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Free Webinar: Learn How To Manage Your Data Platforms Better

Free Webinar: Learn How To Manage Your Data Platforms Better

Ram Sagar

If you need a Ferrari, don’t attempt to assemble it in your garage with parts bought on Craigslist. You are better off buying one. The same principle applies to high-performance data and insight solutions. Unfortunately, organizations are using antiquated architectures fueled with a labor integration mindset to realize ROI from Data. This mindset is holding the economy from recovery.

In association with ISIMA, Analytics India Magazine is organizing a webinar that will walk through three generations of data architecture and what lies ahead. The webinar is led by Darshan Rawal, Founder, and CEO, ISIMA. Mr. Rawal has a great experience in deploying machine learning to protect multi-billion dollars in revenues even before Big Data was a thing. You will leave with a concrete plan about how a single Data Analyst can single-handedly deploy AI/ML in production in weeks.

What You’ll Gain

By attending this talk, you will get to

  • Understand the three eras of data management – pre-big data, the open-source revolution, and the cloud-native version. 
  • Take a deep dive into trade-offs of each and what lies ahead. 
  • Get a grip on techno-strategic best practices of managing data platforms and how they can pave the path to recovery for your organization.

To know more about ISIMA, please connect with them or view a Case Study of ISIMA & PharmEasy on Customer Aware Supply Chain.

Session Details

Speaker: Darshan Rawal, Founder and CEO

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Date: 30th October’2020
Time: 3pm – 4pm (IST)

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