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Webinar: Developing and Deploying Analytics for Internet of Things (IoT)/ Enterprise Systems | 15th June, 3pm

Webinar: Developing and Deploying Analytics for Internet of Things (IoT)/ Enterprise Systems | 15th June, 3pm

The combination of smart connected devices with data analytics and machine learning is enabling a wide range of applications, from home-grown traffic monitors to sophisticated predictive maintenance systems and futuristic consumer products. While the combination brings virtually limitless opportunities, there are few challenges, such as –

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  • using huge data to build accurate and robust models,
  • scaling the analytical models to work with an enterprise system or
  • embedding intelligence in the edge device

In this session, we show you techniques for handling large amounts of data, tools used to create machine learning models as well as deploying an IoT system with data analytics without developing custom web software or servers.


  • Accessing data in large text files, databases, or from the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
  • Processing data that does not fit in memory
  • Integrating online analysis and visualization using MATLAB
  • Scaling IoT solutions with analytics

Date: June 15

Time: 3 pm

Presenter: Amit Doshi

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Senior Application Engineer, MathWorks India

Amit Doshi is a senior application engineer at MathWorks in the area of technical computing. He focuses on data acquisition, data presentation, statistical analysis, and parallel computing. Amit has over 9 years of experience in experimental test setup development, testing and validation, workflow automation, and system simulations. He previously worked at Suzlon Energy Limited in Pune and Germany, Texas Instruments in Germany, and IIT Bombay. Amit holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in mechatronics.


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