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Webinar: Career In Data Science – How Does One Go About It?

Webinar: Career In Data Science – How Does One Go About It?

The world is going through what is popularly called ‘digital transformation’ – and this is revolutionizing the way we live- the way we communicate, consume, use time, and work. A lot of what we know today as work is being taken over by progressively intelligent machines. A career in data science and machine learning makes sure you are also part of the revolution. This is likely to have a disruptive impact on the future of human work – not just routine manual blue-collar work but also non-routine cognitive white collar work. A fallout of digitalization is the generation of massive volumes of data in a variety of forms – and the importance of this data for businesses as they try to grow in a highly competitive world.


Praxis Business School invites you to attend a webinar on how to crack the data science industry. This interactive Webinar by a senior industry practitioner and a seasoned analytics academician attempts to analyze the implications of this disruption for the human workforce, and the immense opportunities data science offers in terms of a fulfilling and rewarding career. Register for the webinar here.

Speakers for the webinar:

1) Charanpreet Singh

Founder & Director –  Praxis Business School Foundation, (B.Tech (Mech) IIT Kanpur, MBA University of Iowa)

Charanpreet has 30+ years of experience in organizations like British Oxygen, Tata Steel, PwC, HP and Praxis. Prof. Charanpreet Singh is the driving force behind the success of the Praxis Data Science program. He has professional and academic interests in the areas of education, learning, data science and communication and has been a mentor to career aspirants across domains.

2) Mathangi Sri

Head of Data Science – PhonePe, (BE (EEE) MK University, MBA NIT Trichy)

Mathangi has 14 plus years of proven track record in building world-class data sciences solutions and products. She has extensively worked on building chatbots and productizing text mining insights. She has 6 Patent grants and 20+ patents pending in the area of intuitive customer service, indoor positioning, and user profiles. She is adept across machine learning, text mining, NLP technologies & tools. She has worked as the Vice President leading the Next Gen-APAC team at Citibank and with organizations like [24]7, Emirates Bank, HSBC, Genpact, and TCS.

Listen to the speakers and interact with them on 7th June. Register here to attend a special webinar.

Your key takeaways from webinar would be: (Register here)

How has data science evolved over the years?

What are the skills needed to be successful in data science – soft skills and hard skills?

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Date: 7th June 2019 (Friday)

Time: 6 pm to 7 pm

Please register here and invite your friends to register.


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