership, A Big Win For NVIDIA In AI Chip Market
Image © VMware Partnership, A Big Win For NVIDIA In AI Chip Market


In this week’s biggest news, VMware has partnered with NVIDIA, in an attempt to bring artificial intelligence for every enterprise. With this ambitious goal, VMware is looking to deliver an end-to-end enterprise AI platform and a new architecture for their data centre using NVIDIA’s data processing chips (DPU).

According to the news release, through this collaboration, NVIDIA’s AI technology will be leveraged across VMWare’s spectrum, including vSphere, VMware Cloud Foundation as well as its Tanzu platforms. With this, the company is aiming to democratise AI and deploy AI-ready infrastructure in the cloud, data centre and at the edge. As a matter of fact, VMware’s recent project — Project Monterey, which has been initiated to address the changing requirements of next-generation applications, will deliver an architecture for the hybrid cloud based on SmartNIC technology using NVIDIA’s BlueField-2 DPU. 


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With this, it can easily be established that this partnership is indeed going to be beneficial for VMware, where it is going to augment its offerings with NVIDIA’s AI technology, which, in turn, will increase its user base. The new platform even claimed to be 31% more accurate in training AI models with NVIDIA’s optimised software and hardware.

Further, this deal is worth a lot for the company as it has been facing major competition from companies like Google, IBM, RedHat, HPE, etc. However, with that being said, this partnership is complete in line with NVIDIA’s recent efforts with AI and machine learning, thus giving it a significant edge in the AI chip industry.

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A Big Jackpot For NVIDIA

While this partnership is extremely beneficial for VMware, it also provides a big score for NVIDIA with its investments in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The company has even made a $40 billion bet on ARM to leverage its prowess in industries like self-driving, 5G and edge computing. Thus, with VMware’s partnership, NVIDIA will push its position to be the key player in the global market.

Talking about the self-driving industry — as of last year, Tesla’s cars were equipped with NVIDIA’s hardware, which allowed Tesla to bring out their advanced autonomous tech. But, Elon Musk in an event, unveiled a new brain for their cars — Full Self Driving Compute, which created a significant competition between the two.

On another note, VMware has been in a long-standing partnership with Intel’s CPUs due to its dominance in the data centre market. However, as the technology of artificial intelligence matured over the years, the requirement of processors have changed. With NVIDIA’s advanced GPUs with parallel processing as well as the ability to run sophisticated applications simultaneously, it became the preferred choice for AI-based, cloud applications as well as data centres.

Intel and NVIDIA have a long history of competing itself — in fact, in last year’s CES event, Intel had released its Nervana Neural Network Processor for Inference for high demand in workloads. The company has also released a Myriad 2 AI chip, to carry out some of the most ambitious AI applications. There are also companies like AWS with its Inferentia; IBM with its 8-Bit analogue chip; Huawei with its Ascend 910 and Ascend 310; AMD with its Radeon Instinct MI60; and Google with its Tensor Processing Unit, who have been competing to emerge as an AI leader.

When asked, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger, stated to the media that the company is still holding many partnerships with Intel, which is expecting to continue. But, with Intel undergoing several manufacturing problems with its chips, VMware’s move could be considered as a good bet with the leader of AI chips — NVIDIA.

The market share of NVIDIA’s data centres has indeed been massively gaining traction due to its advanced chips that are helping companies to carry out major and complicated AI applications. But, this broad partnership with VMware will give the company a competitive edge over Intel and its other competitors.

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Wrapping Up

As AI gets majorly integrated into today’s businesses, companies are looking to make efficient IT management software as well as hardware for running massive AI and machine learning applications. Thus, the partnership between VMWare and NVIDIA is undoubtedly going to help organisations evolve their infrastructure and operations to provide easy AI access to every enterprise. With all that being said, it indeed would be interesting to observe the rise of NVIDIA in the data centre market.

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