Want to learn graph databases? Here are a few courses to go for

Neo4j, the creator of graph database management systems, has its own courses to introduce enthusiasts to graph databases.

A graph database uses a graphical model to represent and store data. The global graph database market size was valued at USD 651 million in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 3,731 million by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 24.5% from 2019 to 2026, according to a report by Allied Market Research

Graph databases find a variety of usage in fraud detection, identity and access management, recommendation engines, etc. Let us look at a few courses that can help you get started with understanding how graph databases exactly work and what problems they can solve.

Graph databases – Coursera

This course has a six-week duration. It will help students identify the differences between relational and NoSQL databases. After course completion, students will be able to understand what type of NoSQL database to implement based on business requirements (key-value, document, full text, graph, etc.) and NoSQL data modelling from application-specific queries. They will also be able to use atomic aggregates and denormalisation as data modelling techniques to optimise query processing.


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Neo4j Graph Academy

Neo4J, the creator of graph database management systems, has its own courses to introduce enthusiasts to graph databases. These courses are free and self-paced. The courses will also include hands-on exercises to gain actual experience with Neo4j.

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Some of the courses include:

  • For beginner level: Neo4j fundamentals, Cypher fundamentals, graph data modelling fundamentals, importing CSV data into Neo4j 

After mastering the fundamentals, one can move ahead to curated learning paths to become an expert in their area of interest. These include:

  • Administrator – It is for server admins or DevOps professionals who are looking for best practices on how to put Neo4j in production and keep it safe.
  • Aura Practitioner – It teaches how to run Neo4j in the cloud with Neo4j Aura.
  • Cypher – Here, the students can learn the more advanced cypher functionality.
  • Data Scientist – It teaches everything from loading data to applied tutorials on the Graph Data Science library.
  • Developer – Students are taught about building Neoflix, a fictional movie streaming platform, using Neo4j’s official drivers and frameworks.

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Graph Database Certification – TigerGraph

TigerGraph also offers graph database training and certification courses. It provides two types of certificates.

  • TigerGraph GSQL Programming 101 – This provides an introduction to graph database and analytics and gives an overview of use cases and benefits. 
  • Graph Algorithms for Machine Learning – It covers five categories of graph algorithms (shortest path algorithms, centrality algorithms, community detection algorithms, similarity algorithms, classification algorithms) and how they improve the accuracy of machine learning for use cases like fraud detection, recommendation engine, entity resolution, customer 360 and knowledge graph. 

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Introduction to Graph Databases, Neo4j & Cypher – Udemy

This course has three hours of on-demand video. Students will learn how to identify graph-shaped problems, types of NoSQL databases and their applications. 

In part one of the course, students will get an introduction to graph theory concepts along with the history of graph theory. Then, students will be introduced to the Neo4j graph database and the associated query language, Cypher. The second part of the course will focus on querying with the Cypher Query language on the Movies dataset built into Neo4j. 

This course is suitable for anyone who plans to improve their NoSQL knowledge of graph databases. Social science researchers who want to learn how to work with influence analysis and other applications of graph databases can also take up this course. Anyone who is curious about networks is a suitable candidate too. 

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