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Want To Become A Good Developer? Follow These 8 Tips

Want To Become A Good Developer? Follow These 8 Tips

Developers are playing a key role in an organisation. The role of a developer varies according to the needs of different organisations. For example, there are UI developers, web developers, software developers, front-end developers, among others. In this article, we list down 8 important hacks to follow to be a good developer. 

1| From Generalist To Specialist

To be a good developer, besides being a generalist, one must try to be an expert in a particular niche. Mastering the concepts can surely lead a developer to the higher power in an organisation. Always try to build a strong foundation while mastering a specific skill. With growing competition in the developing field, organisations are seeking out for developers with specialised knowledge. As a specialist, a developer will dive deeper into a specific area and s/he will undoubtedly be able to fetch a job with a higher pay scale. 

2| Read, Read, Read

Technology is an ever-evolving topic. It is changing in a very fast manner and to keep up with the fast pace one must follow up the news, read more articles, blogs, updates, among others about the technology space. To be an efficient developer, at first you need to be an efficient learner.  

3| Practice

Programming is very much like mathematics, the more you code, the more you understand. In this regard, practice plays a very important role to be a good developer. The thing is, you are reading and gaining knowledge every day, but you need to apply it as well. Practice as much as you can. 

4| Take Up A Project On Your Own

Taking up a personal project will not only enhance your coding skills but it will also give you a lot of exposure that you were unaware of. It is not that you have to take up a complex project to work on, you can start with a simple project. In the present scenario, everything is online and one can just copy and paste those coding to gain an outcome in an organisation. But when you work on a project that you are excited about, it will help you dive deep and understand the mechanisms going behind the codes.

5| Improve Analytical Skills

While coding, one must first understand the way users will experience the product. Not just that, for developers analytical and problem-solving skills are also crucial for every job profile. This skill allows you to evaluate both simple and complex problems, make decisions as well as develop solutions according to the respective problems. Before writing any code, it is important for a developer to understand and analyse what the problem is and code according to it. 

6| Exchange Knowledge

A lot of developers nowadays are contributing to open source projects. Making contributions to open source projects is highly recommending to be a good developer. The most interesting fact is that while sharing or exchanging knowledge, one gets to learn more than s/he shares. One can get exposed to a lot of new skills and various points of view on a specific project.

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7| Improve Soft skills

To work in a good organisation and to be a good fit in a company, it is important to have soft skills. It is an individual’s personality which will help to work well not only in the organisation but also with the colleagues and teams. These soft skills include honesty, teamwork, good communication, integrity, open-mindedness, patience, empathy, problem-solving, accountability, creativity and time management.

8| Keep Calm And Follow Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s law stated that “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” It is common for a developer to get errors while coding, but this should not make him/her lose hope or be impatient. Rather, try to push yourself to try different things. This will not only help you gain experience in your code but also make you much stronger. One last thing to say, never stop learning.

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