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Register for Webinar – Why & How to Automate Your Risk Identification

Register for Webinar – Why & How to Automate Your Risk Identification

Ram Sagar

Developing and maintaining data processes are time-consuming. It requires the user to be good at some niche skill set involving code-based technologies. But, in these times of accelerated digital transition, organisations cannot afford latency in adopting advanced measures. They need an intelligent suite of services that democratises the technology and make it accessible to all across the organisation. 

Alteryx is one such company that has been unifying analytics, data science and business process automation with their easy-to-use platform that can accelerate digital transformation. Alteryx enables the democratization of data, automation of business processes and the upskilling of people for quick wins and transformative outcomes. This has led to drawing faster insights and driving business impact.

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Discover how you can unchain data isolated in legacy systems with Alteryx, and blend it with the rest of your data in a modern and intuitive analytics environment in this latest webinar brought to you by Analytics India Magazine.

Every day, hundreds of businesses realize significant gains from Alteryx’s solutions. They include many of the world’s largest and best-known brands, including Audi, Experian, McDonald’s, Unilever, and Vodafone. 

In this hour-long webinar on Automating Risk Identification with Alteryx helmed by Zeeshan Ahmed and Timothy Lam of Alteryx, will uncover the new intelligent approaches for analysts and familiarise yourself with concepts of ML, NLP, OCR, and RO. The speakers will also demonstrate how Alteryx Intelligence Suite can be leveraged for highly profitable business applications such as text mining and predictive analytics—all without coding or data-science classes!

Who is this webinar for?

LOB (Mid-management) and Analysts.

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What You’ll Gain From This Webinar

  • Successfully deploy augmented analytics and data science.
  • Leverage upskilling and analytics process automation to drive growth.
  • Find hidden insights in underutilized data with text mining.
  • Go from reacting to predicting with machine learning and predictive modelling.
  • Capitalize on analysis and automation for strategic decisions.

Speakers: Zeeshan Ahmed, Account Executive, Alteryx & Timothy Lam, Alteryx

Date: 9 December 2020

TIme: 4.00pm to 5.00pm

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